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  1. @bedifferent You are right that the note/certificate has the Emperor of Korea's name and seal in it which means anyone who has the note can sell the information to the right person which is what Logan Taylor plan to do with the certificate by selling the information to Japan before he was killed...that could be what Lee Wan Ik means that anyone who has possession of the certificate can have monetary gain if they sell them to Japan or Russia or U.S. But for the Righteous Army, how can they encash it??? I mean they wouldn't want to sell that information to Japan so maybe there is a way to encash it by maybe pretending to be a representative of Korea seeing as the Emperor could not in any way say it was stolen since the slush fund was supposed to be a secret...
  2. Hmmm... the director has not done his job so clearly then because the audience did not get the same meaning for the last scene... as for me I went and watched the scene again and I still stand by what I think which is that we are shown what each one is hoping for with Ae Shin... Seeing as the show has kind of got me used to thinking that Eugene is the main lead then it goes to show that the drama is showing us Eugene's hope first.... This is how I looked at the last scene... The scene of Eugene in America glimpsing Ae Shin, then he smiled and followed her then cut to Eugene's face which tells me that was Eugene's hope.... then Dong Mae and Ae Shin with Ae Shin giving Dong Mae a token then cut to Dong Mae's face, then Ae Shin holding Hui Seong's head on her lap then cut to Hui Seong's face then the last shot was the three of them in like a mexican stand-off lol... if the last flash of Ae Shin holding Hui Seong's head on her lap was Dong Mae's thoughts then the shot did not have to show Hui Seong's face with the ill-intentions determined face, the shot would have gone immediately to the three in a mexican stand off... that is just my humble opinion and my understanding even after your take and my rewatch ... oh and thanks @Jillia for editing out the pics... im still new at responding like this... i did wonder how to respond or quote though... so thanks about the 100,000 yen, my understanding was since the deposit is a secret slush fund then the one who deposits needs to be anonymous and that only the holder of the certificate can withdraw the money... i could be wrong hehehe
  3. My favorite characters in this drama so far are Ae Shin and Seung Gu and their wonderful Master/Student and Allies relationship. Ae Shin grew up in an already occupied Joseon, not the Joseon that Eugene, Dong Mae and Hui Seong knew... She grew up when slaves, hierarchy and civil service are no longer a thing in Joseon but due to her station in life she had to grew up as one who follows the old system of doing things. You could already see how she is not really happy with her station in life not because she is not grateful to have a good life but because the world is already changing around her and yet here she still need to follow the old way which is to be a Joseon aristocrat lady bound by the rules and dictates of her station and having to just look forward to a future that entails just getting married to another noble and grow his babies and stay at home to be pretty and pampered. She already knew that her parents especially her father and uncle are the kind of aristocrats who joined a secret society whose purpose was to protect and save Joseon from any enemies trying to take away it's right to be a free nation. She knew that her mother was also one of those spies and that a girl/female can also take part in the cause to defend Joseon. And I believe she became determined to do something even more when she encountered Dong Mae and decided to save him. I believe Dong Mae's words of "You are just a noble fool who lives in luxury" have really cut her to the quick and made her feel insulted that her noble intentions are look as if it's nothing because of the station of her birth. It must have made her even more determined to be a secret fighter hence her silent rebellion against what's expected of her by trying to find out more about what is going on with the secret society news and world news so she can see if she do anything to help the cause...The newspaper wasn't just any ordinary newspaper, it was a newspaper called Independence which means it is a newspaper filled with news that could affect the independence of Joseon... When she was discovered by her grandfather and ordered to stop doing what she is doing, she was very clear in saying that "The world/Joseon is changing and that a girl can also do something to help Joseon" and she was very empathic that she would rather die than live as just an aristocrat...she basically told her grandfather that she wants to live like her parents as spies/secret fighter to save Joseon. Not the old Joseon with all it's hierarchies but a free Joseon one that has a right to govern themselves and one that will also make a place for a woman to be something than just a housewife. That is the Joseon that Ae Shin wants to fight for. Enter Seung Gu, the gunner who became her master/teacher in how to defend herself. Seung Gu is a man who has been betrayed by his country, an orphan, a gunner who also is forced to live by the station of his birth. Seung Gu is someone who grew up in the old Joseon with all the hierarchies but after the Battle at Gang Hwa Island and the betrayal of his nation he has seen that he doesn't need to just accept and live as what he was told was the station of his birth. He decided to become a rebel, one who believes Joseon should be free but a Joseon without any of the political richard simmons currently going on in the royal court and with the ministers... He wants to see a Joseon that is free and one who protects and defends its own people and that is what he is really fighting for. When Ae Shin told him that she is not really pro Joseon which she actually means the old Joseon because that Joseon does not do anything for her either because she is a female, but she is pro Seung Gu and his cause, because the truth is Seung Gu's cause is a revolutionary cause and ideal, one that Ae Shin also hopes to see for her country and it's people especially the low borns and the women... That is why I love love love these two characters, they fight for a Joseon that all kinds of people can relate because we all hope to be part of a nation that is free and strong enough to defend itself and also a nation that allows its people to be everything they can be and not limit them. A nation that is not corrupted with greedy officials but filled with government officials who are truly patriotic and will serve the country's people. I really hope Ae Shin and Seung Gu will see a glimpse of the Joseon that they dreamed of... I really hope...
  4. When Ae Shin said "I must save her because one day she could become like me", I could be wrong but the translation could be wrong and was too literal. I felt what Ae Shin meant was "I must save her because one day I would end up in the same situation as her." That one day, She would also be dragged by the Japanese when Joseon is taken over. I felt some translations are not too accurate and one would need to put the words in context first to truly understand the writer's meaning..
  5. I don’t think that was a flashforward that happened with the three of them with Ae shin. I think that was what they wished had happened with Ae Shin. Like Eugene must have wished he met Ae Shin in America, Dong Mae wished he met Ae Shin when he was already a powerful leader and Hui Seong wished he had come back earlier and already was married to Ae Shin. Those were what they hoped for in their minds, not the situation they are in now. Because lets face it all of them are currently in the dog house when it comes to Ae Shin with Eugene again having the advantage because he had saved her yet again from being exposed by shooting himself in the hand and confronting the mad japanese soldier Tsuda. I really hoped that Hui Seong would not go dark by forcing Ae Shin to marry him and using the promise between their families to force Ae Shin’s hand. I really hoped that Ae Shin’s influence to the three men will be for the good and making them more noble and heroic…Although if i get my wish on this then I will end up destroying myself because then they would all die a horrible death trying to save Joseon from being completely conquered by Japan since this is a historical drama and the show is bound to go to that time of Japan completely taking over Joseon huhuhu… But if these three men would change and their motivations would align to Ae Shin’s hope to save Joseon then I will get my wish of all these people teaming up to save Joseon… Maybe the writer can even make this drama a wish fullfillment that would somehow end with Joseon winning rather than losing. I mean this is historical fiction after all, the writer can choose to change the ending from sad to happy… I know the fans have different ships they love for this drama but for me I follow Ae Shin’s choice always because she is a heroine who knows her own mind and who knows what she wants. And so far in this drama, her choice seems to be towards Eugene romantically maybe because even when Eugene keeps on saying he wants to do something for the doom of Joseon, the actions that she has witnessed so far has been to help Joseon since he has been helping her. Any actions that Eugene take to help and protect her was a further help to Joseon that is why Eugene has the advantage than the other two. Although Dong Mae might get his chance in the next episode because he will finally find out her alter ego and obviously he will end up helping her to protect her… Unless he would do something that would end up killing the geisha/rebel girl, then if that happens he can just kiss whatever chance he hopes to have with Ae Shin goodbye because Ae Shin will truly despise him if the girl will not be able to get to safety to Shanghai… Ep 8 will be a crossroads for Dong Mae and I am looking forward to what he will do. Of course my girl,Ae Shin, will continue to be heroic as always just like her parents without any fear for her life. I’m also looking forward to what Eugene might do when he finds out that Ae Shin will try to rescue the girl So A in broad daylight! I hope Eugene will find out and also help the girl So A. I wonder when Hui Seong finds out about Ae Shin’s alter ego…. I hope he really won’t go villainous by forcing Ae Shin to marry but do something heroic to earn him a chance with Ae Shin…please please drama… I want them to all become heroes in this drama… Ae Shin, Eugene, Dong Mae, Hui Seong and Hina…
  6. I have this love/hate relationship to KES's dramas... sometimes it works for me but more often it doesn't... I always get annoyed with her heroines because they usually don't have a lot of agency and is always used as a prize for the male lead... which really annoys me. Also, I hate it when her heroines are just so darn immature and almost borderline stupid so I would despise them which is not how I want to enjoy my kdramas lol. When I start to watch Mr Sunshine, I thought I would just check it out to see if I would like it and also I got curious because I heard this is her first time making a historical drama... Growing up, I devour lots of historical fiction romance novels so I felt this is right up my alley and I will be able to tell immediately if I like it or not. So far, I am loving the story and the characters that she has written... There is not one character in the drama that annoys me...yet. Also, I can actually see a possible series to be made for the world that she has created with the backdrop of the time period that she has chosen... All my favorite Historical novels were usually part of a series.... and somehow this drama is making me remember one particular favorite series called The Disputed Lands Series because that is what Joseon looks like to me in the drama, with lots of warring nations/clans and only the powerful wins. I am already imagining that this drama is the first part of a three or four part series, and that the first part will be all about Eugene and Ae Shin's love story with the other characters still major players and yet later on they will also be lead of their own story in the next part of the series... and as the series goes on with Dong Mae, Hui Seong, Hina also finding their own true love then the culmination will be that they will finally win and Joseon no longer a disputed land but a free nation... I'm already thinking the next part will be Hui Seong's love story with EC and AS, Hina and Dong Mae as supporting characters, then maybe the third/final part will be Dong Mae and Hina ending up together and a defeat of Lee Wan Ik as the ultimate enemy or something... hahaha...Oh by the way, I paired Hui Seong with Ae Shin's cousin lol...And they were able to achieve their freedom and won... all because of these three unions ha ha ha I know it's very cheesy but that is what happen in more ways than one to that historical novel series that I read... how I wish KES would make it like that because I really like all these characters and I want them to team up to protect Joseon...
  7. Episode 6 is really good... my heart is already broken just thinking about the consequences of Eugene's decision huhuhu.... I don't want my queen Lady Ae Shin to be heart broken when she finds out .... I really enjoyed the three men talking and drinking together,,, Hui Seong is so clueless that it is about his fiance that he is disliked lol. Although, I have to agree with one of the poster here that Hui Seong will be unveiled as an undercover freedom fighter. Because if he is really a spy, then it is just too juicy and KES should not pass up the opportunity to give a twist like that. I mean the King/Emperor have already mentioned that they have a man tailing the evil interpreter/traitor Lee Wan Ik and I have a feeling the reason Hui Seong is in Japan so long was because he was assigned to Lee Wan Ik and any schemes of Japan.... But if KES will just choose to make Hui Seong really just a playboy then it will be such a missed opportunity for good storytelling twist... and it would be amazing if Hui Seong is actually the new leader of the freedom fighter group that Ae Shin's parents used to be a part of. I am very sad for Eugene's decision to make his revenge through Ae Shin but I can understand the flow of his thinking, I feel like when he confessed to his friend about his feelings, he was already running scared of those feelings so when he found out who Ae Shin's fiance really is, he grab on that excuse that it is for revenge that he will act out his feelings towards Ae Shin which is very stupid of him since in the end of course he will only be caught in a trap of his very own making... he will soon quickly realize that his feelings for Ae Shin is more powerful than his wanting to get revenge and he will just end up destroying himself as what the preview mentioned... but I am still hoping this will be a happy ending because we already have lots of sad beginnings for our characters that I really hope that in the end AS and EC will have a happy ending... pretty please...
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