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The O F F I C I A L Sean Family Thread ♡ ♥ ♡


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Guest krcoffee

omg it was Ha Rang's bday...i never knew..man i've been following this kid & his sister for how long..now i can come here and spam..hahah..

SO adorable..pinch cheeks

This couple is very much envied by many other star artists. LOL. I love their kids!

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Guest D R E A M

I think Sean family is the cutest family in the world

they have matching shoes and clothes and everything <3

and the children are lucky cause they get to be surrounded by hot oppas and hyungs ><

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omgosh check this out :]


credit: chau@ ygworld

HaRang at MKMF with his appa kekeke~~~ loving the hair :P so cute ! and he has a mini version of Big Bang's shoes hehe :) (looks too big for his feet though LOL :P )


more from suejinners ^^



they're matching from head to toe.

FREAKINGLOVESIT! all Sean needs to do is style his hair like HaRang too ahahahahaha. XD (unless it is?! i cant really tell ^^; )

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Guest thealien.

this is the cutest family i've ever seen.

filled with love joy and STYLE!! lol.

they must be super great parents.

and their kids are supperr lucky.

i wish my future family was like that. lol.

grrrr; this family is too cute.

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Guest paulinee

That is the ultimate family. To live in happiness and to live life fully. =]

Cutest kids. NOT FAIR! >.<" Good looking parents...good looking oppas and uncles...sigh....next life....next life... ;]

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Guest sherry229

Does anyone know the brand name of the hoody with the wonder woman and superman in the front?

Brand is called "BANC"

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