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Please do not forward or share in social media platform IG, facebk etc, unless permission granted. Thank you. KNOWING MORE ABOUT LEE YO WON Part 1 After reading this, i like her even more (

Repost from Night Light thread (well, it's my own post anyway). Subs for teasers (2nd trailer slightly incomplete):

from baidu Watching the video, I feel she really excited with her role and chemistry with Uee so good. Do you know Uee and Our Queen having same birthday? 1988.04.09 and 1980.04.09, and Uee

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On 12/18/2018 at 2:56 PM, QSD said:


Thanks to the fan for better images of FuJin.  I'm ready for this pair if it happens to be BiDeok the second. 


Haha, don't pretend like KWB is invisible...  he's there on the photos :lol: 

If Bidoek happens again, I'm waiting for my Aldoek then :sweatingbullets:

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2 hours ago, QSD said:


The first script reading.  I think Yowon's co-star in 49 Days is sitting next to Juhwan on his right.


That's definitely her, I believe. 

More photos of the coffee trucks sent by fan







Re-uploaded from LYW VN fanpage

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Filming site photos which QSD posted above remind me so much of Queen Seon Doek's scenes.

And this place really looks like the hill where Doekman and Misil met each other for a peace agreement.


LYW's IG story (re-uploaded from LYW VN fanpage)


Does MBC use the same filming site for all of their historic dramas? 

By the way, Merry Christmas, everyone. Have a great time with your loved ones! :) 

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They were building a new set on Christmas day.  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.


For DD,  it's good I wouldn't be busy digging on contemporary fashion this time so I can concentrate on more its story and discussion.

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I guessed it correctly, Mickey is in love with Fukuda, but Fukuda only has LYJ in his eyes. So...



However, Mickey later finds out that the love her life, Fukuda (Im Joo Hwan), is in love with Lee Young Jin, and she becomes a walking time-bomb overloaded with jealousy.



Hmm... I don't like this scenario. :wacko: 2 close friends' relationship is broken because of a man. 

Btw, local fan is hoping for another Night Light. :lol:

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DD is about liberation from colonization so I doubt they would focus much on romance, let alone two women fighting against each other for love.  Besides, LYJ got her hands full already for being both as a surgeon and secret agent.  It’s not her priority for fooling around for some sweet time.

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  • Guest changed the title to ♥ Lee Yo Won 이요원♥ MBC Drama premieres on May-4: "Different dreams 이몽"

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