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Yoon Shi Yoon 윤시윤 | [Drama 2021] You Raise Me Up 유 레이즈 미 업


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SBS 'Nokdu Flower' OST Part.6 Ha Eun - 'If you can reach' release!

With deep emotion of Ha-eun, Yoon Siyoon (Lee Hyun) and Park Gyoung-young(Myoung sim) It is a song that melts the sick feeling that I could not achieve ~




All the time Gorgeous Emotional Face, especially his Charming Eyes :kiss_wink:

@Minoo Maani hehe yes together in all events without any excuse.  :lol:

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This is not exact translation of the article but what I understand from that in whole. 




[OSEN = Park Soo-young] 'Mung Bean Flower' Yoon Si Yoon has been cheering on fans with a short interview video produced with SBS. 


In the video, Yoon Si Yoon presented the image of a gentleman  with Pandora hat in a neat black suit. His playful and cute expression reversed the image of his playing role character in mung bean flower and displayed his cheerful  and charming character and make it a funny chat. It brings laugh to those who watch. 


ysy dark image in mung bean flower


As below his true image is such cheerful ❤



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SBS screen Captured photos , Mung Bean Flower eps 35-36 in which Baek Yihyun, Baek Yikang and Song Ja In met each other again







@kamila01  no Oni could have ysy's delightful smile . He looks like more to "Tenshi" the son of heaven in Japanese folklore . :innocent:



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'Mung Bean Flower' Yoon, Shiyoon, transformed into a monster ...



Yoon Shi Yoon in SBS  drama 'Mung Bean Flower' pulled the tension of the drama to the extreme with cold eyes. 





screen captured photos of sbs drama Mung Bean  Flower broadcasted On May 29






ysy at the backstage ~ a gentleman  but too cute :D


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I'm late but I should post this news :

 Kim Takgu's mother, actress Jeon Mi Sun passed away alone in a hotel room . She was only 48. Condolences to her family and friends especially to her project son Yoon shiyoon as Kim Takgu in "King of Baking Kim Takgu". RIP :'(


ysy and Jms at the backstage of king of baking




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[K-Star]: Yoon Shi Yoon, Kim Dong Wook and Korean stars attended Jeon Mi Seon's funeral


On June 29, actress Jeon Mi Seon unexpectedly died and the funeral was held at Asan Medical Center in Songpa-gu, Seoul on June 30. According to the wish to celebrate the funeral quietly, the entrance to the funeral will be strictly controlled except for new acquaintances who can attend. The bereaved family said that they thought of the actor's young son, so he banned the filming of photos.


Jeon Mi Seon.


During the funeral this afternoon, many famous artists came to visit and sent the late actor Jeon Mi Seon to the resting place of rest. Reportedly, director Bong Joon Ho of "Parasite" accompanied Song Kang Ho. Bong Joon Ho collaborated with Jeon Mi Seon in the movie "Memory of Murder" (2003) and Mother (2009). While Song Kang Ho also worked with the actor through "Memory of Murder" and "The King's Letters" (2019).


Yoon Si Yoon.

Yoon Si Yoon




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Seems YI HYUN was getting shocked  observing the list. A BLOODY LIST :sweatingbullets:




@YOONIES Please sign THE PETITION in order to bring back broadcasting 1NIGHT 2DAYS





THE  REASON  we submitted this petition is, we want to bring back our (2D1N loyal fans from all over the world) 
kind of happiness of who suddenly disappeared over the past few months because some reason. Besides 
that, we also hope that 2 Days 1 Night can be filmed and broadcast as usual with the staff, the same main 
PD, and the remaining members from season 3 (whether it's still season 3 or maybe season 4). because of 
2D1N, we discovered a lot of new things, make us happier, finding new families (with other 2D1N fans), and 
other positive things...
we sincerely hope that KBS can bring back our happines, and don't replace it with another new program!




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Nokdu Flower / Mung Bean Flower EP21

Han (literally, "Song Jae-in") is subjected to extreme heat before the death of many Koreans. :tears:



Seems Yi Hyun didn't EXPECT this final BLOOD & CARNAGE:sweatingbullets:

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