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  1. Is it time to get my popcorn again and enjoy watching their game?? Hahahaha
  2. I hope wookie's drama will be on netflix as well.. Fighting wookie..
  3. Oh! so her contract expires without any single project. That's sad. Then why her boss didn't renew her contract? I thought they are bff!...
  4. OMG those eyes. can't wait for wookies new drama.. Hello chingu.. It's been a awhile, but I'm back haha.. I'm still trying to catch up with what's happening here but I guess nothing changes that much, specially about DH's career and life (though it surprises me a bit that they are still together.. Jk). As always, Thank you @samzz ang @dolley for keeping this thread alive and for all the updates . Hope everyone is safe and healthy.
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