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  1. Yup. After watching him in those variety shows I feel like I'm able to understand him better.. and can see his personal character's growth & progress from his early debut days.. Today's myungsoo has so much improved that I can't put them into words..
  2. Have you watched Myungsoo's other dramas? I just finished marathoned Ms Hammurabbi, Shut Up Flower Boy Band and his Infinite variety shows. Next I'm going for Ruler and The Day After We Broke Up. Haha, silly me..
  3. Chingu, you're very kind.. Unfortunately I've tried my best to follow your guide, but had to give up. It's just too vague to me.. I mean with all the korean words that i don't understand at all.. The page can't even be auto-translated to english.. Wonder if others can do on my behalf?..
  4. Oh you watched that episode too? Then do you noticed how close he is to his teacher? I think he's a very loyal person to think that he even visited her every year on Teacher's Day. And his relationship with the teacher is special too, it goes beyond the typical teacher-student relationship.. Many said he might have crush on her during school time, but I think that's just how MS is around people he's comfortable with, and he has so much respect for the teacher too.. And I thought it's funny how he does not recognized the teacher he met frequently while his team member are able to despite the disguise, while he firmly denied them too.. Omo, I should stop here since this is ALML thread lest mod reprimand me..
  5. I just watched Infinite Showtime recently (I know I'm late as that was aired years ago, like 2015 ), even his teacher said that he is indeed a quiet person during school time.. Quite and persistence person.. I kind of agree with Hye Sun's remarks during their KBS Radio show, she said that since Myung Soo claimed that he is an introverted person, maybe he was right, but at the same time he also posses some of Kim Dan's bright/cheerful/innocent personalities hence resulting in what we saw in their BTS interactions. And personally I think that remarks from Hye Sun is on point because I saw how Myung Soo act around his Infinite members, he's at his best comfort level and talkative at times around his members and best friend. Clingy and cuddly too And folding origami is his specialty too.. So he's just being the real 'Kim Myung Soo' during their wrap up party..
  6. You are not confusing Lee Yeon Soo with Woo Seo Ri right?.. They kinda look similar though.. haha.. I'm in a happy ending camp too..
  7. Hope there'll be kind soul who can share pics and highlight from the wrap up party.. Chaebal yo..
  8. Oops.. I didn't aware that ALML receive such hate? Would you mind to enlighten pls.. I already plan to re-watched the whole series after today's finale.. And it'll be a while before I am able to move on from ALML fever.. I believe KD & YS will have a HE.. Let's trust in KMS's words and their hints i.e. pajama outfit
  9. Does anyone notice LYS still taking the main seat at their living hall even after married to KD? It's so her.. Too bad I don't know how to insert picture to share to you guys..
  10. I thought so too.. They're just being themselves, KMS and SHS instead of KD and LYS during that dancing scene.. BTW that dancing scene was breathtaking. All about it are beautiful.. KMS & SHS are particularly so pretty and angelic, the background, the lighting effect all are perfection.. I especially like the dance-back-hug part.. so sweet and romantic..
  11. Thanks for replying chingu.. I'm not that familiar with Soompi thread, so not sure what are the criteria to qualify an artist to have their own thread.. Or does it depends on fans instead?..
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