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[drama Japan 2009] おひとりさま Ohitorisama

Guest Aireia

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Mizuki Arisa, Koike Teppei


Genre: Romance, Comedy

Broadcast Network: TBS

Broadcast Period: Oct-16-2009

Air Time: Friday 22:00 – 22:54

Official Website: http://www.tbs.co.jp/ohitorisama2009/

CM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO0sA4Yu0ZY


Akiyama Satomi is a teacher at a prestigious girls' school, who excels in her work but lacks in cooking and housekeeping. She falls in love with a colleague 10 years younger than her, and they begin living together. Each episode highlights the differences in their age, status, mindset, and values. –Tokyograph


Mizuki Arisa as Akiyama Satomi

Koike Teppei as Kamisaka Shinichi

Matsumini coopera Nao as Sawai Kimika

Maya Miki as Tajima Yoshie

Tachibana Keita as Hiroyuki Harada

Suzuki Ami as Aoki Chihiro

Sakai Wakana as Yano Saeko

Kitagawa Hiromi as Suzuki Mai

Mahiro Erika as Matsumura Yuki

Ito David

Satoi Kenta

Kobayashia Sari

Ishii Mieko

Info from:

- http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Ohitorisama

- http://suitestaboo.wordpress.com/

- http://en.j-dorama.de/s/733/ohitorisama/

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Guest bunnieee_ears

wowww he looks so cute ><" can't wait for this drama either. thanks for posting it though, i'll be keeping an eye for it ^^

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I really didn't know this but Big Bang sings the opening theme for the show called, "Koe wa Kikasete" :

Here's something I found browsing through Youtube:

Mizuki Arisa and Tachibana Keita (w-inds.)

And this site seems to have some information and videos on the drama.

I totally wish I could understand Japanese, but I haven't taken it for yours. Nonetheless, I'm quite excited for this drama, especially since it's pretty much Tachibana Keita's debut as an actor (even though he's more of a side character), and I also miss watching stuff with Teppei in it. :)

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Oh, Teppei, you are so cute. (:

And Tachibana Keita in a drama? Really? Huh... somewhat of a w-inds. follower a few years back...

I have no clue if I'm watching this, though compared to the other dramas airing this season, this is sort of low priority. xD But, I am curious to see Keita's acting hehe. (:

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omo wheeee i'll be waiting for this one! been ages since i last saw koike in a drama. missed himmm! and haha a love affair again i seee :D the girl looks much taller than him rofl XD

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Yay! This drama is going to be an upcoming project for GiriGiri fansubs. I'm so happy. If anyone wants to watch it raw though, I believe they have it up at D-addicts.

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episode 01 with subs is out, I watched it earlier, so that friend of Teppei is Keita (no wonder he looked so familiar!). So far so good, I love Teppei's character he still manages to look so young despite that his early twenties. If I had a teacher like that I'd go to school everyday with out complaining! :lol:

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Guest hazelkenro

Alisa and teppei in ONIYOME NIKKI i love the tandem...hehehehe

KOike I love you...ur so cute together with ur partner EIji WENTZ

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I watched first two eps. The drama is so-so. I haven't seen the chemistry yet, I still see them as auntie and nephew. Maybe b/c Teppei looks so young.

Nothing against older lady-younger man couple.

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Guest ^w-nGz^

i love this dorama..

very funny and i can't wait to see the how are they going to develop their love-line^^

hope there will be some nice labu-labu scenes XD

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Guest natarii<3


I love Koike Teppei in Gokusen 2. ^^

is it just me or is the principal somehow related to teppei's character? maybe his mother or something? sometimes i get frustrated at that other student..Saegusa, she's trying alot to grab Teppei.

I think that the other teacher lady... I think Sawai or something... is trying too hard. Even though I do agree about the student too. I mean, who would lie just to get their teacher to walk them home and stuff?

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