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  1. 4 hours ago, TheQueenReturns said:

    I still can't get past my entire first male lead dislike. He really drags the drama down to the gutter. I like any scenes in them except the ones he's in. In other news, what is Naksu's connection or Mu Deok connection to the Jin family?

    So, you don't like the Drama. He is in almos every scene cause he is the main lead an i have to say i love him, I in my opinion he do not drag the drama down , the Drama is having a very good rating but i respet  your opinion. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, INeedAFan said:



    Did anyone notice JH’s bruises? He didn’t have them when he was in NK. 


    Of course he had the bruises. Remenber when she was at his' father home and he arrived she was alarmed cause his face was hurt and asked him who did it. His father was like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. 

    The Coronel and his men hit him. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, margerytka said:

    Mthink there was no scene.
    And maybe the drama will end just like an old Korean story about lovers meeting from time to time..  [just like MLFTS)

    Totaly agree, that's the feeling i have about this Drama. They will get together  any time each year but i don't like the idea. Maybe in another country where NKs can go. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, MeritaG said:


    I agree with you. I haven't been able to see the full episode 8 with the correct translation. I have checked dramacool, dramanice, kissasian, dramacool9.io ----- they have incorrect translation. But in the ig spoiler, we can see that there are links with the correct translation. 

    Anyone, please help us. :cold_sweat:



    I had the same problem, yhe subs were wrong for ep.8. I finally Whatched at Kissasian 

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    I am a little confused, or maybe not.


    What annoy me the most are The Parents.


    Lets’ see. YJ was kidnapped because of his brother fault. Them because of the bad situation at home after that horrible episode YJ faked that he lost his memory and he pretend he don’t remember anything about that in order to avoid the sadness in the family . SJ don’t know how to face his brother and his parents as a little coward. He felt “guilty” and decides to fool the whole family and takes YJ personality and fakes psychological issues.


    The parents, believing that YJ remember nothing allow SJ to blame YJ, how can they let him to carry the guilt?  He knows he was the one who was abducted but his parents and his brother don’t know that he knows. Suppose that YJ would have really lost his memory. He would have lived as a miserable person.  I can’t stand how his parents could accept YJ to live like that.

    Am I wrong? There is something I didn’t understand?


    The writer brother is the biggest coward around Dramaland world pretending he is the victim and the only he has done is manipulate his family.

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  6. 40 minutes ago, enigmatic_zephy said:



    she redefines korean fashion world .. lol.. because all things aside.. korean drama fashion is just lowest grade horrible.. those "designs" don't even remotely make sense - the half stitched coats, the shoelaces, the worse than asymmetrical skirts, the outrageous patterns, those really weird short flared jeans, even accessories are outright bad more often than not


    I love Korean Fashion...It depends of the taste of everyone. I think Koreans have a very good sense of fasion and i love it and what i like the most are those asymmetrical skirts that the crazy girl frequently  wears. 

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  7. 8 hours ago, anjelikaeyes13 said:

    Just finish the 6-7 episodes and Annoyed with annoyin brother for making up lies and LTH has done a good job to annoy us and I respect to his acting.  He done a sweet job in Golden Life and Father’s is strange and for sure everyone here will wish that he will have his own drama where he will lead. Two thumbs up to LTH. 


    Sorry dear but LTH did not work in Father is Strange...He was in a weekly Drama that have the nomber of "Father I Will Take Care of You"  but not in Father is Strange.



    I agree with you about him doing a good job because he annoys me too much and that is a good signal. It is supposed to hate him. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, averia said:

    Late Happy 100 pages!!!
    Ywas rather a filler episode. Not much happend in it at least nothing really important. It was revolving around jealous LJY and LSY and KMS meetings. I still don't like LSY. Every time he is with KMS it looks like he is just gathering story for a book. It's all so fake and cold. He must be delusional if he thinks that KMS will be his girlfriend. She is always uncomfortable around him. Does he really believe that he was kidnapped or does he just fool everyone around him?


    Sorry..I cut your comment:blush:


    That is what i have been thinking about ...In my opinion he has been fooling everybody since them. The only way to have his parents atention and to avoid his responsability for what he did to his junger brother. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, MrsSoJiSub said:

    @dramaninja I think you know something I don't know and I'm soooo tempted to ask but will resist. Just based off the drama how is SJ selfish? He's a world renowned writer who seemingly made it all on his own (some what because I'm sure he benefited from the privilege of wealthy) without help from his parents other than being born rich that is. For now, he seems to enjoy he artist life and hasn't come back to be too much of a throne in YJ's side. He's not after the company or anything. He seemings to want the same love that is showered on YJ by his parents, sprayed on him too, and he seems to just want YJ to also love and respect him. I think SJ views himself as the black sheep in his family (and he's probably not wrong in that respect.


    From personal experience it's not fun growing up with someone really really smart and capable -yes it's not their fault-. who no matter how hard you try, you can never catch up, but are allllwaaays compare to. SJ's probably been compared to YJ his whole life and seeing as he's the older -so therefore was suppose to be the one who takes over the family business etc etc- heard a lot of "why can't you be as good as your brother? You're older than him but look how smart and handsome and etc etc etc he is."- was expected to take over the family business but obviously did not. The boy has and inferiority complex. Even though he is successful writer, he views himself as a failure because he never met the expectations his drama family, which is being the leader/head of the house hold of the family (after his father that is).


    SJ as the eldest son was suppose to be the one his parents could rely on/hand the family business to. Instead that all fell to YJ and as a result in drama society's eyes, despite his success SJ is a failure. His whole demeanor changes when talks turn to the family business because of this. YJ is aware of this and used it to hurt him, just as SJ unknowingly (or knowingly?) uses the past and Mi So to get at YJ. Again I don't see a good or bad between the two brothers. I see two men who were both traumatized and broken by the same tragedy of a day. That tragedy has damaged their relationship (though it can be argued that SJ's younger treatment of YJ had already begun that path of destruction) and hopefully by the end they are able to repair it (and their personal lives). I don't see the selfishness in SJ because hasn't done anything selfish...? 


    What action has he done that you see as selfish? He came home? But Korea is his birth place maybe he felt healed and ready from his trauma and wanted to come home. The house is his parents home. He has every right to be there as much as YJ. I don't see anything selfish there. The art gallery book signing? That was attention seeking (YJ look at me LOL) and somewhat using of Mi So (he knows YJ is going to bothered by them working together whether he YJ admits it or not), but she asked.  And it's his family's company. What's the harm in helping out and if it's petty and happens to get to YJ *wink shrugs* it's part of the game the two brothers are playing. Wanting equal love and attention from your parents isn't selfish (parents aren't suppose to have a favorite child :p). Wanting to have a good or better relationship with your brother isn't selfish. You perhaps know something I don't cause SJ hasn't been selfish (thus far) a bit cruel and petty? Yes. But so has YJ. Unless YJ let's known why the heck he seems to dislike SJ so much aka tell us what the heck happened all those years ago and why his brother can't say he YJ is inconsiderate; SJ is not in the wrong. From SJ's POV and understanding he was a victim of a kidnapping kind of the result of his brother's negligence (or so he's projecting). Said brother however does not seem sorry or thoughtful or anything about what occurred then and only seems angry and disinterested in him. I too would be puzzled, "why do you hate me so much? Why are you so mad I was kidnapped and ish?" 


    Other than wanting an apology he feels he's owed (both brothers are wrong in that respect imho) and to burry things and to move on, I haven't seen SJ demand or want anything else. He hasn't been selfish....? I can understand YJ's perspective. But it seems we the audience (and YJ) know things that SJ doesn't. Until YJ is willing to open his mouth and tell his brother everything; I don't feel he has much room to stand on in this whole "I don't care about you" thing. If YJ had told SJ and SJ didn't care and was still playing the ultimate victim for personal gains (his career etc) then I get the negative views  and selfishness. But right now that doesn't seem to be what he is doing, so I'm honestly curious (and not in a snarky way but legit way) wondering why so many think he's selfish and a bad guy? 


    I disagree with you

     Despite of the fact SJ is not demanding a position of power in the company it do not means that he is a good person or that he don’t want to be recognized by others witch is normal for someone that has been compared with his smart brother his whole  life.

    I want to make reference about the scene when YJ was at his house with MS after the company games and she was taking care of his hurt foot I had the impression that someone was seeing them from out of the house and later when SY was in his way to JY house and met Mi So by accident, I think he already knew who she was.

    I am not telling he is a horrible person but not a good one. SJ said that he wanted to apologize but every time he is with him he tries to annoy him and I remember he asked YJ if he was afraid he could stole or conquest Mi So, something like that.  

    And yes, SJ Thinks YJ is in debt with him and that’s why he tries to hurt him every time they met. I do not think he is sincere. The only he wants is show to YJ that he can get the girl that he is interested in.

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  10. On 08/06/2018 at 4:00 PM, turtle0217 said:




    I somehow have a feeling that LYJ's hyung is adopted, that's why he doesn't deal with the company and he can be related somehow to KMS..? I have a feeling that when both boys were young, something bad happened and caused them both to have nightmares, because I keep watching the long trailer and seems like the brother is having the same nightmares, too. Also feels like KMS will get entangled with the brother as well. Just a guess. 


    I agree with you, maybe your guessing is ok, because she said in ep 2 that after quitting her job she will have to look for her brother. What brother? A lost one? Maybe the two brother and she are related in some way.


    On 08/06/2018 at 8:51 PM, Dramanoona said:




    PS. The blind date is Park Byung Eun - Sang Goo from Because this is my first life?

     Yesss, i love him since BTIMFL...i hope he can be in the drama for a while and not for a simple cameo.  

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    Finally, I could watch the two episodes. I really liked, I like the main cast too, but I have to say that I hope this will be more than a Handsome man trying to chase a pretty and intelligent woman.

    I like the fact that our heroine is smart enough to put her interests and her happiness first, and is really, good to see a Drama where the girl loves herself and wants to find a lover and built what would be the most important for her (Family).

    My two cents.

    Of course, he really likes her, but he prefers to think that he only wants to keep her by his side only because she is the perfect secretary and is the person that knows him better. I think Kim Mi So likes him and she is aware of it and that’s the reason she wants to quit and be away of him.

    I am not sure, but she talked about finding his brother, maybe I am wrong, but it looks that the PD will be introducing the issues little by little.

    In the preview she was fixing another man´s tie and he looks like crazy, that simple act that has united them for some years and is very intimate at least for him, and her behavior could seem as a betrayal.

    piece of cake

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  12. 15 hours ago, cherryblossomkawai said:

    I think JSM is pretty but some of pictures aren’t good because of the lights. 

    She still has the long extensions. 

    I am thinking is she going to another projet  when she need her hair to be long.


    Actually she will make and special appearance in a movie in 2018. She is supposed to be in the first scene of the movie. It will be a Han Hyo Joo and Kang Dong Won ‘movie

    Of course this is an information that needs to be confirmed.

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