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Who's That Celebrity?


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Guest JooLee


Does anyone know who these two are? I completely forgot where I found the photo. There's also at tag from YesAsia in the bottom corner, so I'm assuming they're celebs.

im not 100% sure but i think its the 2 guy group bobo

heres a thread that had more pictures of them

i cant find an official thread



heres the official thread


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Guest jazlyn

Anybody know who these two guys are? And if they are in a band together? Pm me if you know please. Thanks in advance :)



Nvm i found out who they are already :)

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Guest soniadai<3ftisland

^ Thanks for the answer: Yunho<3

I have another question: Who is this guy now.

i'm pretty sure thats danson tang,

he's so cuteee. <3

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Guest amyoii

I need to identify some people in this video. I'm sure they're both model but does anyone know their name?

The first one is the model in the black dress at the beginning of the video, she appear again around 0:18 - 0:19.

The 2nd model appeared at 0:20, the one in the gray dress. And they're together at the end of the video =D

Thanks in advance.

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Guest Chocolate.Pudding


anyone know who is this?

She is a member in soompi..but i dont know her name..

anyone mind to tell me?Thanks =D

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