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Ha Ji Won ✨ 하지원 ✨河智苑 ✨ ハジウォン ✨| Upcoming Film: ‘Collateral’ | Upcoming Drama: ‘Chocolate’ (JTBC)

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Ha Ji-won cast as spy agent in new TV series 'Prometheus'

Actor Ha Ji-won has been cast in the new television series "Prometheus" as an intelligence officer tasked with a secret mission related to North Korea's denuclearization, a Seoul-based PR company said Thursday.

Story Rhyme said Ha will play the officer Chae Eun-seo of the National Intelligence Service, a character specifically created to cast the actor.

The fictional spy drama revolves around a mysterious case where North Korean scientists working overseas have gone missing while returning to the North. The story idea was partly inspired by the recent detente between North Korea and the United States, and the North's promise to denuclearize.

The drama is in the middle of casting and likely to air at the end of the year. Which channel it will be on has not been determined yet. (Yonhap)

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i think from now on, it will be really impossible for Jiwon to act alongside with Jiwon with the same A+ status with her. Given the fact, that her usual role is more bigger than the male lead. Or shall we say female centric dramas. awwww.

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