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[drama 2004] Terms Of Endearment 애정의 조건

Guest monoceros

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Guest monoceros

[KBS2] Ji Sung, Han Ga In, Chae Si Ra, Lee Jong Won
Summary on Drama wiki:

This drama shows how devastating and hurtful it can be for a woman to live with a boyfriend before marriage and not end up tying a knot with him. Korea has the second highest divorce rate in the world as more and more families become ruined -- mainly because one of the spouses cheats. To make things worse, the mass media continues to champion premarital cohabitation as a choice that unmarried couples are free to make. Terms of Endearment depicts today's harsh reality and once again reminds us of the sacred meaning of marriage and the importance of family. (KBS)

Keum-pa's married life is quite enviable on the surface: her husband is a lawyer, and they have a child. But in reality, she is one of the unhappiest women. Her husband cheats on her with his female coworker, and Keum-pa doesn’t have courage to divorce him even though she knows about her husband’s betrayal. One day, she runs into her elementary school boyfriend, her first love, through online chatting. The two become close, and Keum-pa even finds spiritual consolation in him. But eventually Keum-pa's husband learns about their precarious relationship, and Keum-pa ends up divorcing her husband.

Eun-pa is a protagonist of a tragic life. Since childhood, she has been treated coldly by her mother, who always compared her with her older sisters. While in college, Eun-pa falls in love with Jun-sung, who was very popular with girls. Eventually, Jun-sung moves in with Eun-pa, who lies to her mother that she will live with one of her college friends. Although she is scared that her family may find out that she is living with a boyfriend, Eun-pa's firmly believes that Jun-sung will marry her one day, and does her best to become a caring girlfriend to him.

Yun-taek once dreamed of becoming an ethics teacher. He had to take a leave from college because he didn't have money, and went to the army. He is vibrant and witty, and has a good sense of humor, but on the other hand he is also very prudent, gentle and warm-hearted. As soon as he becomes discharged from the army, he embarks on looking for Eun-pa, his first love, but to no avail. One day, he suddenly meets Eun-pa at a nightclub where he works as a waiter in order to earn money and go back to college. (credit:KBS)

Cast: (credits to Drama wiki)

# Chae Si Ra as Kang Geum-pah

# Kim So Hee as Kang Jin-pah

# Han Ga In as Kang Eun-pah

# Lee Jong Won as Jin Jung-han

# Ji Sung as Noh Yun-tek

# Park Yong Woo as Jung Sung-ki

# Song Il Gook as Nah Jang-Soo

i'll post pix much later...

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This is my favorite drama of all time. I have watched it 7 times, as well as my sister and mom. Even my husband was curious about it and enjoys it here and there. It's a must-watch drama. Period.

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Guest lucky_moon

I watched few Eps on KBS World & it's really a good drama but unfortunately couldn't catch the whoel Eps to know the story just sometimes when I don't have anything to do I saw it ..

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Guest VitaDolce*

Finally! I saw a couple of eps. in youtube

and I loved it! esp. the Han Ga In and Song Il Gook parts <3

Does anyone know where we can download episodes?

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Thanks for starting this thread. <3 I remember finishing watching this back in 04 when it came out with subs on my local tv channel. Too bad I didn't record it. XD I wish I could watch it again, but it's hard to find these days. even on streaming sites.

But I do have the OST, here:


Terms of Endearment (애정의 조건) OST ★ Various Artists

ALBUM TYPE Drama Soundtrack

RELEASE DATE 2004.07.22


BUY IT yesasia

01. 애정의 조건 (Orchestra Version) [Terms of Endearment (Orchestra Version)]

02. 후애 - 양수경 [After Child - Yang Soo Kyung]

03. 절만의 시간들

04. 고백 - Add (지성) [Confession - Ji Sung]

05. Sad Day (Orchestra Version, 은파 Theme) [sad Day (Orchestra Version, Eun Pa Theme)

06. 내가 살아야 하는 이유 - 기영 [The Reason I Must Live - Gi Young]

07. 배반 (금파 Theme) [Treachery (Geum Pa Theme)]

08. 가까이 - 기호 [Nearly - Gi Ho]

09. 눈물 I (Violin Version) [A Tear I (Violin Version)]

10. 사랑할 수 있을때 - 양수경 [When Will I Be Able to Love - Yang Soo Kyung]

11. 하나의 사랑 (윤택 Theme) [One Love (Yoon Taek Theme)]

12. 잘가요 내사랑 - Zero

13. 엄마별 아기별 (Violin Version) [Mom Star, Baby Star (Violin Version)]

14. 세상은 나에게 - 오현란 [World in Me - Oh Hyun Ran]

15. 사랑...그리고 (은파 Theme 2) [Love...And (Eun Pa Theme)]

16. 애정의 조건 (Vox Version) [Terms of Endearment (Vox Version)]

DOWNLOAD ALBUM (50.8 MB @ 128kbps)


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i wish i could find where the videoes are online.

on youtube, there seems to be some dubbed in chinese?

but does anyone know where i can see the korean version?

or does anyone know the site to the place so i could watch it kbs?

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Guest conThanh

where do you guys watch this drama? i've been looking for it. I know d-addicts has up to 33 and i guess the group dropped the project. yesasia doesnt have dvd for this either.

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Guest thislove

^ yeah does anyone know where to watch the whole drama. I was able to only watch a few ep. of this drama. Really liked it too!!!

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Guest satisfaction!

OMGG I totally remember this drama!!!

GAHHH! It was my favoriteeee! (

Although I still wanted JiSung to be with HGI T_T


I also remember crying and getting so frustrated at some parts :P

I feel like watching this all over again!

Thanks for starting this thread ^^

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Guest nellythong

Ah, one of the best dramas ever. I loved the stories, the characters and the end. I just wish it'd be available to purchase online somewhere.

hi there,

Since you have watched the full episode, do you mind sharing with us by forward us the link to watch.


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Guest danny4rang1004

yeah... i tried searching for this on youtube too but there was only the dubbed version.

has anyone uploaded this on youtube or someplace else?

i want to see it again so badly!

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yea im watching it on kbs world too! but it gets really annoying b/c i want to watch more but i can't, and have to wait for the next week.

it kind of frustrates me how jangsoo is making SUCH a big deal out of eunpa's past, you can say yea in korean society its a big deal and all but still he practically was cheating on her with another woman in front of her. and i think he was being a plain of mean, rude, selfish, arrogant butthole but hey he's still really muh seh suh and im sure he'll forgive her soon.

i realized that no ones really that bad girl or good girl in this drama, b/c eunpa's not really good/nice either.


love this drama though, despite my frustrations. haha

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