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  1. Ouch, I am late! Well, only in part because it's still D-61in my time zone. And I posted my countdown in time on IG. Only I couldn't come here sooner to share... But here we go for D-61 And also my congratulations and wishes to Hyunie for her 15th anniversary Last but not least (in Spoiler to comply with the rules), another lovely video to celebrate Hyunie's debut anniversary. Credit and thanks to @adi2019jiji
  2. D-62 (almost over, but not yet... ) And it's less than an hour to Hyunie's 15th Anniversary as already mentioned by @pauliza Happy celebration and happy week ahead to everyone here
  3. D-63!!! And if you need a mood buster, here is our ball of sunshine for you... BTW... It's D-2 to Hyunie's 15th Debut Anniversary, so to get ready... Happy weekend everyone!!!
  4. Happy D-64 and happy Friday, girls! And we have updates about our soldier Credit to owners and thanks for sharing More of our boy... Again thanks and credit to the owners ETA : I tried to make separate posts to comply, with the max 3 pics per post rule, but soompi merged my posts... Sorry everyone if this cause any inconvenience
  5. D-70!!! I am almost late, sorry. But here we go with a treat of Wookie 's smile and laughter And my countdown... Happy weekend, ladies!
  6. D-71!!! And... Hyunie doing the commentary for HDH sporting a new haircut! I am honestly a bit in shock think about her gorgeous long hair that is gone now, but she always look super pretty anyway I just wonder if it's for a new project... We will now soon if that's the case, I guess Lastly, my 101 countdown... (on a funny note today ) Have a great Friday
  7. Yay, I managed to log in again! Thank you so much @babyval22 for taking over Wookie's coundown in my "absence" (and also for letting me know that that the login issue was in fact on Soompi's side and how to solve it) So, a bit late (but at least I can say that it's still D-72 and Valentine's Day in my part of the world ), here is my NamJi countdown for D-71... Happy Friday, chingus
  8. Happy D-73!!! And happy Kiss Day, fellow shippers PS: man, are we losing @babyval22 to delululand too, now???? HALP!!!
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