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  1. Rain and KTH also. Those who were in private relationships are the happiest. . . Excited for wookie's drama. He is the only reason why I'm still into korean drama/entertainment after all the bs happening there. Lol.
  2. That's true. Especially when the celebrity said on national tv that they don't have any problem at all. That's impossible. Park Bo Gum(SJK bestfriend) were in talk being the third party, for me that's crazy, I dont think it's true, but I saw one knetz said that Park Han Byul and Lee Da Hae was once a good friends but now look who she's dating. Well she has a point on that part. Anyways, I might be a bit late on this one but I also want to commend DH's stylist. Good job girl!!
  3. @samzz and @dolley I was actually waiting for his fans to repost it, normally they are very fast reposting photos that has mr. Softy's face in it. I'm disappointed. But thanks to that anti donghae we know that the narcissist guy at least doesn't want his face to be put down.
  4. @samzz I also read one comment say money earned in korea but trip is in japan. Bc of clan's controversies koreans are now being conscious on where the celebrities spend their money. Speaking about their budget. How's the ticket sale going??
  5. Oh!!! Earlier I saw someone post a selfie with dahae and her boyfriend at incheon airport and tagged them on ig but now it was deleted, for sure someone asked the lady to delete it. But why?? Shy type?? We all know that they are in a long time "PUBLIC" relationship and we also know that they are together in japan (again), so why hide?? Aigoo dahaeshi how can you marry someone who is not proud of you?? Or maybe because he knew that he cannot protect you against public backlash. Soft rice king is so afraid of so many things. Lol. But I wonder who ask the lady to delete it, is it dahae, her boyfriend or her agency or the minions?? maybe they deleted it bc it's not beneficial for them right now, they don't want to verify that he was with dahae in japan after it was out in public that idols go to japan for cleansing. Haha
  6. @samzz @dolley right now I don't know if Dahae excessive display of her collections is out of her love for the brand or her love for the brand ambassador. You know that I also don't like the "show off" kind of person but for DH's case, it's like hitting two bird with one stone so I don't mind. But yes as long as she's with the clan, I will never be at ease. Wonder where she is right now, I hope something exciting will happen.
  7. Look at the difference. Hahaha. I think even bts sell their tickets for 400 pound they wouldn't end up giving it away outside the stadium. Lol Dahae missing her trip oversea. https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5cf8c53c0000000027016208?xhsshare=CopyLink&appuid=5cd041a90000000017015fea&apptime=1559875496
  8. A perfect example of "What goes around comes around." Funny to see how silent they are now, can't boast anything anymore. I love watching them like that. Lol.
  9. @samzz yes, why disregard that one single photo on her Instagram post. Maybe bc xiaohongshu is less accessible from international fans or is it bc the other admin is the one who put it on her ig. Btw. I'm loving Dh's chanel bag collection and how she emphasize it in her every post. Haha.
  10. Wookie in France for chanel and his wearing pink. Now DH update us with her pink Chanel bag. Looks like someone is very updated about someone's activities. https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5cda09ed000000000e0191a2?xhsshare=CopyLink&appuid=5cd041a90000000017015fea&apptime=1557836955
  11. @samzz I want to know how they will address the bigger more sensitive issue..
  12. @samzz As always when something they don't like happens they will dragged and blame us. Hahaha Since we know they are still monitoring us.. I want to say.. "Come here snowflakes, let me give you a hug" - - - Finally cat teacher is in, we're just waiting for one more person (*cody! cough, cough*) and DH's team is complete.
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