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★♥ Favorite Members From Each Kpop Group? ♥★

Guest luviyu

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Guest hiswendy

Super Junior: all thirteen

DBSK: Junsu because he's Eunhyuk's bestfriend & also Changmin because he's so damn handsome.

So Nyeo Shi Dae: Not a favorite exactly, but the one I like most-- Taeyeon =)

Wonder Girls: SUNYE! Then Yoobin

SS501: Hyunjoong of course

Shinee: They're all equally likeable.

Big Bang: G-Dragon

2PM: Wooyoung, Taecyeon, Jaebum

2AM: I don't know them enough...?

2NE1: too jealous of them to have a favorite LOL

Kara: Nicole, the SGB English girl, yes?

FT Island: Hongki because he's good friends with SuJu.

4minute: I don't know them enough.

Afterschool: I don't know them enough.

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Guest gyalmo

Super Junior: Teukkie

DBSK: Yoochun

So Nyeo Shi Dae: Fany

Wonder Girls: Sunye ( <33)

SS501: don't follow them

Shinee: Minho

Big Bang: GD

2PM: Khun


2NE1: Minji

Kara: don't follow

FT Island: Hongki

4minute: Jiyoon.

Afterschool:again, don't follow

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Super Junior: shiwoinnn! i <butter boy. also donghae=]

DBSK: YUNHO JJANG!!! he was my ultimate number 1 boy for sooo long...

So Nyeo Shi Dae: i have no favourite. but tiffany + jessica are pretty

Wonder Girls: no favourite. dont mind sunye or yoobin though

SS501: hrm...hyunjoong=]=]

Shinee: JONGHYUN!! gorgeous voice...key 2nd

Big Bang: ooh....i love maknae! seungri is adorable....GD + top close 2nd

2PM: JAY PARK JAY PARK JAY PARK!!!! current reigning number #1<3 taec + wooyoung close 2nd

2AM: mm..i think seulong takes it for me=] jo kwon is hilarious though!

2NE1: mm CL. that chick is feistyyy i like

Kara: no favourite

FT Island: no favourite

4minute: no favourite

Afterschool: no favourite

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Guest ellopauline

Super Junior: All 13 and ZhouMi and Henry<3

DBSK: Junsu

So Nyeo Shi Dae: Sooyoung

Wonder Girls: Yoobin

SS501: Kim Hyun Joong

Shinee: Taemin/Minho

Big Bang: Seungri /G-Dragon


2AM: Jo Kwon


Kara: Nicole

FT Island:Hong Ki

4minute: n/a


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Guest lim-xx

Super Junior:


So Nyeo Shi Dae:

Wonder Girls:



Big Bang:


n / a



FT Island:



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Guest tvxq_timeless

Super Junior: Donghae


So Nyeo Shi Dae: none of them :P

Wonder Girls: Sunmi

SS501: HyunJoon

Shinee: JongHyun

Big Bang: Kwon Jiyoong

2PM: Wooyoung :D

2AM: Jo Kwon

2NE1: CL and Bom<3

Kara: Nicole

FT Island: Jaejin

4minute: HyunAh

Afterschool: Gahee

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Super Junior:

DBSK: Junsu.

So Nyeo Shi Dae:
Mainly Sooyoung, but I like Sunny too.

Wonder Girls: ---

SS501: ---


Big Bang:



2NE1: All of them are lovely. <3

Kara: ---

FT Island: Minhwannie~

4minute: No thanks. ;D

Afterschool: Beckah.

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Guest xtehdeb

Super Junior: donghae or kangin

DBSK: jaejoong

So Nyeo Shi Dae: jessica

Wonder Girls: sunmi

SS501: hyunjoong

Shinee: jonghyun

Big Bang: seungri/top

2PM: taecyeon

2NE1: sandara

Kara: hara

Afterschool: gahee

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Super Junior: yesung

DBSK:jaejoong ftw

So Nyeo Shi Dae: all 9 members!

Wonder Girls: ye eun/sohee

SS501: kyujong

Shinee: jonghyun

Big Bang: GD

2PM: wooyoung

2AM: -

2NE1: CL!

Kara: nicole only.

FT Island: hongki

4minute: n/a

Afterschool: n/a

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Super Junior: hankyung

DBSK: yoochun

So Nyeo Shi Dae: yoona

Wonder Girls: yoobin

SS501: hyunjoong

Shinee: jonghyun

Big Bang: seungri

2PM: junho

2AM: -

2NE1: -

Kara: -

FT Island: jaejin

4minute: -

Afterschool: -

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Guest wanderer335

Super Junior: Sungmin

DBSK: Yunho

So Nyeo Shi Dae: Jessica

Wonder Girls: Sunye

SS501: KyuJong

Shinee: Onew

Big Bang: Daesung

2PM: Wooyoung

2AM: Seulong

2NE1: Dara

Kara: Nicole

FT Island: Hong Ki

4minute: don't have one

Afterschool: Gahee

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Super Junior:Siwon,Heechul,Yesung


So Nyeo Shi Dae:YoonA,Yuri

Wonder Girls:Sohee,Sunye



Big Bang:Seungri





FT Island:Jonghun



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Guest bbsuju

Super Junior: Eunhyukkie has my heart :] (but I really love them all<3)

DBSK: Jaejoong~ ^ ^

So Nyeo Shi Dae: don't like them...> <;;

Wonder Girls: Yoobinnie! :]<3

SS501: Youngsaeng ^ ^

Shinee: Taemin ( close in age ^ ^ )

Big Bang: T.O.P (my first k-pop crush :3)

2PM: Chansung

2AM: Jokwon

2NE1: Dara~~

Kara: Seungyeon or Nicole xD

FT Island: Minhwan

4minute: Jiyoon

After School: Gahee

CSJH The Grace: Lina

U-Kiss: Kevinn! <3

Xing: Gun & Kipalang<33

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Guest albeitalways

LOL I have many faves, ugh, so hard to choose from my fave groups. :3 Oh well, let's see...^^

Super Junior: Heechul and Ryeowook

Chullie because he's the one I noticed straightaway in Suju and Ryeowook because of his voice and his dancing skills..

DBSK: Yunho and Changmin

Leader-ssi FTW!!! And also because maknae's snarky attitude is LOLtastic. 8D

So Nyeo Shi Dae: Seohyun and Tiffany

Seohyun is probably the most underrated member and yet one of the more talented, vocally speaking. And she can dance and play the piano well. For Fany, girl is really adorable and hilarious and she can actually sing, despite her bad rep from anti-fans.

Wonder Girls: SunMi and YeEun

Park Oppa! Hwaiting! YeEun for me is really a talented girl. IMO, SunMi is pretty and quite good in both singing and dancing but she doesn't get much limelight, which is a real shame.

SS501: Hyun Joong.

Only because of his role in BOF. I don't really know much about SS501 though xD

Shinee: Jonghyun

Bling Bling is ♥~ Seriously. *_________________________*

Big Bang: All 5 of them

I'm serious, I love this group way too freaking much to even choose one of them. At first it was Seungri, who caught me by the looks then later G-dragon and TOP, then Taeyang then Daesung. BIG BANG is ♥♥♥

2PM: Nickhun and Taec

Taec because of his mad rapping and Nickhun is just a cutie, anyway my point here is--what kind of female doesn't lust after those two?!?

2AM: JoKwon

JoKwon might come off as fruity but I love his voice and he's just adorable and awesome^^

2NE1: CL and Minji

Because those two are just overflowing with talent and killer stage presence. >D

Kara: Nicole and Gyuri

Nicole is my fave member in KARA but Gyuri comes a close second. I find their voices quite good to listen to.

FT Island: Lee Hongki and Choi Jonghun

Hongki's voice can make you swoon. *___________*

4minute: Jiyoon

Shades girl is finally no more. I'm glad their Hot Issue promotions are now ending, so Jiyoon can remove those ridiculous shades.

Afterschool: Ga Hee

Ga Hee for me is really the baddest female. But it's too bad AS is currently lying low. =/

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Guest xclueless

Super Junior: Don't really follow but I'll just say Donghae because I think he's the hottest =P

DBSK: Yoochun/Jaejoong

So Nyeo Shi Dae: Jessica!! She's my role model ^^

Wonder Girls: SunYe

SS501: Sunbae lol

Shinee: Onew!

Big Bang: Leader Jiyong<3


2AM: Jokwon lol

2NE1: Minzy!! but I actually love all 4 of them but Minzy just beats them by a step :P

Kara: Nicole

FT Island: n/a

4minute: -_- n/a

Afterschool: n/a but I think Gahee is hott

Seems like I have a leader fetish. Most of my favorites are the leaders lol =P

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Guest Mellisayoyo

Super Junior: HanKyung

DBSK: Hero

So Nyeo Shi Dae: Tae Yeon

Wonder Girls: Sun Ye, Sun Mi, Ye Eun

SS501: Kim Huyn Joong

Shinee: --

Big Bang: G-dragon, Seung Ri

2PM: Nichkhun


2NE1: Dara, CL


FT Island:--



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Guest j00nie

Super Junior: Shiwon

DBSK: yoochun & junsu

So Nyeo Shi Dae: Yoona

Wonder Girls: yoobin

SS501: hyunjoong

Shinee: jonghyun

Big Bang: TOP & G-dragon

2PM: -Jaebum,Taec,wooyoung


2NE1: Minzy

Kara: -nicole

FT Island: jaejin

4minute: -

Afterschool: -

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Guest sakuracupcake

Super Junior: too hard! but I choose Eunhyuk (he seems so sweet!)

DBSK: Jaejoong and Junsu (their angelic voices)

So Nyeo Shi Dae: hmmm. I don't follow them.

Wonder Girls: Yubin (my unnie can def rap)

SS501: hmmm. I don't follow them. but i like Kyujong

Shinee: Onew?

Big Bang: TOP and Taeyang and Daesung (he's too funny/nice)

2PM: GAH!! All of them. but especially Nickhun, Taec, Junsu, Wooyoung

2AM: hmmm. I don't follow them but Jo Kwon seems really fun to be around.

2NE1: CL and Minji and Sandara!! CL is freaking awesome.

Kara: I don't know any of them.

FT Island: HongKi

4minute: I like Hot Issue but I don't know the members

Afterschool: GaHee! Def. I think she's soo cool.

Wow, this was really fun. Haha. I should post more on this section!

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Guest H i k a r i

Super Junior:Heechul/HanKyung

DBSK: Jaejoong/Changmin

So Nyeo Shi Dae:Sooyoung/Jessica/Hyoyeon

Wonder Girls:Yeeun

SS501:don't really follow them, but i like Kyujong.

Shinee: Minho

Big Bang:T.O.P/Daesung




Kara: Nicole

FT Island:Jaejin



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