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  1. Edited: looks like the IG post I shared here has been deleted, I don't think that person was supposed to share it. For those wondering what it was, it was just couple pics of MDS - SJH for the film Raging Bull. - No news yet on the Kdrama front with Jihyo. I'm seeing so many new drama's be announced and god I wish she were a part of those projects instead of the KBS one.
  2. From what I understood through google translate, I think it's just a list compiled of actors/actresses who even celebrities admire because for Jihyo's part they mention how YJS had once said she was the prettiest actress his met & also Twice with that recent clip of them talking about hoe beautiful she is. I love that she's included in a list among all those stars.
  3. If the male leads changes then I'm 100% on-board but if it stays with PSH then I can't watch or stomach the idea that SJH is going to be romanced on-screen by him. Lord knows I've been waiting for a proper rom-com to pop up for her but not at the cost of working with men like him.
  4. I'm going to wait until news comes out confirming whether or not Jihyo will be doing Lovely, Horribly (or whatever it's called) but I will briefly say this, if the male lead is PSH then I will not be watching. Outside of that I was looking at the relationship Jihyo has with KBS and to be frank the two drama's she's done with them were not good, when it comes to public broadcast stations her track record with MBC is better. I'm kind of surprised SBS hasn't offered her anything, I personally prefer them slightly over the other two when it comes to drama's. IDK, I wish she'd just stick to cable because that genuinely seems to be where it's at, at the moment when it comes to decent content.
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