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Dragon Knights

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Manga by Mineko Ohkami

Dragon Knights

This is a story about a world with four races: faerie, human, dragon and demon. The Demon Lord, Nadil, wants to take over the continent of Dusis that is ruled over the Dragon Lord, Lykouleon. The Dragon family is made up of all races and they are at war with the evil demons and Nadil. Among them are the legendary Dragon Knights: Rune, the Dragon Knight of Water who is a faerie; Rath, the Dragon Knight of Fire who is a demon and heir to the Dragon throne; and Thatz, the Dragon Knight of Earth who is a human.

This story is full of everything and anything you can imagine: romance, horror, thrills, suspence, comedy, intrigue, and so many twists! It's a very complicated story and you have to pay close attention to detail when reading it. But overall, it's a fantastic story of fantasy.

*note- The artwork definitely improves as the story progresses*

Volumes: 26 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=5959

Published by: Tokypop


Lord Lykouleon

Dragon Lord/King of Dusis


Dragon Knight of Fire/Yokai


Dragon Knight of Water/Faerie


Dragon Knight of Earth/Human Thief


White Dragon Officer/Chief Secretary


Blue Dragon Officer/Secretary of Foreign Affairs


Yellow Dragon Officer/Secretary of State


Black Dragon Officer/Secretary of Security



Demon Lord






Nadil's Yokai



Nadil's Fire Yokai



Nadil's Yokai


Alchemist/Renkin Wizard


Fortuneteller/Yokai/Wind Sorceress


Human Thief



Faerie Princess




Human Obsessed with Faeries

And there are still more characters than this!

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Guest Misao

ooo i read this years ago... theres a lot volumes for it

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ooo i read this years ago... theres a lot volumes for it

Yes, there are about 26 volumes? And I'm not sure if it's still continuing.

Did you like the story though?

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The end of Dragon Knights has been released! It has lots of shockers!!!


If you want to read about it go here:


And read the end of each of the character profiles where it says Spoiler Ending Spoiler!

Or read the whole thing if you have only read the first couple of volumes.

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Ending Ranks:

Dragon King- Rath (used to be Lykouleon)

Dragin Queen- Cesia (used to be Rasaleane)

White Officer- Rune (used to be Alfeegi)

Red Officer- Bierrez (there never was one, Rath had absorbed the Red Officer crystal)

Yellow Officer- Ruwalk (no change)

Black Officer- Tetheus (no change)

Blue Officer- Thatz (used to be Kiastern)

Wind Knight- ? (Cesia has wind powers but it's not the same and she's Queen now)

Light Knight- ? (Used to be Lykouleon, I think, but Rath absorbed the Dragon)

Water Knight- Sabel (used to be Rune)

Fire Knight- Gil (used to be Rath)

Earth Knight- ? (used to be Thatz, but he's now Blue Officer, can you be both?)

Lykouleon dies! D= Rasaleane goes away D= Alfeegi and Kiastern remained dead! D=


Rath and Cesia

Rune and Tintlett

Thatz and Dealte

Kitchel and Tetheous

Ruwalk and Cenezora

Alfeegi and Rima

Yeah, I don’t know what happened to Kharl. I’m pretty sure Nohiro stayed with the fairies. Anyways, I’ve only collected these tidbits of info here and there.

Being a ThatzXKitchel shipper, what shocked me most was the DealteXThatz pairing! There had been proof of KitchelXTetheus, but Dealte and Thatz? They barely interacted! And she doesn’t really suit him…oh well… So the cutest pairing imo was Ruwalk and Cenezora! ^^

So yeah, the ending battles:

Thatz v. Fedelta! (Thatz lost an arm! Why?! WHY?!)

Rune v. Sabel

Tetheus v. Shademan (Tetheus finally killed his demon brother, thus becoming a full dragon)

Rath v. Nadil (Where Rath apparently popped out a gun out of nowhere and shot Nadil…wow…surprise, because they’ve been waving around swords for the entire series. Esp. Rath.)

And that’s it! At the end they all went back to Dragon Castle and celebrated. =)

But yeah, read more in depth in the above link! This was just my mental recap.

There are rumors that Mineko Ohkami may continue the story after finishing some current projects she has.

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