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Mblaq+BEAST's youngest Mir+Dongwoon's adorable friendship

Guest shadydoll

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Guest shadydoll

boy version of Seohyun and Nicole? :P

Mir hugs Beast's Dong Woon "Maknae Love" @ K.Music bank Ending

CREDITS: absoltuemblaq







MIR pimpin Thunder+Dongwoon B)



11.06.09 Mir movin' to Bad Girl by Beast

These boys remind me of Seohyun+Nicole's friendship

because the four of them are 1991 :lol:


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Guest funkypicklez


the last picture where mir has his arms linkd with dongwoon and thunder is just absolute love. xD

cant wait for more interactions between these groups!

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Guest asdfjkl;fdsajkl;

omg, mir and dongwoon are so frickin adorable. mir really likes doting on his hyungs cuz i noticed he's always hanging onto thunder/chun deong/sanghyun (lol, i still have no idea what to call him).

but yea, they do really remind me of seohyun+nicole. any shippers out there? lol

we needa add key, minho, and jinwoon to that 91-er club. they're seriously lacking some girls, lol. but it's k, seohyun and nicole can be pimps, lol.

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Guest shinhdeplol

i love it when MBLAQ and BEAST are together. seems like they have got so close now. they're together in almost every radio show =]]

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Guest bizzie_b

i find it funny that mir and dongwoon also share the same ideal type: SEOHYUN! wub.gif  the 91ers are so freaking adorable.  i think they're also kinda close to each other, hehe rolleyes.gif

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Guest strapline

Am I the only one who thinks that Mir and Hongki look like twins?  mellow.gif

no you're not. hongki himself has admit it that he looks like MIR and Jang Geun Suk. wink.gif but he think that he is the most handsome among those three. smile.gif

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