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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]


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@ctfrsgp and  other JW's magazine collectors

I am referring to http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/26205551/#Comment_26205551 by @mrdimples


The magazine is available for ordering from yesasiahttp://www.yesasia.com/global/1033680169-0-0-0-en/info.html

It has Joo Won's poster, if you are lucky enough to receive the special edition version, you will get a Joo Won's post card.

@manyearsago Unnie, i had originally wanted to get tat magazine u mentioned earlier fr the K bookstore here in SGP instead. Bcoz the other time i bought the @ star1 magazine fr yesasia at double the price of wat K bookstore was selling and when i received it a corner of the front cover was torn as it got stuck on the masking tape they used to wrap the package and the magazine was a bit crumpled as itz a very thin issue :((

Unfortunately, K bookstore does not carrythe piabook magazine (I checked yesterday) so i hav no choice but to order it online. Hopefully this time the magazine arrives in good condition [-O<

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it's Sunday!!!!! and you know what day it means, right? 1 NIGHT 2 DAYS!!!!! :D
now that we have so many more gifmakers in this thread, i'm gonna love all the eye-candy of our Cutie~ hope the show will be better by each episode. fighting~ :-bd
i was watching 1N2D episode a few days ago, the Busan special episode where Cutie got his nose injured. idk why, but it seems soooooo loooooong to finally finish the episode. i guess with better editing and more intense games, the show could definitely get better. later, i watch the episode where they search for ice in summer, and i notice that the PD asked them to search for fans to determine their next location. after finding out all the clues, the PD just directly tell them the name of that place. that got me thinking "why ask them to go through all the trouble of finding the name of the place if he's gonna tell them anyway?" the PD could have just told them that once they discovered the place, quickly go to their destination, and that the earlier team to get there will get an advantage or something. that would be more intense, wouldnt it? and later on, they play some games to cool off in the summer. if i am the PD, i would have made a 5-minutes advantage for each team that win a game. it seems to me that the boys were playing those games just for the sake of playing games. hope this will change too.
hope the PD and writers think up of more games with intense bets along the way. until that happens, i'll just enjoy the adorableness of Cutie, and not his competitive side. :D

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@stearly: Yeah "Today is the day" I remember you always say that phrase whenever sunday comes.
Ah, there is one thing that I really wanna let you know, members on Kites usually visit our thead, when seeing you're back, they're also happy. You're loved by everyone :)
by: trangnon_bien@Kites

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