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  1. Seems YI HYUN was getting shocked observing the list. A BLOODY LIST @YOONIES Please sign THE PETITION in order to bring back broadcasting 1NIGHT 2DAYS http://petitions.kbs.co.kr/m/view.html?petition_sno=812 THE REASON we submitted this petition is, we want to bring back our (2D1N loyal fans from all over the world) kind of happiness of who suddenly disappeared over the past few months because some reason. Besides that, we also hope that 2 Days 1 Night can be filmed and broadcast as usual with the staff, the same main PD, and the remaining members from season 3 (whether it's still season 3 or maybe season 4). because of 2D1N, we discovered a lot of new things, make us happier, finding new families (with other 2D1N fans), and other positive things...we sincerely hope that KBS can bring back our happines, and don't replace it with another new program! MELTING CLOSE UP
  2. HEARTBREAKING news JEON MI SUN passed away. NOW REST IN PEACE He's got the whole SENSE OF HUMOUR of this scene to act So PERFECT with GLASSES
  3. Always A PLEASURE to watch YOON SHI YOON's work Love his SHARP LOOK In this scene @Farbod Asha , Hope his destiny would be transforming to MR. TENSHI
  4. SBS 'Nokdu Flower' OST Part.6 Ha Eun - 'If you can reach' release! With deep emotion of Ha-eun, Yoon Siyoon (Lee Hyun) and Park Gyoung-young(Myoung sim) It is a song that melts the sick feeling that I could not achieve ~ https://youtu.be/DLYRMBAzkJ0 CR to SBSNOW All the time Gorgeous Emotional Face, especially his Charming Eyes @Minoo Maani hehe yes together in all events without any excuse.
  6. GRAND PRINCE and DEAR JUDGE is broadcasting from NHK channel in JAPAN . He is very FAVORITE in JAPAN and sometimes THE COUPLE he's associated with is . NO COUPLE interview photos for DEAR JUDGE in JAPAN to post, But we have him ALONE and so HANDSOME & HAPPY!! "A BIRD IN THE HAND IS WORTH TWO IN THE BUSH " CLOUDY FACE of YOON SHI YOON ! PLEASE PD put an END to his DARK CHARACTER and show his MELTING KINDNESS again. WICKED characters love DARK things. However HE IS SHINING in this DARKNESS, anyway.
  7. Interview with him for broadcasting of DEAR JUDGE/YOUR HONOR in JAPAN. In all the interviews and pics for that he is ALONE without his CO-STAR ! ***CR*** to kamila.mayer01 in Instagram SO HANDSOME ! FAINTING ***CR*** to kamila.mayer01 in Instagram ***CR*** to kamila.mayer01 in Instagram
  8. MUNG BEAN FLOWER, Preview EPS 33-34 HOhOhO! He can be a WONDERFUL MODEL for OLD STYLE too! LOVE IT! CR TO kamila.mayer01, Instagram
  9. DARK IMAGE of YOON SHI YOON in MUNG BEAN FLOWER ep17 CREDIT TO kamila.mayer01 , Instagram
  11. YOON SHI YOON is *THE GOD OF SMILE*! He must be AWARDED for that. Let's make light SAD atmosphere with Some of his HEART DELIGHTING SMILES @shiillaah I have THE SAME PROBLEM for LOADING Soompi.
  12. He HIT ME UP! Probably the director has seen the CHARM in HIS EYES ! Hohoho.. he could PORTRAIT the TRANSFORMATION in his character with all his cells PERFECTLY
  13. For the first episodes YOON SHI YOON has LOW SCREEN TIME! DRAMA OPENING SONG of "MUNG BEAN FLOWER": YSY in MBF @shiillaah @Minoo Maani HAN YE RI is warm and friendly but it does not GUARANTEE the LOVE CHEMISTRY with all the actors. She seems good with JO JUNG SUK but not for YOON SHI YOON .
  14. Mod: Please don't write impolite replies. Anyway all the NEWS and PICTURES prove GRAND PRINCE and both LEAD CHARACTERS are very POPULAR among the VIEWERS. I think it's one of THE BEST of YOONSHIYOON's works. STILL good news about it continued! This drama is TV Chosun's HIGHEST-RATED original drama!
  15. What a STRANGE wondering ?!!! With the same reason that you and many others give your opinion about CHEMISTRY of actors and actresses in many projects before airing, and I think in this case there are enough clips to see them beside each other to find! A Clip for YSY in SINGLE MAGAZINE :
  16. An article about NEW ALBUM of KIM JAEJOONG : Kim Jae-joong drops a new album Apr 11,2019 이미지뷰 Kim Jae-joong, a member of boy band JYJ, released his first Japanese full-length album, “Flawless Love,” on Wednesday. Since his Japanese debut 14 years ago, Jae-joong has released a number of digital singles, but the release is his first full-length Japanese solo album in Japan. The album, with two CDs, carries a total of 15 tracks, including seven new songs and four of his previously released Japanese singles, as well as some of his old Korean songs that were newly recorded with lyrics in Japanese, according to his management agency, C-JeS Entertainment. The singer is set to launch a Japanese arena tour, starting in the city of Nagoya. Including Nagoya, he will hold 12 concerts in six cities, including the capital, in April and May. “The latest album and the live tour will help keep up Kim Jae-joong’s wild popularity [in Japan],” his agency said. Yonhap http://mengnews.joins.com/view.aspx?aid=3061696
  17. SINGLES FEATURED Yoon Shi Yoon Expresses Excitement On New Drama “Nokdu Flower” By abbyinhallyuland | April 23, 2019 ACHIEVING AN IMPRESSIVE DRAMA STREAK, YOON SHI YOON MARKS HIS FIFTH DRAMA IN THE LAST TWO YEARS. Brilliantly portraying roles given to him thus far makes Yoon Shi Yoon one of the busiest Korean actors, an accomplishment that perfectly captures the celebration of his decade-long activity as an actor. Singles | May 2019 Gracing a pictorial interview with Singles magazine, Yoon shared stories about his new drama Nokdu Flower. His third period drama is slated for broadcast on April 26 via SBS. Confidently donning various clothing in the photo shoot, the actor attracts effortlessly with his gravitating gaze and manly charms. Celebrating his 10th anniversary, Yoon joins Jo Jung Suk and Han Ye Ri in the new SBS historical series. Playing the roles of brothers amidst the tumultuous 1894 Donghak Peasant Movement, the two actors are expected to draw excellent renditions for their characters. Singles | May 2019 Voicing out his thoughts on his new role, Yoon acknowledged how good acting yields beautiful scenes. Hence, he was challenged to convey the message of his character. In addition, the actor responded to his secret of continuously securing new projects. He said he wants to keep going with offers instead of resting for a long time. Aiming to meet the expectation of his ever-growing character is also his goal. The full interview with Yoon Shi Yoon will be available exclusively in the May issue of Singles magazine. https://www.hellokpop.com/featured/yoon-shi-yoon-excitement-nokdu-flower/ @Minoo Maani THANKS for the characters chart. Its GOOD that there is no love connection between YOON SHIYOON and YE RI in MBF. Really there is no LOVE CHEMISTRY between them but I like their FRIENDLY relationship.
  18. HANDSOME MODEL YOON SHI YOON !! @Maryam Leads' CHEMISTRY in MBF seems good as the FIGHTERS, but I don't think as the LOVERS!
  19. Kim Jae-joong, donated 10 million won to Kangwon Forest Fire victims' Kim Jae-joong, a member of the group JYJ, has set out for the residents who suffered from forest fires in Gangwon-do. Kim Jaejoong donated 10 million won to Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association on the 9th. Kim Jae-joong's donation is expected to be used to relieve forest fires in Gangwon Province. A fire broke out on the 4th of last month, one person was killed, one injured, and 300 homes and buildings burned.The government has designated the Gangwon Province firefighting area as a special disaster area.Many entertainers are helping the victims through active contributions. [Photo = My Daily photo DB] (Seung Kil Lee, winnings@mydaily.co.kr) - ⓒ My Daily ( www.mydaily.co.kr ). Unauthorized copying & redistribution prohibited - https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=117&aid=0003198917 THANK YOU @tealee for updating and CONGRATULATIONS for KJJ's award, he DESERVES that.
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