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Hanasakeru Seishounen

Guest aymei

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Guest aymei


Have you guys seen it?
It's a romance, love, drama.

So far only three episodes are out for the anime but I love itttt. (:

SYNOPSIS:Kajika Burnsworth is talked into a "Marriage Game" by her father, the mighty boss of the Burnsworth Company. She will meet three men he has chosen and decide which one to marry. If she does, he will tell her what her true destiny is.

Credits: instantz.net

The Manga is out with volume 9 already.

Volumes: 12 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1046Anime Episodes: 39




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i started watching it today and i must say it is reaaaally interesting so far! i wanted to read the manga, but i don't know where >__<

kajika was annoying though when she thought eugene was mufasa. and she kept calling him that. i'm just like, no, he's not mufasa. LOL.

i'm totally rooting for renlixkajika so far lols.

hi bishiiiiesss~ bahaha

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

omgee so many bishies!

and my fave seiyuu is in this anime ^^ coolies :D

*adds to plan to watch list*

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