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  1. You asked me did i remember they talking or describing what they were wearing then I said I don't think there were any. What 's the point of not getting what you say here?
  2. As I remember, there weren't any parts they described what they were wearing during commentary filming nor show what they were wearing on that day. Anyway, it's fact that they didn't record in within the filming period.
  3. Commentary will never be recorded during filming. It would be done after the premier, about 2-3 months depend on different productions. Thus, Negotiation commentary is sound only, there are no scenes of them commenting.
  4. Still can't understand logic of non shippers coming to a shipping thread and said I am not a shipper??? Or saying they are no more than friends??. As I am active in shipping groups in Korea or China, those will be eliminated right away Sharing opinions is welcomed but shouldn't it be shared at the right place, rather than making others feel uncomfortable? I won't come to a ship that i believe they are not an item, telling others hey I don't think they are dating, they are just friends. Again, just my personal thought.