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Assuming something too quickly from small logic

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Makes us sound too sure of ourselves
Once, a bunch of people were partying in a house far in the woods known to have a lot of wild animals.

Someone found a pile of poops on his pick-up truck. His buddy quickly assumed it must have been an animal, because logically, who the hell would wanna poop on a truck like that rather than on a toilet. Everyone in the party is too well-mannered and educated to do such thing...

Turns out he was wrong. It was witnessed that a drunk dude from the party lost his mind and went to poop on the truck...

On internet, it happens many times that low-life spammers are often mistaken as "bots". Because... who the hell would be THAT stupid to spam in a stupid way, right?... Unfortunately, these people exist! We can never assume quickly if they're bots or not!

Sometimes I go arrogant against arrogant people, by reflecting how they're reacting. Example, I left a bottle of brisk (iced tea) near a full garbage. A know-it-all dude picked it up and went like "What a waste of brisk!". I said "It's not brisk!". Being always in the "right" and never in the "wrong", he still went and say "It IS brisk! Look at the brand of the bottle and the color of the liquid!". I suddenly wanted to reflect how he sounded so I said "It is AN EXPIRED APPLE JUICE! Look at the color! Who cares about the brand!". He was like "Whatever" and decided to drink it... He spitted it out, yelling "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?". That's when I said "Oh oops it was my richard simmons... All the restrooms were busy and I couldn't hold it, so..."

Ever since that moment, even when I was holding a real bottle of brisk (containing real iced tea), that guy quickly assumed it's richard simmons (because of what I did before).

Any stories you have to share about people who are too sure of themselves?

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