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  1. @Annya @apqaria thanks both of u Yeah i miss to see her act.
  2. @Annya you right n i agree with u. Thank u for your explanation. I just want to know about her n just found out about LDH because I have never followed a Korean artist before that's why i ask, even I don't know the scandal about her. Sorry with my question if u not okay
  3. @Annya i want her to be happy n right now she is dating se7en. What do u know about him? Is he good guy? N i also read the news about the massage parlor scandal. is he officially innocent?
  4. @Annya ok i understand now..thanks for your explanation Btw in this thread can i ask about her private life?
  5. Thank u sis Yeah...i hope soon she will get new project n with good story n LM
  6. Hi.......sorry before my english not really good. After watching hotel king n good witch i got LDH faver..... I miss her
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