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[upcoming][2009 Drama] Four Seasons / 사계


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[sBS] Jun Ji Hyun, Bi

  • Title: 사계 / Four Seasons
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: TBA
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Feb to 2009
  • Air time: TBA


A story between a female war correspondent and an adopted child who becomes a mercenary for France.


  • Bi
  • Jun Ji Hyun

Production Credits

  • Director: Choi Moon Suk
  • Script Writer: Lee Kyung Hee


  • The drama is an estimated of 1.5 billion won production cost, distributions to Asian countries such as Japan and China are also being considered.
  • This will be Jun Ji Hyun's return to the small screen after 10 years and Bi's after 3 years.
  • This will be Bi's third collaboration with writer Lee Kyung Hee, previously acted in dramas Sang Doo, Let's go to School and A love to kill.

credit source: dramawiki.org


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Guest Happy_Day

Is this for REAL?! Finally, JunJiHyun doing a K-drama. What about her "Hollywood debut"? I've always wanted her to be paired with either JoInSung or Bi.

Anyway, a war correspondent is just an awesome role. I suppose this will be set during the Korean war?

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Hm, it'd be an interesting pair if both actors actually came through. If they do stick through, I can't wait for their comebacks! And I'm a big fan of Lee Kyung Hee (as long as it isn't a repeat of 'a love to kill' - that drama didn't do much for me).

Thanks for the update! ^^

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I heard about this quite some time ago...but I'm not sure it's confirmed?

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this! Both JJH and Bi/Jeong Ji Hoon (JJH too!)'s comeback to the small screen in so many years..

I'm also a very very big fan of the writer.. Loved all of her previous works.

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is this confirmed? gosh it will be wonderful to see these two together on screen! i've always liked Bi and Jeon Ji Hyun and hope this series comes real quick!

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WHAT??Rain's back!!

I miss to see him in drama plus with Jeon ji Hyun!

He must be the luckiest guy on earth or she is the luckiest girl coz get to pair with Bi :lol:

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Yikesss!!!! now i'm not too sure if this is confirmed! Please don't throw bad eggs at me for starting this thread..hahaha! I just thought that this is going to be an interesting pairing and the writer has done some really good drama. So, I'm hoping and praying that this production will happen.

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