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  1. I loved the first episode! I'm always looking forward to Kim Myung Min's dramas, and this pilot did not disappoint. Hope it only gets better. The cast is doing an amazing job as expected. I'm one in the minority that actually liked the shaky camerawork as Yang Jong Hoon was walking through the school/crime scene. I thought it had a cool effect, lol. I can see why it would put people off though. Kim Myung Min creates yet another memorable character. Most of his roles are kind of "cool" characters, but the distinction he makes between them is just sublime. As always, a wonderfully nuanced and masterful performance. And even as an avid watcher of his works, I still marvel at how amazing his voice (and diction!) is. Jtbc is jsut having hit and hit veteran performances, earlier being the fantastic Shin Ha Kyun in Beyond Evil of course. 

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  2. Honestly, I feel like this cast could hold up a mediocre script(knock on wood!). I was thrilled to see Lee David in this drama when the 2nd poster came out. And it's nice to see Lee Chun Hee after a long time. Like @jongski, I'm also excited for Undercover (Jin Jin Hee plus Kim Hyun Joo...enough said). Jtbc is on a roll with these casts/dramas. 

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  3. On 1/12/2021 at 12:47 PM, jongski said:

    He's cutie. He Looks young. I just found out he's 31. How old was he when he did BoF?  Jilliia thanks for the updates. I haven't seen him in drama for long time. Last was Padam Padam and TWTWB.

    He was only 19 when BOF aired actually, lol (early 2009 before his birthday). He debuted pretty young for someone who wasn't a child actor - of course, who could forget his start with high kick. 

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  4. Any drama with Kim Myung Min, I'm on board. I highly recommend anyone who isn't familiar with him to give his dramas a try. Nice to see Ryu Hye Young in a major role. Like others have said, it almost seems like sung bora's story continues with this drama, lol. I've always had a soft spot for Kim Bum, and of course Lee Jung Eun is always great. Never watched Go Yoon Jung before, but I've heard nothing but great things about the Sweet Home cast so I'm looking forward to her as well. Looking forward to seeing more info/promo. 

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  5. Unfortunately, crappy working conditions aren't anything new. Hope studio dragon gets their richard simmons together and starts treating their staff decently. 

    AND I HATE THE NEW ENGLISH TITLE. Like what kind of funny romanization is that? So jarring since it's pronounced aseudal in korean, was called asadal in english, and then changed to arthdal? lol. I don't even... 


    Negativity aside, kim young hyun drama at long last! And song joong ki in a kim young hyun sageuk! I am still convinced his role as young sejong in TWDR was his best performance yet. 

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  6. Late, but wow, Heo Jung Eun! Loved her in 100 days husband. She's probably the top child actress right now, after being in ratings hits mr sunshine and 100 days, and now this(which is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit with this writing team). Anyways, I suppose she and the other child actors have started filming by now as it's october. 


    I'm not sure of the multiple seasons format, but i guess better to plan it out beforehand than later deciding to add sequels after the drama airs and becomes a hit? I don't know if I like this, but this is the only writing team I'd trust with this, lol. 


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  7. Just finished the 6th episode! Uh, wow. That was amazing. Let me just start off, I love the supporting actors- I notice them as much as the leads especially in Kim Young Hyun's works; the characters are so well written and acted. Park Hyuk Kwon, Jun No Min, Han Sang Jin, etc... all have been great to watch. Love the scene between Hong In Bang and Yi Bang Won. Even before SSK's major improvement in the girl who sees smells, by far her best performances were in writer Kim's works and I love that she is stepping it up another level. Great to see someone improve like she has. I absolutely cannot wait for next week. Our top dragons, Yi Seong Gye and Jung Do Jeon are back! The teaser looks great. Oh, and the music- I love it all! Definitely adds to the moment.

    Oh yeah, and I have to add to the YAI praise- he is far more than a "trend" - his acting is one of the best in his age group(along with SJK- funny how they were both in Kim Young Hyun's dramas! She has an eye for special young talent, no?) and it wouldn't be undeserving for him to take both movie and tv male actor awards(with Hwang Jung Min and Kim Myung Min taking the movie and t.v. daesang, respectively. One can hope.). I can really see his passion whether he's acting or not, and he's so versatile. Has anyone else seen The man who can't get married? Such a different look and character. And working with all these top level senior actors(Hwang Jung Min, Song Kang Ho, Kim Myung Min) is great experience. 

    Sorry for the rant- just wanted to let it out. :D

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  8. Wow the powerful, beautiful Jung Yumi will play Yeon Hee i just saw in dramawiki.   I dont like she is the wife of Jung De Jeon at all, she was tiny kid when he was middle age.  Hope she ends up with Bang Ji.  Becoming a political wife to a powerful, scholar politician i hope is not her ending.

    i hope that she did choose it and was not forced 

    i think the helplessness she felf when raped 

    and of course it went without punishment for the culprit made her want to follow JDJ ideals of a nation ruled by scholars and Confucius ideals instead of monarchs

    and she is figting for the better future of other young girls like she was 

    Well, I don't think the age difference is a big deal considering it was a long time ago. I think the relationship is not really that of a typical couple/romantic kind, but more like she looks up to him as a mentor/teacher. (and then LBJ saves yeon hee instead of JDJ and... yeah.)

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  9. I loved hearing your thoughts on the drama, @chasen8888 . Thanks for sharing. I also just wanted to share a comment by "Joanna" that was posted on dramabean's recap of the fourth episode because it was also so well put:

    " Yes, the rape is horrific. So is the murder of her brother (which nobody seems to be talking about).
    But, folks, the rape is not just there to shape the boy. Isn’t the girl also a character? Doesn’t she have her own story? How will it shape HER? Let’s not forget her, please!

    Also horrific, to me, is the idea that a helpless boy should feel so guilty that he didn’t commit suicide by trying to stop the rape (because that’s what it would have been) that he decides to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff! Also horrific: carving words on the forehead of a young man, and driving him to suicide. So is terrorizing and humiliating a young boy (Bang Won) with the same threat, and then rolling him up in a mat and beating him bloody. So is the torture that is inflicted on the teachers. Plenty of horrific acts to go around, and yes, we are being asked to examine how these shape all the characters, not just Bang Ji.

    In every episode, characters are confronted with acts of cruelty, and have to choose if they will sacrifice themselves, or try to survive, even if survival seems cowardly. In one scene with the other students, Bang Won reminded us that all this is not the fault of the victims, but of the victimizers. But we are also faced with what we think of the murders he commits. He murdered three really evil guys. Does that make it OK? Ddang Sae could have done the same to the rapist, but he couldn’t murder a man in front of his family. Does that make him a failure, as he thinks? Lots of parallels, no?

    Good, evil, justice: how to understand what is right and wrong in such desperate times? One of the more difficult scenes for me was when the soldiers beat the crowd while the scholars how had inspired their rebellion were forced to look on helplessly. How does a leader urge action he knows will result in such violence? yet how could we not want the people to resist this tyranny?

    I don’t know much Korean history, so I don’t know how the story of the foundation of Joseon has been taught in schools, but clearly the audience is being asked to think beyond more simplistic ideas of good guys/bad guys. "

    source: http://www.dramabeans.com/2015/10/six-flying-dragons-episode-4/ (comment 24)


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  10. I  just want to ask if only me who obsessed about Gil Tae mi or Not ?!


    I can't take him out of my mind .. he has a powerful charisma and with his eyes makeup I can't say anything except
    " gorgeous "

    so far, he is the only character who attracted me .. and I wish he will continue appearing until the end of the drama


    and because I am more than obsessed about him I've made some GIF's















    I will make more and more for my most favorite character :D


    should I go to a doctor for treatment ?! or it is normally for everyone who watches this drama ?





    -the beginning of ep03-  the scene when he was torturing Jung Do Jeon was DAEBAK

    I wish he will win the grand prize ( DAESANG ) in the drama awards festival :'( :'(


    Oh, you are far from the only one. He has become quite the sensation in Korea, with his personality, mannerisms, and makeup in particular, haha. Park Hyuk kwon is amazing, especially considering the roles and projects he's taken on even in just this year- Punch, Unkind Women, etc... all successful. His acting is spectacular, to state the obvious, but I don't think his character is "big" enough of a role to be a daesang candidate, unfortunately, but our Jung Do Jeon/KMM isn't too shabby of a potential daesang winner, no? ;) 

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  11. I gotta say, young Muhyul is good looking. :D Wish he had more parts!

    Anyways ratings for Tuesday's episode:

    nationwide - 13%

    seoul - 13.7%

    solid increase. not bad for an episode that ended with only 10 minutes of the older counterparts to spare. :) With this last childhood episode, I expect the plot will be even more engaging, and ratings will inevitably increase, as Kim Young Hyun's dramas do, haha. Every episode is getting better. I can't watch right now (tests and classes), but I can't wait to marathon it over break!


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  12. Ratings! 

    AGB Nielsen

    nationwide - 11.6%

    seoul - 12.9%

    This third episode really got the ball rolling, so I'm not bothered by the decrease. I believe the appearance of the older counterparts will increase interest not so much because of name value/star power, but because it means the story is really moving forward. Especially in a 50 episode drama, the first few weeks aren't really telling in how the ratings will play out throughout the series. As young Bang Won says at the end, it's just the beginning!

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  13. Finally got around to watching the episode. Oh my. The last 20(?) minutes are brilliant. I could not tear my eyes away the minute Jeong Do Jeon appeared at Jang Pyung Gate (장평문 I believe- fellow Korean speakers, please correct me if I caught that wrong). I went from laughing at the yeot scene to staring slack-jawed and tearing up(lol) at the following scene where the scholars come together. I can't believe KMM did that in the first cut, with no ngs... this man never fails to amaze me. No need to look to Chungmuro for Korea's best acting- it's right there in dramaland. 

    update: the peak rating during the episode also went up- 18.3% ! that scene was when the people/scholars began to protect Jung Do Jeon. 

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  14. AGB Nielsen ratings

    nationwide-  12.4%

    seoul-  14%

    In comparison, TWDR had ratings of 9.5 and 9.8 in its first week, followed by a huge rise the 2nd- 18.2 and 19.1. I don't think we can expect any drama these days(regardless of quality/fun factor) to have that big of a leap from one week to the next, but public interest has officially been piqued and I predict a steady rise as the drama progresses, especially when the older counterparts come in.  

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  15. It seems that a dc gallery for SFD had opened shortly before the drama aired. Apparently the scene between Yi Seong Gye, Yi Bang Won, and Lee In Kyum (before the festivities) had the peak rating of 16.45%. Makes total sense, as those last few scenes were the highlight for me as well. It's a good sign that the rating increased later in the episode(means that people didn't peace out before the episode ended)- with that and judging from the next episode teaser, it wouldn't be unrealistic to expect a rise tomorrow. 

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