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  1. i put my money on Bigbang for Artist of the year, Bang-bang-bang as song of the year... Best Male Group!!! Best MV!!! what else??? it's kinda weird but may i put bang bang bang dance as best dance too? hahaha...


    BTS fans do the petition because BTS didnt get nominated in Best Dance... emm... agree, but my VIP heart says "let's bigbang win again" hehe...


    can't wait for MAMA and watching our boys!!






  2. Have just finish ep 5 with eng sub. My fav scene when LBW , MH and Young Bodyguard try to help BY. MH clumsy moment being a warrior, that was funny scene. 

    spark101 thanks for rating info. We only in Ep6 and the rating almost hit 20%, yay exciting. SFD Fighting!


    that was mine too.. it was soo hilarious and i kept laughing bcuz of MH. the actor totally ruined my image about him in The Time I regret Watching it :P kidding, but seriously.. i have no fave actor in this drama actually.. but now.. i started to like them more and more..


    the storyline in this drama is DAEBAK!! LBW is just GENIUS!! SSk's acting is beyond my expectation.. haha.. no offense..


    well deserved for the wise rating. acting, chemistry.. and even for a serious drama, we still get some hilarious moments, haha.. especially LBW, Bodyguard and MH, hahaha.. i want moreee ^^

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  3. You said it right, his character keeps us excited about what mess he's gonna cause! He's forever infuriatingly causing trouble for our OTP. I called it way back when, that Jigs will be the one to tell Tatang Sol about C&L's fake marriage. However, I really hope he doesn't. Their secret marriage was sprung suddenly on Tatang; it'd be so unfair if the two didn't have a chance to come clean on their own the second time around. Hopefully it'd happen after Tatang's health is stable and he's hopelessly in love with his new son-in-law! But this is tv so problably not. 

    @lalalala823 and @KDIK Not too sure on this, so someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Thai word for "Love" also Rak? So there could be a double word play with Axel's Rak's not dead, as in Love's not Dead!! For me that has more meaning to what Axel says, since he says he loves music and women. Heheh. But that's just what I thought. :D

    yups, in Thai, Rak means love. chan rak khun, james na ka.. means i love you, james, lols.. :wub:


    but, agree with Jafstar, it could mean : love never dies.. could it be? :D

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  4. I'm so in love with this teleserye! I'm a K-Poper specifically BB WG bias and a JaDine fan! I'm so happy about the reviews about this serye! First time fanatic on a PHDrama even if i'm a filipino! :wub:

    So excited for the next episodes! And it's extended till Valentines 2016! :D

    what??? till next year?? and february??? well.. *inhale-exhale* really? until they have some children?? i love this drama so much, but.. emm.. until valentines means 4 weeks x 4 month x 5 episodes in a week = 80 episodes??? yeah around 70-80 episodes? heol.


    BB? bigbang?? hello my fellow VIP haha :D

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  5. Hello @KDIK and of course, this goes out to the rest of our non-Filipino-speaking friends here.

    I don't have enough time to translate the entire article, but I can go with transcripts and summaries of the paragraphs (translating only OTWOL related stuff). From this interview http://www.pep.ph/guide/tv/20872/otwol-director-bata-kasi-ang-kathniel-samantalang-sina-james-reid-at-nadine-lustre-kasi-puwedeng-maghalikan-na

    Director reveals secret behind On the Wings of Love's success

    Basically an interview with Director Jojo Saguin, who shares directing credits with Antoinette Jadaone. He believes the secret is in the story (of OTWOL). 

    He said, "I think, aside from the giddy feelings that James and Nadine give fans, I can say it's really the story. Because the story of the OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) made a mark in people. The way they work hard in another country just to give a good life to their families; they sacrifice everything just so they could send back whatever to their families."

    "Like you saw that there was an issue about the balikbayan box (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/balikbayan-box?q=balikbayan+box - recently had a controversy with Philippines' Customs Offices) and Cherry Pie (who plays Tita Jack) about being an OFW, that Leah has the heart of an OFW."

    "And it's imperative in every episode, we have to have at least two scenes to excite fans." ("Excite" is mild - the word he used is kilig - there's no direct translation, but it's the giddy-happy-butterflies-in-the-stomach-excited-tingly feeling we get when we fall in love.)

    Direk Jojo admitted that they did not expect that the fan reception to the TV series would be this strong. He said that he knew JaDine [James and Nadine] has a fan base, "but it's also different...because it's not just the youth who patronize it. Even mature audiences, like teachers, they appreciate the show."

    Some related points from the rest of the interview

    - OTWOL was conceptualized just for JaDine, which is their first full-length series for the network

    - Direk Jojo thinks it wouldn't have been as warmly received if JaDine weren't playing the lead characters. According to him, they have a different vibe, and that they are of age to kiss (I suppose he means to kiss properly onscreen. The Philippines is still relatively conservative about underage kissing and such.) 

    - They are reported to be extended until January, but he doesn't know for sure. 

    - On Albie and Jigs - They tease Albie that he might be in trouble when he goes out because of all the annoyance people have for Jigs coming between Leah and Clark. "But Jigs has a lot of deep-seated hurt. His mother left him, and he grew up with his grandmother. But he has a softer side and we will need to show that he has a heart too. So stay tuned for the development of Albie's character, if he will continue to come between Clark and Leah. Will he continue to pursue Leah or what? Stay tuned for that."

    - Stay tuned for Clark's old-fashioned courtship, how he will try to win Mang Sol's heart, and also how to get the tenement community to accept him. Clark will experience how courtship is in the old Filipino tradition of panunuyo. (Panunuyo is really old. I don't think it was even practiced in my parents' generation, when they were courting. It's basically the gentleman paying service to the lady's family to prove his worth as a life partner.)


    thank you for the translation :)

    Another thing that makes this drama successful is their 'down-to-earth' storyline. it reaches every single heart of people everywhere. Between two young-simple-ordinary couple who falls in love with each other by time. there's no RICH-POOR couple, something that commonly happen in drama land. Their ordinary family, the interaction between people around them.. their environment.. something that easy to understand, easy to feel and easy to see. it happens around us. since im living in a country which is almost having the same culture with filipino, it easily gets my heart. the social relationship, how people are still conservative even some are more openly right now.. but the value is still there and described well in this OTWOL story.


    the problem in this drama also so down-to-earth.. not like in many dramas, haha.. something that fresh and acceptable.. no perfect rich guy with good career, handsome face and many women around him, haha.. or girl is poor but has a new edition of Samsung/Iphone haha.. kidding, but seriously.. i really like everything in this story,. except the 'extras' in this drama.. some people are the ones in hotel, in the street and even in airport, haha.. but overall, otwol is really good, worth watching and healthy for my eyes --- james is getting hawt and hawt.. ah.. noona cant handle this feeling :P


    as always, thanks everyone for sharing the pics and videos and opinions, really really really like it :D

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  6. @bewitch05_stv OTWOL has been an addicting show right from the start! While my best-friend has found a new love of KPop, I'm all invested in this. Lol. Can you imagine our conversations?! "So on today with OTWOL..." "Wait! Check out this BTS video!!!!!! Isn't JiMin cute?!" .....:sweatingbullets: "Sure, their music is awesome! But back to OTWOL..." Heheh. We have fun. :D

    I agree whole heartedly with you @KDIK. This forum is the thing that feeds my addiction. I'm so grateful that @xiashenghan started this place for us to put out our word mush and deep feels, and am happy for everyone's contributions. The in-depth analysis really feels like we're all apart of a book-club, getting to the heart of things. 

    Looking forward to Mang Sol meeting his new relative! ;) And will Leah tell her father that mom is alive? How soon after learning about Clark? Can't wait to see Clark "serving" the family! 

    this is what happened to me as well. my friend is soooooo into iKON and cant stop talking about them. while me, im watching many dramas, Chinese Nirvana In Fire, FIlipino OTWOL and Korean Twenty again. I showed her the preview i got from here, i remember it was preview for coming back home to Philippines.. and she screamed "OH MY GOD, HE'S SO HAWT, WHO'S THAT DUDE?" and i laughed so hard. to switch my friends' attention from kpop or kdrama, my way is to show James' videos! whatsoever. haha.. (but Jimin of BTS is cute tho! haha)


    Sooo thank you everyone here, your pics and videos help me to persuade my friends to watch this, haha.


    totally agree with @KDIK. and @Jafstar im so grateful to @xiashenghan and everyone here to their contributions. i might not really post anything, but i always drop by to find some new comments :)


    they are going back to Philippines, comeback homeeeeee.. come baby come come baby :D

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  7. @summerbluebreeze Oh no.  Not the amnesia thing please!  I don't know but I swear I despise that kind of twist.  It sucks big time when one of the lead characters suffer from memory loss.   I hope they would be wise enough not to ruin the plot.  Fingers crossed!  :)

    i really hate that amnesia thing. oh please noooo. for drama sake and the heart of ours... i cant imagine it. or if this happens, please dont be like Meteor Garden 2. Even one of them forget one another, but the heart wants what it wants, right? so producer and writer-nim.. pleaseeeee...


    @Jafstar thank you for posting those pics. really nice. btw, have you watched ep 36-40???

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  8. I had to share this cute image :D


    Hidden Content

    thank you and i laughed hard. lols. but yeah, this jiggs seriously got on my last nerve. if i were Leah, i would say everything on my mind.. "GET A LIVE JIGGS AND PLEASE BE MATURE!" haha.. but Leah is too nice.. she considers Tita Jack's feeling.. aiyoo... drama.


    btw, thank you for the recap @ranxie you're the best! really! enjoyed it super much.. ^^ and also too all people here.. the pics and videos are really nice.. thank you :)

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  9. their selca



    i just cant hate Jiggs in this pic, lols. it looks like he's already happy for them, haha.. so based on this pic, we can guarantee that leah will end up with our clark. :P

    finally watched ep 35 and Jiggs, seriously got on my last nerve. huft.

    btw, for last week episodes, honestly, the story got a lil slow yet i still enjoyed their 'interest' to each other, and thank God, ep 35 was pretty good and i cant wait to watch other episodes, the preview was so good.. finally leah and clark would tell what their hearts want :wub:

  10. Can anyone tell me what's happening to DC? i mean i checked ep 29 and 30 and they were cut to 6 minutes!! Yesterday i was able to watch the entire episodes. What happened?? Gosh i hope they upload the full eps soon! i think its not ABS coz they havent mentioned anything about taking down vieos again, i think they are okay with it now. But I read earlier in a blog that some korean sites are trying to sabotage by deleting some filipino shows when they become popular and when i saw that i thought he was some kind of bogus writer so i didnt really believe it and i am hoping and praying its not true and there's just a technical problem.

    Have you tried reporting it? I opened their site as well and had the same issue. Sabotage? Seriously? If that's true, what do they gain? Hopefully DC will repair asap.

    guys, i did reported it, and they changed it, i dunno if it turned bad again.. hiikkzz.. ottohke.. but ep 31 is now available.. grab fast :D since we dont know what will happen to DC.. lately, they love to change here and there, sometimes we dont get the download link :( sooo need to check it every single hour haha


    sabotage?? really??

    korean dramas already have their LARGE fandom.. larger than other dramas such as Chinese or Japanese.. and they get their super HARDCORE fans.. sigh.. i hope that news isnt true.. im myself is a kdrama viewer. hope it's technically error and they will provide the good quality videos :) but try reporting it.. i did some times and they quickly response :D

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  11. Screencaps for todays episode from Dreamscape #OTWOLFantasy (I'm putting it in spoiler tags because a certain picture is triggering - violence [just a heads up] & also for those who don't want to know what's coming up) :-


    Hidden Content

    - I just have to say this. I hate the tiara & Clark's suit looks fugly to me lol


    Ooohh. I really think leah's mom married for a green card then things went downhill from there. Like maybe she married a psycho :o

    First thanks to @KDIK those spoilers aahh, love it. you're awesome :)


    MTE @lalalala823 after seeing the 1st pic. that answered why she seemed so scared when a man came to her home and asked her about being the same person with someone in the pic. and his expression.. omo.. he's such a psycho..


    and, is the pic with t-ara and suit thing only their fantasy?? cuz i wish it's reality.. emm.. i think, they look good with dress and suit like that.. or.. am i being super biased now?? haha..

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  12. Hey, I've got a request: would anyone be able and willing to translate just C&L's scenes from episode 30? DC hasn't come out with subs yet and not sure when they will. I really want to know what they said during the campfire and outside the bathroom. 

    Or anyone know of a blogger recapping? 

    DC already has the engsub 29-30. but i wonder, no download link.. i tried dramanice, just the same :(


    anyone know how to download it? thank you :)

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  13. my question is, can she leave america after getting green card? i mean, just after some months... while she's already an american.. she's no longer filipinos, right? im just curious.. :D


    her mom.. her 'leaving family' issue is now so mysterious.. it will be damn hurt for Leah if she knows that her mom leaving them for 'new life', since she has a perfect figure mom in her mind.. with Jiggs coming, i just hope he wont give her any other 'problem' to figure out, and she's struggling with her feeling towards clark.. sigh. with so many things happen around her, i hope clark will stand by her side no matter what..:wub:


    ps : finally, i successfully persuaded my friends to watch it, haha.. even they said "what, 100 episodes?" but still, they watched it, now they're on ep 13 or 14 haha.. happy happy happy. and they even came here to get some spoilers lols.. yokatta ^^


    THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR PICS, VIDEOS AND COMMENTS!! glad to get some spoilers, im so weird haha :)


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  14. oh my Goodness.. thank you everyone for the recap, spoiler, youtube channel, pics.. oh my!!! im super curious, but DC hasnt release engsub for ep 28, still cant download.. and ep 28 was such a honey bunny puppy sweety kinda kissing and... we'll get other kisses later? why i feel so happy here.. it's like me who Clark kiseed non-stop hahaha.. *blushing*


    with jiggs finally got the visa... and come to US, ah.. i dont want any title #OTWLWeddingEnds or else.. just give us many many lovey dovey moments.. i like clark. he shows his love in a good way.. neither forcing Leah with his 'love' but also not slow in showing it.. ah Clark, you make ate feel so jealous now :P


    But, what's so happening with her mom? i watched ep 27 last night and she's alive.. amnesia? cuz his hubby looks 'weird'.. :rolleyes:

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  15. Hello everyone,

    Thanks to this topic, I was currious and tried to watch it.

    I have to say, I really enjoy this series, just finished 9 episodes and will catch up with the rest very soon.

    Also I really want to promote this show for our friends Vietnamese members, so we are thinking about doing Vietsub for the show. May I ask where can I have raw links with the best quality?

    Very cute drama, I love it.

    many of us coming from south asia.. i wonder if there's any from east asia, or other country in asia or perhaps, US??? anyone?? :D


    i think viki has it.. try to download from viki cuz they didnt put hard-sub.. but, you should ask the moderator in there.. ask for licensing.. i think so.. :)


    btw, the approve kiss and their reaction??? im super curious.. please please please update and recap :) thank you everyone.. like seriously, this thread full of spoilers and i love it super much :wub:

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  16. Omg, I'm so happy you guys liked my post *blush blush* Thank you for linking it as well~~ I don't really write much when it comes to shows (I just lay in bed and roll), so people liking it means a lot to me <3333

    Ok, so I secretly watched the Sept 15th (today's) episode at work, but I watched it without sound, so I could only read lips+look at actions, so my recap isn't that good... it's like... a rough summary (and it's mostly of the Jadine parts). Also, I'm writing from memory, because I can't watch and write (sorry T_T) But still, I am putting it on here for the eager beavers XD

    Hidden Content

    i know you'll come here @Nutellla :) 

    i used different name so you might dont know me, YUI! but why you skipped tita jack and jiggs scenes? haha.. dislike him that much, huh? :P


    I'd love to see Leah's reaction to the two men in her home topless. :w00t: I picture her coming home with another big gulp cup, sees Jigs-ignores, sees Clark and 'slurrrrrrrrp. Slurrrrpp!! Slurrrrrrrrrrrrrp!!!' Hmmm. Can you picture it? Hahaha. Oh yeah! Pretty sure Clark already understands her thoughts when she does that. Poor Jigs already lost the battle. (One more thought: where will Jigs sleep? Sofa or couch bed with Clark? Haha. I figure he'll freak out if he sees Leah sleeping next to Clark! Oh man, the many senerios we could see if he arrives.)

    MTE @Jafstar now my hope is getting high about this jiggs with that new cast.. uh.. we dont need any 'drama' anymore, this love triangle is enough.. at least not now :D

    and about Leah's mom.. im afraid that she did something wrong like killing somebody or emm.. selling drugs... you know, that's why she needs to 'lost contact' with her family in order to save them?? emm.. is it possible? hehe

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  17. i read this, nutella from avirtualvoyage made this recommendation.. and im glad so many people watching this drama :)


    @lalalala823 it's only 2 weeks shooting in US? heol. sooo, even after leah gets her green card, she and clark will comeback to filipino? i mean, in this story, it sounds like American dream.. 2weeks was too short, i wonder how they organize the scenes in US. wow.

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  18. Can we talk about how they've had to tone down Bianca Manalo's beauty !. I didn't know she used to be a Beauty Pageant winner and represented the Philippines at Miss Universe in 2009. I LOVE TIFFANY !! I wish she'd come to the States, so we can see more of her and Leah together.

     wah, not many beaty pageant wants to 'ruin' their image like Tiffany! i like her acting too.. especially when she asked anne to come to his dad's concert.. it was so heartbreaking..

    daebak.. i also like the bond of this sister and how realistic their relationship.


    @ranxie pleaseee keep commenting like that cuz it was so cute and my reaction was the same lols


    but i remember one thing about jigss, at first i thought he was just being childish.. he didnt want to break up cuz she was the one who left, but when he told his mom about leah, i knew that he loves her. emm.. but does he work??? i havent seen him go working or being at office, anyone can tell me? :)

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    Hidden Content

    cute!!! they'll do a Nae- Nae pizza dance together on next ep.. wiiiwww!!

    oh my Goodness.. @ranxie oh, like seriously, salamat po!!! it was sooo cute reading your recap and how you commented on it, haha.. yups, i couldnt imagine if i were Leah... i would definitely fly to moon and didnt want to go back to earth lols.. he's sooooo cute and lovely to his wifey.. WHERE TO FIND A MAN LIKE THIS?? MANILA?? USA?? lols..


    pardon me to watch so many dramas, so only 2 ideas came to my mind after leah 'met' her mom, 1) she got amnesia - it happened in most of dramas i've watched. car accident, the friend who saw that thought she was dead, called her family, but in fact, someone helped her and she found 'new family' without remembering the one she left behind. 2) she's tired of being poor so.. but the 2nd one is kinda harsh for her since she looks like a good mom and wifey. but who knows..

    i wish the producer will give us some clues about the mom.. and skip some jiggs' scenes cuz i dont really like seeing him with his buddy. better with his mom :)

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  20. So far this drama is really good,  but it 20 episodes and it very similar to Taiwan drama Fierce Wife which I thought was good the first 7 episodes then it become garbage.  I do hope this drama have a different faith, I love the wife she so sweet and caring to bad she about find out how cruel life can be.  Everyone is doing a great job acting and display emotion without words...

    in fierce wife, the cousin is the bit*h, right? but here, the best friend, correct?

    but.. is this drama worth watching? i read the synopsis and.. emm.. betraying, affair.. just not my cup of tea.. but curious about this one :)

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  21. The first girl was replaced by this new one. I got to admit, she's stunning! She will be joining On The Wings Of Love. Dont know what her character is yet.

    Oh no. I'm scared for Leah.

    Or maybe the 2nd lead will meet & fall for Jiggs if he joins Clark & Leah in the U.S. (Ok, I'm stretching it a tad, but I'm so not ready for an interloper.) And one who's really beautiful! Yikes. 

    Thanks for the update.

    i do hope so cuz im not ready for the 3rd person, 4th or else.. i just want the lovey dovey scene with JaDine..


    amen @Jafstar let's hope so.. so far, this OTWOF seems like a fairy tale to me instead of a drama, but after seeing that pic, ah.. here it comes, the troubles :(

    :Dthanks for updating @colcolyn1958_stv

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  22. @SuperNastar Hi, are you from Thailand? It's nice to know you also find James handsome. He's really hot, and talented too, he's a good singer & can dance btw, also nominated in MTV Europe SE Act. For a while I thought, Asians would go for more Asian features like the famous actors from S.Korea such as Lee Min Ho or Kim Soo Hyun or Kim Woo Bin. But me personally, I like Ji Chang Wook, he may not be that famous like them for now, but the guy is soulful, hardworking, really good actor and charismatic as well. Also JCW agency seems not that powerful in SK, so he's not given enough exposure I guess.

    Here some videos for you: James performance during his birthday production in one variety show from Philippines, James Filipino MV, and James audio English song. Enjoy, then!

    no, im not from thai :) but im a sounthasian myself and i prefer southasian features ^^

    i like kim soo hyun, kim woobin, ji chang wook also (but not so into lee min ho, and i dunno why haha).. talking about ji chang wook, i followed his career since his first drama veggie thing but i found him adorable in Empress Ki and i found him super adorable in Healer. yups, but he started to get popular and more popular overseas.. especially in mainland and im glad he did well so far.


    i watched Anne Curtis's program, F word loud out or something i forget, hehe.. i like it..


    salamat para sa videos @QueenKB17 :D

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