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[drama 2008] Aquarius 물병자리

Guest huangsy

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Guest huangsy

[sBS] Lim Jung Eun, Ha Joo Hee, Kim Jung Wook, In Sung, Choi Ryung
Debuts on 3rd March 2008 as morning drama.

Director : Kim Soo Ryong 김수룡

Scriptwriter : Lee Joo Hee 이주희

Cast : Lim Jung Eun 임정은, Ha Joo Hee 하주희, Kim Jung Wook 김정욱, In Sung 인성, Choi Ryung 최령

Official site : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/aqua/

English subbed free to watch at http://www.mycreo.com/vod/vodDetail.aspx?m...p;prgid=1001959

Link to episodic preview and making-of clips :









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Guest dramaok

ya it's a case of stolen identity..

main cast:


Myeong Eun-Seo (by Im Jeong-Eun)


Myeong Eun-Yeong (Ha Joo-Hee)


Kim Min-Ho (Choi Ryeong)


Yoo Dong-Ha (In Seong)


Jang Tae-Soo (Kim Jeong-Wook)

basically, Eun-Seo and Eun-Yeong grow up together as orphans at the church orphanage.

Eun-Seo studies art and falls in love with Min-Ho's older brother and they have a son together.

on their way to see his parents, Eun-Seo, the brother, and their son get in a car accident.

Eun-Seo awakes and survives but loses both her lover and child, as well as her memory.

in comes Eun-Yeong who steals her bestfriend's identity and pretends to be Eun-Seo to be part of the rich family that Eun-Seo's lover is part of.

then Min-Ho returns to Korea from study abroad when his brother dies, and becomes heir to the family congomorate. he is loved by the fake Eun-Seo (Eun-Yeong) but somehow he meets the real Eun-Seo and falls in love with her instead.

meanwhile, Eun-Seo gets treated for her memory loss by Dong-Ha who is a doc. but he falls in love w/ her.

and tragically, Eun-Seo

gets her memory back eventually but forgets about him, and their love togehter

and the man Tae-Soo, who is a junior boss of organized crime group... is in love with Eun-Yeong (the fake Eun-Seo).. and when she leaves him, he threatens to expose the secret about

Eun-Seo's son being alive and being raised by him


so obviously pretty sad story.. but this comes from the pd of 'green rose' and 'blue fish' which weren't really my cup of tea..

so i don't think i'm excited about this.. though Im Jeong-Eun is so graceful on screen and so likeable.

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Does anyone know who is Ha Joo-He? She looks familiar.

Also, can someone explain the relationship chart associated with the aunt.

Is the guy her husband?

Is that his/their son?

Is that his wife?

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oh the main lead here is the 2nd female lead in Cloud Stairs... hm, whos Ha Joo-Hee btw? is she the girl in Great Inheritance(Kim Jae Won's past love, the single mom w the kid) n Soulmate(Min-Ae's ex classmate/rival)?

the storyline sounds like a tragic drama unfolding, w elements of revenge + betrayal. quite typical i guess..

but its nice to see Lim Jung Eun as the first female lead.

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Guest lyptika
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Can anyone provide me with a summary. It's driving me crazy because I can't understand what they are saying but someone please, please tell me why they have not conducted a DNA exmain between the baby and the two mothers??????

Even the poorest person would have done so, so I am just completely beside myside trying to figure out why this rich family hasn't even done a DNA test to see if the child and grandmother are even related. :unsure:

So someone please have sympathy for me and tell me what is going on. :sweatingbullets:


Oh, and why was it ok for the child to be kidnapped at the department store and kept with the kidnapper for serveral days??? What possible excuse/rational/reasoning was used to allow this situation to persist?

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