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  1. @msdotI agree with your statement " I also enjoyed most of the action scenes, except his fight with Gi Cheol, which I thought was very badly choreographed. " That fight was very awkward and not realistic. @syntyche ," I swoon whenever I see him smile. I think he is that effective in portraying Choi Young's role in Faith." I love his smile too.
  2. Yup agree with Joonni too about CY memorizing ES's face so he can remember her and ES thinking about food. Her look when CY ate her soup was priceless.
  3. Yes, I think it gave him a chance to show another side of his acting prowess, not just a flower boy. I am up for watching and hearing comments about GB and his acting in particular.
  4. msdot and willenette, I really liked Gangnam Blues, I know it is violent and has intense sex scenes but I have seen some Korean movies and that is pretty standard. Korean movies are very different from Korean dramas, lots of violence and sex. He should have won the best new actor for the Baeksang and the Blue Dragon but he did not and I felt that it was unfair. I think he deserved it. There were some critics who liked him but others who did not. To me he did an excellent job. You saw a different side of him not seen in his dramas. Yoo Ha compared him to the French actor Alain Delon who was very broodingly handsome. I can understand why Yoo Ha said that. His character in GB was a lot like a role the french actor did years ago that I managed to watch. LMH also worked very hard in GB. It was a very well done movie. Fight scenes were excellent. The director was very detailed in making the era authentic, clothes, cars , buildings, etc.A lot of detail and work went into the movie. LMH was very handsome, manly and no longer a flower boy in the movie. The movie should have done better. Another bad luck is China did not allow the movie to be screened in China and that was a big loss there. LMH's silent cry when he saw the family registration paper affected me to and his silent love for his adopted sister.
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. All of you have mentioned parts that I like too. The revelation between the king and queen. CY opening up to ES and listening to her. Smiling and even having hope that she might want to stay. Teaching her how to fight. Being jealous that she is spending time with the warriors. It is nice to see LMH's sweet smile. Thanks for the LMH's smiling gif, Latifah. So cute
  6. @willenetteThank you! This was the picture that I was trying to paste. I think LMH looks extremely handsome in this picture, in this scene.
  7. Trying to paste a photo of LMH from another web site to Soompi but not able to do so. What should I do?
  8. I am behind, just finished episode 9. I thought LMH looked extremely handsome in the scene where Eun Soo said she was sorry that she was not able to help him and he had to kill the ex-king. He was looking at her and he looked very handsome in the scene. It was so funny when the man in white was putting onions onto CY's spoon. He looked so uncomfortable and had to move away only to be followed by the man in white
  9. In Faith, LMH is a seasoned warrior but he looks so innocent and vulnerable in so many scenes. Even at the final scene when he enters to the hall with his wul dal chi, he still manages to look so innocent. Cute. @msdot Yes, CY is a different role for LMH.CY is a simple uncomplicated person. Straightforward and honest. No guile, he is a brilliant general in the art of war, yet he remains, untouched and uncorrupted by all the ugliness around him. Pure and simple. Many yearn for a character like that.
  10. I want to talk about this picture of LMH. I don't know how to paste this picture myself so I am using your picture so please excuse me. I really like this particular scene and his expression here. He looks so innocent and handsome in this scene. The way he looks to her for some recognition or encouragement , then looks down disappointed and give a bitter smile. I think he acted this scene perfectly. Indeed, this is a powerful episode. It reveals so much depth on the drama's plot and characters. We have seen Ki Chul go to great lengths to deceive and manipulate an entire kingdom just to achieve what he wants. And in the process, confronts and threatens relationships - that between Princess Noguk and King Gongnim, King Gongnim and Choi Young, and Choi Young and Eun Soo. Gongnim mistakens Noguk's plans for her fondness over Choi Young, Gongnim doubts Choi Young's loyalty, and Eun Soo perceives Choi Young as a murderer. Now the theme "faith" of this drama is affirmed - having faith in a person despite the circumstances telling you to do otherwise. On Eun Soo's reaction to Choi Young's stabbing the king. I feel that this episode built up to that moment. When Eun Soo learned that the blood on Choi Young's face is not his, she showed some displeasure, and made him wipe it off. She smelled the blood on him when he lay his head on her shoulders. She put a flower on his hair to mask the smell of blood on him. She asked him to go to heaven with her, where he wouldn't have to kill anybody. And she heard him say bluntly that he would have to kill Gyung Chang if he asked him to help him get his crown back. That little kid to whom she took on a maternal role to, and have been attached to by now. So when she comes back to his lifeless body that was just alive minutes ago albeit in pain, her emotions building up to that moment got the best of her, and made her turn her back on Choi Young.  We have seen Choi Young's character unveiled - from a lazy and unmotivated warrior to an older brother figure who feels and weeps. It must have been excruciating to see Gyung Chang, the little king who brings out his humanness, suffer in pain for him. So ending that pain by taking his life on his hands must be a harrowing experience, to which he would have to live with Really agree with your comments above.
  11. @gtLmh0622 it is interesting that Faith has the lowest ratings of all his dramas but the character Choi Young is the most upright, loyal and honest person, brave and strong. Fans love those qualities and LMH made those qualities real to them. Straight as an arrow, no guile, no pretense. Pure in his love for Eun Soo.
  12. Who is #1? You can answer under spoiler. I am curious. @CarolynH cr: for photo as tagged via Minoz Mexico Official PS. did I insert the photo correctly? It is strange I could not see it using Mozilla Firefox but I could see it using Microsoft Edge.
  13. Yes, he is great in his fight scenes with his sword but the special effects part when he his flying in the air and kicking was less than perfect but that is not his fault but the director and fight coordinator. Where he uses his own skills, he is awesome. Thanks for your comments. I think you hit all the important points of this episode
  14. @willenette He wore an oversized or at least loose fitting shirts starting from LBS. I have seen others wearing it too so I think it must be the current trend since he is fashionable and he does like comfort. Who doesn't? Yeah, I can't tell if it is XL or XXL, it looks big on him. He looks good in anything.
  15. LOL CarolynH, there is the rewind button. I use it all the time . About his shirt size, must be XXL, it is the fashion now to wear oversized tees or shirts and not tight clothing, more comfortable till the next fashion statement. Wanted to share something about what a fan said about LMH several years ago. It was in Joonni and during the Faith drama but it was about City Hunter:- "I took screen shots of his face, head bowed down, all covered in mud, yet the photo speaks volumes of emotions. Just how could he have shown emotions through his eyes while his face was heavily coated in mud? This is superb, incredible acting."
  16. https://www.soompi.com/article/439276wpp/lee-min-ho-talks-about-ending-faith Found this link again and thought I would share
  17. @happivirus thanks for finding that article for us. That is what is so endearing about LMH, after all that success, he can still blush and feel shy when complimented and he cares for people less fortunate than he is. Youngsprin https://joonni.com/2012/11/01/some-youngspirin-please/ Fans had given food trucks and packed gifts to the Faith team. They gifted bottles of peppermint candy and named it Youngsprin. LOL
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