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  1. 1 hour ago, INeedAFan said:



    Did anyone notice JH’s bruises? He didn’t have them when he was in NK. 


    Of course he had the bruises. Remenber when she was at his' father home and he arrived she was alarmed cause his face was hurt and asked him who did it. His father was like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. 

    The Coronel and his men hit him. 

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  2. The last scene was so heart braking. I think is a hir father doing. Dan went to see his father and i am sure she told him about Seri. Maybe he sent those men to take her to SK or to hide her for a while till the can send her to home.  They shot the gun to make him think she is dead and he can forget  her. 


    It could be that in the next weekend we will see her at home 

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  3. 5 hours ago, margerytka said:

    Mthink there was no scene.
    And maybe the drama will end just like an old Korean story about lovers meeting from time to time..  [just like MLFTS)

    Totaly agree, that's the feeling i have about this Drama. They will get together  any time each year but i don't like the idea. Maybe in another country where NKs can go. 

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    I can't understand why are we always focused on bad and negatives comments.  This thread was frozen for many days and now that LJ is coming we are arguing about who is a fake or a true fan. I think all of us that came here since the beginning after seeing them at FIS are happy for them. All of us are happy cause he is back.
    I think is marvelous that KBS has Chosen him to replace her, they know they are a charming couple.
    The important thing is that we know she ends her contract cause of her new project. KBS knows he will be the perfect DJ.:wub:
    Don't spend your energy paying attention to those sad comments. :heart:

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  5. 9 hours ago, edlan17 said:

    I captured some images from the recording session; i will keep the amazon drive link alive for few days for your enjoyment; not sure how else to upload images permanently to the site.





    Thanks for the link. This part took my attention. Maybe a gramar mistake? .... (After she got married)



  6. 13 hours ago, Joonminshipper said:

    Well, I did notice the kitchen in the vlog with “26” stools is different from her mum’s kitchen. Also she had a coffee machine in the earlier V logs as she loved iced americano but she was making coffee from a packet in the V log with the “26” stools. So it could be another part of her Mum’s house that was not featured in earlier vlogs, or her own place if she has got it or........JOONIE’s House! Yay!!!!


    Or Mother in law hause:wub:

  7. On 11/1/2019 at 4:28 AM, irisariadne said:





    Some people said that this is 26 stool in Somin new house (im not sure its her house or family house). I thought the same thing too. Maybe yes or maybe no , but i dont care. Afterall they are real couple and this is shipper thread. So ,its 50%-50%. Its not like crazy stupid Se****in shipper, from bracelet, to ring to S word - (S for single seriously???):blink:





    That's a Diferent house. One of her Videos in her Vlog were filmed in that house  and is  a diferent one, definitely isn't her parents's house. I saw it and noticed those stool  too. And is not crazy stupid, even the only dog at  her parents's  is Modu, the black dog. I was so excted. 

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  8. 8 minutes ago, elan1 said:

    I just started watching this amazing show. I have a question, does the main female retain her sassy nature throughout the show so far or does she become weak and need the male lead to constantly save her? I get burnt out by shows where the main female lead is strong in the beginning and then later on act weaker than a tissue paper in water and more clueless than a new born deer haha


    Episode 1 & 2 was super good. I just love her. SH is the best party crasher! She's the grace to the grace-less family hahaha 


    I don't think it will happens...So Khe Is going to be a fighter  till the end. This show is in ep 14 and she has become stronger each episode. . 

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  9. 2 hours ago, mylovekge said:


    Goooosh. Possible!!! But makes me wonder why the flashbacks were of SH and her grandfather, could it be that her grandfather is her real dad? LOL okay, im exaggerating. :joy: but OMG!!!!!

     That's what i think...That's why she would be the CEO of MC . That's why they killed her mother in order to hide that secret . Ms. Han already knew about it. 

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