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[reality 2009] Project Runway Korea 프로젝트 런웨이 &#5307

Guest abloom

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Guest adikkeluangman

2NE1’s CL & Jeremy Scott guest judge on Project Runway Korea 3

It was revealed back in January that fashion designer Jeremy Scott and 2NE1’s leader CL would be guest-judging Project Runway Korea 3, and after releasing a preview last week, the full episode featuring the fashionable duo has been revealed.

Project Runway Korea 3, which is the official spin-off of the hit American reality show, features aspiring designers who design outfits every week to a specific challenge. For the seventh episode, the contestants were given the mission to design a stage outfit for 2NE1’s CL.

With the special appearance of Jeremy Scott, the contestants worked especially passionately as the deadline neared. The interesting challenge forced each designer to join his/her personal ideas and talents with a unique yet practical product, ultimately creating a very creative and concept-laden runway show at the end of the episode.

The March 12th episode had viewership rating peaks at 1.643%, above the average 1.052% during the previous six episodes for women between 20 & 34 years old. In particular, for the 25-29 year old female category, the rating escalated from the typical 1.194% to 2.869%. The household ratings also enjoyed a rise from 1.194% to a record 1.82%.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Kim Jin was upset over her CL-mission on “Project Runway Korea”


Viewers were taken aback after watching former Diva member, Kim Jin, shed tears over her mission from 2NE1’s CL. CL guested on March 12th’s episode as a one-day judge, and Kim Jin was participating as a contestant.

The episode saw the designers trying to create an outfit for CL, and immediately, viewers could see that Kim Jin looked at a loss. When asked by the producers what was going on through her mind, she honestly replied, “I honestly do not want to make clothes for any celebrity. Kim Tae Hee and Han Go Eun are actresses, so I can handle it, but singers… Unless it’s Lee Hyori, I don’t want to do it.”

She continued, “CL is my junior by 10 years. How could they tell me to make her clothes… She’s a fun and stylish friend, but I suddenly thought, ‘What could I do for this friend?’ I honestly wanted to give up on the mission. My pride was hurt. If I’m going to rank in the bottom three, I’d rather just be eliminated. If others were put in my situation, I’m sure they would have the same thoughts.”

Although her heart wasn’t in her work, Kim Jin trekked on while continuing to tell viewers about the psychological pain she was experiencing alongside her weak physical condition.

In the end, Kim Jin barely missed an elimination and managed to land in the bottom three with none of the impressive qualities her works in the previous episodes had seen.

She commented, “Through this opportunity, I’ve learned a lot of things as a designer. ‘Project Runway Korea’ has taught me what I must take in, and what I must leave out. I’m trying hard to become more ‘cooler’ in terms of such decisions. I put in everything I had to walk down the path of fashion, so I foolishly wondered whether I really had to make the clothes of a junior singer. I am, however, disappointed in myself for thinking such things.”


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Guest 1lasthope

I read the whole thread and it seems like no one is subbing for season 3 yet, right? i googled everywhere and there's nothing... anyone know if any group is subbing? I checked S2's website and they don't have season 3 on their list of current or future projects.

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