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MASSIVE DBSG picture thread(?)..

Guest saradah

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Guest kisses

gahh <3 their so friggin PRETTY T_T;

ahah i laugh at that one uknow pic o_0; he looks like a monkey xD

but but yus. i despise micky`s hair @_@ i dunno! i just can`t get used to it T_T

it`s so ugly -__-;; i wanna chop it off ;x

other then that. . . everyone is hotness <3

thank youu ^^

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Guest dream_on

oh my goodness. crazy wow. dude. i can't believe how hot each of them are!!!! but omg those glasses! yunho and changmin both look like 10x hotter with them. which is crazy b/c they both are unbelievably hot without them too!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

wahh kind of a lot of spoilers though for banjun and x-man. oh well


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Guest ginaz s t y l e

omfg. i swear why does my YUNHO looks freakin gorgeous, hott

& sexy all the time? i freakin love him to death

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