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  1. Omg i rewatch both press con and i must say that he did looked awkward or force i dunno. Like the time when he switch place standing beside director instead of HJM and director giving him the "what r u doing" face and switch his place so that JHI stands beside HJM. Lol I too cant bring myself to watch SN but maybe just 1 ep, just to see the chemistry to compare
  2. Ok they look a bit awkward but JHI definitely looks extremely happy. i dunno whether he feels more comfortable here or what but seeing HJM was the one that holding his hand first was a bit relieved
  3. I personally thought they both like each other considering their chemistry in Something In The Rain (SITR) was sooo natural even in BTS. but then i saw JHI new press for Spring Night holding hands same way as in SITR and i thought ah hes just being professional and portray the character thats all. Was wondering why Ye Jin rejected Spring Night considering she said before SITR crew have a special place in her heart and half of the crew in SN is the same as SITR. i guess she doesnt like the character in SN or maybe shes busy with other project. The difference : If u watch SITR u would know that most of the kissing hugging skinship were personally initiate by both of them not by director so naturally i thought maybe they're scretly seeing each other or something but now i dont know already maybe both Ye Jin and Hae In are both great actors that succesfully portray the chracter very well. And i think Hae In was falling for her but Ye Jin still have this wall until the last episode bts on her face can see she looks very sad the drama ends and she even kiss him which is not in the script (jeju scene).
  4. I was wondering why Ye Jin rejected Spring Night tho. cuz she looks like she treasure the Something In The Rain crew so i thought she will accept Spring Night since half of them are the same crew, even the actors are the same. I guess maybe she didnt like the character or just dont think she suits the character. Kinda sad not seeing them together anymore.
  5. Thought there was something special between Hae In and Ye Jin but turns out he's just being professional He holds hand the same way this time too but i think he looks happier with Han Ji Min Happier ? There goes my sinking ship Now just have to watch the chemistry between these new one. Sigh was rooting for him with Ye Jin despite the Hyun Bin rumours.
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