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  1. I'm super excited for this one.. Can't believe we are 4 days away from the premiere date...
  2. I know I'm late. I missed the train to catch yoo ryung.. Irregardless I am here in this thread to share a shout out and appreciation to such a good and perfect drama. Love both MGY and KSH to bits. Both are an awesome actors. How I wish TVN could have their own year end drama awards ceremonies, so that these two talented actor/actress can be rewarded for their awesome performance. Koo Ji Seok banjangnim is one of the best drama hero character out of many kdramas I've watched so far..
  3. IKR.. An embarrassed SH was too cute.. His "omaya", "omaya" while squatting down after their DinSeon group tagline was too precious.. I feel like cupping up his face to save him from his embarrassment. It must be DinDin's idea for that tagline hence SH's utter mortification..
  4. Annyeong fellow chingus.. I was a silent reader before but decided to say hi since the thread seems too quiet.. We need more love for 2D1N S4.. I remember my last 2D1N was when Seung Gi was member of the show.. And come back for this season to follow KSH. So far I love all the members.. Looks like they've blended well and growing comfortable with each other. I can't wait to see SH/JH team up for next episode. Can this combination be a winner?..
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