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  1. Ai Man 11.30 live broadcast: Count Wang Yibo's road to the top of commercial value Aiman Data 30-11-2020 Tonight, the official account of Aiman Data conducted a live broadcast on the Douyin platform again-interpreting the commercial value of actor Wang Yibo from a data perspective. With multiple identities such as singer, dancer, actor, host, professional motorcycle racer, etc., he has made his debut as a group in 2014 for six years. He has achieved professional results as a singer and dancer and became a mentor of "PD 101" in 2018. Then in 2019, film and television songs are in
  2. Wang YiBo will participate in Zhuhai ZIC Motorcycle Race (20-09-2020 update) Yibo is officially announced by Yamaha Racing Team! The team will participate in the Zhuhai ZIC Motorcycle Race on October 6-7! The name of the contest is "Monster Yamaha China Racing Team"! Looking forward to the No. 85 racer
  3. #WangYiBo Anmuxi Nanning Fan meeting 19-09-2020 English Sub https://youtu.be/V0LqqFNqMSk
  4. A Tecent interview with ErDongSheng(the supervisor of MyStrangeFriend, a famous director in China) Q:"You have made a lot of films but this time you supervise a tv drama, how do you think of new actor WangYibo and ZhangYijie?" A:"It was the end of 2017 when I was the superior of Wyb and Zyj`s tv drama. They were younger than they are now. I think WangYibo is very calm. The first time I saw him, I think wow, what a cool guy. He is so young but calm. " Credit WangYiBo-update https://twitter.com/WangYiboUpdates/status/1307159916176535552?s=19
  5. Wang Yibo fans donated six anti-drug book corners to strengthen youth anti-drug legal concepts 2020 -09-15 Energy China Platform (edited by Lei Longyu) In order to strengthen the youth to learn the national anti-drug policies, laws and regulations, popularize anti-drug and anti-drug knowledge, continuously enhance legal concepts, improve anti-drug and anti-drug self-protection awareness, and further enhance the ability to distinguish right from wrong and resist temptation Ability to enhance the society’s ability to prevent drugs. Fans of Mr. #WangYibo joined hands with the Chengmei
  6. 6 years, 2192 days, 131520 hours, all are Wang Yibo's growing medals Article link https://m.weibo.cn/5543394450/4550138493672417 Still warm me "If you don't start, you will never know how far you can go. Rather than waiting to be challenged by the world, it is better to face it. I want to be stronger, I can become stronger." ........Wang Yibo 01 "You only see my glamour, But did not see my diligence. " Today, six years ago, a boy with a very delicate head and shoulders, with silver hair, made his debut with UNIQ. He is the lead dance
  7. 嗑王老师专用 weibo post 17092020 Late at night() I re-watched the #GankYourHeart filming highlights during the voting period. I was quite emotional. Maybe because it was the first drama that was completely chased, from breaking the news to booting to the finale to the scheduled broadcast, so I have always had special feelings. I went through the Weibo at the time of shooting, and made a rough video. When it was broadcast, I always felt that there were a lot of regrets. There were a lot of things that were not realized. There was no publicity, the broadcast was too fast, and more people w
  8. 吴阳德 ( maintenance technician) weibo post 15092020 (Positive Energy Idol Wang YiBo)Recently, the media interviewed are more and the matter of buying works by Wang Yibo has also begun to be paid attention. Yesterday I received too many and private messages from people, so I won’t give everyone a reply on this matter. The private messages were replied one by one. In 19 years, I was invited to record DayDayUp. At that time, to be honest, I, a person who has been out of track with the times, really didn’t know who YiBo was doing... (Don’t mind here, I really don’t know) I only knew this on
  9. YIBO-OFFICIAL /15092020 What grows before experience is courage, and what is firmer than faith is dream, diligence and love. Six years of bravely breaking through the barriers, the youth is not afraid of being popular, the imprint of the years is the most sincere proof of growth, Yibo@UNIQ-Wang Yibo's sixth anniversary happy~ Wang Yibo flirted with Xiaobao, the fan god replied: Don’t flirt with a lion, even if it is a lion cub 09-13-2020 Never "tease" a lion, even if it is a lion cub! Is this the #WangYibo you know? Hold the hip-hop danc
  10. Street dance of china season3 episode 9 Captain Wang YiBo Cut 55 mins
  11. Street dance of china season 3 Captain Wang YiBo dance collection up to ep 8 https: Street dance of china season 3 Ep 5 Captains group dance. Wang YiBo's moves is very clean and neat even fast.He is a professional dancer. Surprised mouth, shocked face, sweet smile, Captain Wang Yibo’s little expression is super amazing.Trailer for Ep 9 Yibo cut Zhan Meng weibo post 11092020 : Yibo is usually very polite, but he is very dignified on stage. He is the captain who has super s
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