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[movie 2008] Beautiful, 아름답다(arumdabda)

Guest Demllequ

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Guest Demllequ

Cha SooYun, Lee ChunHee, Berlin International Film Festival, Panorama
WEB SITE : http://blog.naver.com/arum2008  88min 35mm Dolby SRD | Genre : Drama , | Feb 15 2008

SYNOPSIS : A miserable girl because of her irresistible beauty.. Is her beauty the Blessing? Or the Curse? There is a girl, Eun-young, who is not happy for her breathtaking beauty. She gets lonely and exhausted from the stares from men and jealousies from women. One day, she gets raped by one of her stalkers, Sung-min and hears the terrible words from him. “I did it just because you are so beautiful.” She believes that she was raped because of her cruel beauty and starts to kill her beautiful looks. And there is one guy who runs after her…


Caravaggio_Narcissus_sm.jpg ( LOL  I just wanted to include this picture =D )

anybody seen it?

i just watched it and it was very twisted.

you can watch it ag crunchyroll here

-Beautiful movie-

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i just finished watching this movie now after hearing about it a few months ago

it was a really great movie that highlights the obsession with beauty.

yah it was kinda twisted but i felt so sorry for Eun-young b/c she was so alone.


no matter what she tried, nothing worked out. it's very contradictory huh

she's too beautiful...ok she gets stalkers and gets raped. she attempts at being ugly and then she realizes that people are superficial. she dies and ppl still treat her as an object

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Guest smittenkitten

i think eun chul strapped the gun to her hand because she told him she'd always be scared until she was able to kill the guy who raped her. eun chul knew she was hallucinating and seeing the rapist in him, so he wanted her to be happy and continue living her life by killing him, in essence killing the rapist.

well that was my interpretation anyway. i can't say that i enjoyed the movie, but we definitely live in a society where women are objectified and valued only for their looks. i liked seeing lee chun hee naked though. haha! just kidding :P

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Oh my gosh...

Everyone wants to be pretty and always feel that they are ugly when they are pretty...

this is such a sad movie especially for Miss Kim...

I totally understand ChunHee... poor dude, she didn't mean to kill him... it was that after being rapped, she's traumatize and so she saw wats his dude face and just shot ChunHee... I'm pretty sure she like ChunHee... ChunHee probably knew that what he was about to do to her was not right and so he was willing to pay the price... just like the guy that raped her turn himself in... I don't know if they are bad people or is she really that pretty for guys to do that to her....

and WOW to the ending... how sick is that... she's freaken dead and yet they still wanna do it to her... that is just sad... they should of turn this movie into a scary movie that she wake back up and hunt down the m*fer and scare the crap out of them...

Oh and I have never seen this side of ChunHee... he's a pretty good actor... but I perfer the funny ChunHee in family outing.

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Guest Happy_Day

Ooooh trailer looks gooooooooooooooooooooooooood


She's not THAT pretty that she should be miserable by her looks hahaha

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Guest dria_ni

it seems like a pathetic movie :P i was going to download it, but after i read the spoiler, i changed my mind :( say not much of my interest

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The synopsis seemed interesting so I went ahead and watched it. I just wanted to say that the movie made me really think. It had many messages about the society today including what people see as ugly and beautiful. I felt sorry for her when she is forced to go to the police station right after getting raped and to tell the police what happened in front of the rapist! And the fact that the police blames her for looking pretty and that it's partially her fault for the man's actions O__O The movie made me really mad and feel sorry for the girl. I know that the movie went a little over the top but still O___O

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Guest sveta21

I've watched this movie today, and i thought it was a sick movie. I felt pretty bad for the girl, and wasn't sure whether to like the cop or hate him. All i kept thinking was how badly they handled her case and that she should've went to a counselor to talk with someone about this...alas that didn't happen. The end scene was sick...

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i just watched it and it made think about a lot of things...

the movie was really sick and twisted, i felt so bad for the girl.. even after death.. :(

throughout the whole movie i was like no!! not chun hee!! :vicx: lol..

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Guest starsangel

I just watched this film in youtube (although some parts where missing) but the storyline is very simple and I kind of understood it.

The storyline is very good but I think you have to watch it carefully to understand because there is many meanings behind this movie. There is simple meaning and there is also deeper meaning to the story.

Basically, it is a normal girl who is envied by guys and girls because of her beauty, and it's when she got raped because of it she decides she wants to change herself by making herself fat or aneroxic, But then someone said she has lost her shine in her beauty and she wants it back again but she can't because of the rapist.

The thing I don't like about the story was that it was not very realistic. I mean, the actress is pretty but she's not OMG pretty. It looked as though she was the only pretty girl in the world. But then again it is not just her looks but her body that people wanted. (but she's not the only one with a nice body in the world).

Anyway, this movie portrayed beauty in a darker side. The director is trying to say that being beautiful has it's disadvantage. In Korea, people is obsessed with being beautiful and they think that being beautiful will mean a dream come true and their life will be great (e.g 200 pounds beauty, it is the opposite of that film). Beauty isn't always great.

You can tell that the girl knew she was pretty and she liked the attention she gets from it. She thought she had power when had her looks. She got the attention from everyone and people noticed her. She knew there was stalkers looking at her but she was use to it. You see a scene where she is admiring her body. It is to show that she is very fond of it but then it gets ruined which makes her go crazy

It was confusing when she said to her friend that she couldn't believe they have been friends for 10 years. I think she was disappointed in her friend because her friend thought she was a richard simmons who tried to seduce her friend's boyfriend.

It wasn't until she was raped that she became mentally unstable. She feels unsafe, insecure and she feels stripped from her pure beauty because of the rape. She wants to destroy her beauty because she think it has caused her to be raped. It was when the hairdresser said that she wasn't pretty enough to be an actress that she wanted her beauty back again but she knows she can't get it back because of the incident. I think the reason why she wanted it was because her life has always involved her beauty being admired and now it is stripped away and she misses it. She wants to be the pretty girl she was before.

I think this film is not just about beauty but being pure beauty. The only way she thinks she can get it back is by killing the rapist. The cop sacrificed his own life by raping her so she can murder him. You can tell that she liked the guy but she had to kill him because it reminded her of the rapist. At the end, she realise that no matter how many people she killed, she will never go back to her pure beauty. She wants to live but she cannot get it back so she does not see the point in living.

She gets killed and yet people still wants her body. This just shows that, it is her body that people want to have not just her face.

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