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[japan Movie 2007] Hero


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Kimura Takuya, Matsu Takako, Abe Hiroshi, Lee Byung Hyun

The movie is an ‘extension’ of the same title popular drama in 2001, which was a great hit back then. Besides starring Takuya, Takako and most of the main casts from the original drama, the movie will also feature popular Korean actor Lee Byung-hun...


The movie ‘Hero’ starring Kimura Takuya cranked up in Tokyo on the 15th. The movie gathered attention for having filmed on location in Busan with Lee Byeong Heon. Sankei Sports on the 16th reported that Kimura Takuya was moved by the teamwork of the staff and said the climax and scenes for the title were filmed that day. Director Suzuki Masayuki delivered flowers to all the actors after the movie and Kimura Takuya and other cast had satisfied looks. Kimura Takuya who played Kuriyu Kouhei, a rather peculiar high school drop out prosecutor, commented, “I was always on set or location as the teamwork of the staff and cast was great. I had a great time. This time I hope our actors can meet everyone through the movie screen. I hope to meet everyone again in the theatres.” The movie version of ‘Hero’ is based on the televised version that aired in 2001 with 11 episodes all exceeding 30% viewer ratings and an average of 34.3%, the highest of a Fuji TV drama series. The special episode that aired last year had a 30.9% viewer rating gathering attention as to whether the movie will be just as successful.

Official Website




Just aired over the weekend in Japan

Will be showing in November 2007 in Singapore...

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I've just realized I've never finished watching Hero T_________T

But I'm gonna catch the movie, that's for sure ^^


We seem to have multiple threads on this movie. The other one is here.

Mods, please kindly merge them. Thank you ^^

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Guest Maia-chan

I thought the drama was pretty weird but it was interesting.

Looking forward to the movie

I even saw the SP...LOL..

I wonder what character does LBH play, the bad guy or another prosecutor???

I think LBH plays a prosecutor who helped Kuryu in Korea. ut I think his part was really really short.

Luckily I don't care much about LBH's part.

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