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  1. It's ironic that general public like seeing them together but their fans ( you have to admit Korean fans are not very keen on seeing their idols hooked up with other celebs) and other shipper fans are the ones either press "angry" at those articles pair them up together or write comments not wanting to mention the other party in their favourite's news. To the extent the fans even forbid mentioning the latter's name in their forum or website. Of courses, some neutral opinions may find it kind of confusing or annoying when HSB and SYJ keep denying their relationship but always being together. But seriously it has nothing to do with them, it's our couple's choice for the sake of their privacy. So basically I don't really care about those "angry" reactions in their news or the negative comments lol
  2. It makes me smile and can't help feeling it is destined when they spend 2 years in a row celebrating Hyun Bin's birthday together.This year will be in Mongolia. And if filming takes long time, they may also celebrate Ye Jin's birthday together on the set too.
  3. After Switzerland, Mongolia will be the second abroad filming destination. They will spend Chuseok in Korea and leave for Mongolia next week. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/108/0002810091
  4. Whole Crash landing of love crew returned to Korea. Few days ago, there was an account claimed that he saw Ye Jin and crew were filming in Young Man Alps mountain ( maybe without Hyun Bin because on the same day, he seemed to have commercial filming in Paju)
  5. MSTeam has a narrow line of actors/actresses. You can search they only manage 5 or 6 ones. The male manger obviously came with Wi Ha Joon because every time celebrities come to public events, they need a manager to follow. Assuming Ye Jin asked him to represent her to support someone there is really nonsense to me. Know what, the female President of MSTeam, who discovered Ye Jin and been with her since the debut days and Ye Jin considers her as her mom, followed Ye Jin to Rampant VIP Premiere. Can i say that Ye Jin wanted to introduce someone there to her "second mom" lol. Even more absurd, some people stick to the delusion that Ye Jin wasn't in Switzerland and actually came to the Premier??? That's over the limit.
  6. I'd like to ask if you would allow me to translate your binnie jinnie Facebook contents to soompi. I like all of your posts :). Though I could try to translate directly from Korean articles but my Hangul sucks.  It's worse than elementary level :D. I have tried to translate a few for international fans but some words are really difficult so it would take me awhile to translate. My Vietnamese is a little better, even though I am not good with slang languages. I know it would be too much for you to translate to both Vietnamese and English.  I'm not trying to be recognized, just want other international fans to know more about hb -yj couple and their upcoming drama. I love this couple. I will put your Facebook as credit.   And if I don't understand your translations, do you mind if I DM you?


    Cảm ơn nhiều lắm :)




    1. bichngoc93



      As stated in the fanpage, everyone is welcomed to translate Binnie Jinnie Couple fanpage's content into English or other languages as long as the translators put the credit and do not twist the contents :). But there are some contents that prefer others do not take out from the page which are put under the posts, hope you can follow :)


    2. thi2018


      Thank you! I just want to make sure it's OK with you :)

  7. Ye Jin and Hyun Bin will fly to Switzerland to film Crash landing of life love in August. Expecting such extraordinary scenes of both main actors and the scenery of Switzerland.
  8. Yes, she went to Bangkok with her team( stylist, hair, make up staff) for Manyo CF which was released this May on 5-6 Jan. In the CF making said itself. Then she flew to US alone without her team staffs ( they all came back to Korea)
  9. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/057/0001362965 Production side just announced that this broadcast time (on Sat - Sun) is still in discussion, not confirmed yet
  10. Crash landing of love will be broadcasted in November, after " Please melt me" of Ji Chang Wook(which will be aired in November). It will be tvN's this year last project of Saturday - Sunday airing time.
  11. Actually Ye Jin has been commenting and hitting like for her acquaintances occasionally on Instagram since February. Like Song Yoon Ah, Lee Min Jung, some of her normal friends she follows on Instagram etc. Anyway, Wi Ha Joon visited Spring Night set yesterday, that's why Ye Jin commented on his post " Did you visit the set? I will also go" I assume she will visit Spring Night set, as this drama is going to end soon, regard almost whole crew of this drama is from Pretty Noona. Just feel funny when some shippers now are on 9th cloud thinking she will come to visit a specific person
  12. It's in July for the first shooting if the source you are talking about is Binnie Jinnie Couple. A fan came to fansign and asked Ye Jin. She told that fan so
  13. Yes she looked very comfortable and at ease. Not to mention she is getting more and more glamorous. Like seriously, how much is enough? Her beauty. Im used to seeing her innocent or sexy appearance but I don't know how to describe the vibes yesterday. She looked so fulfilled, happiness was clearly shown. It must have been so satisfying in life to have aura like this. And some fans with their owl eyes even noticed her arms had tan and it looked darker than her palm( which was normal ) and they suspect she went to play golf as the golf clothes are short sleeves and need to wear gloves Lol
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