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  1. Lmh post early in the morning. OIM : told you. It's the new him. Nothing to relate to KGE at all. Understand??! Shipper : yeah. Whatever. Omg. Why I keep seeing lmh when I see this image. Help me pls. I can't get that infamous move out of my head.
  2. Sooo many days since I post here.. Been busy with work but come and lurking all the time. I thank all of you for all making this thread as hot as fire.. I just wanna say I'm so proud of our boy. That IG post on midnight.. what else I can say. I'm so emotional right now. I wanna cry... Minho-ssi saranghae.......
  3. If he was spot last week and only today ppl post about it - can I hope someone spot kge too and post also.. better late than never.... Me and my deluluness. Well.. don't mind me.
  4. But kb being friends with nari is cute. Their circle of friends I mean. Lmh-kb Kb-nari Nari- kge Kge-lmh Got what I mean..
  5. Did time stop at their time zone? Why didn't oppa post anything? Wheaaa... Unnie.. you still have some time. Don't disappoint us. We're counting on you.
  6. I'm pretty sure currently ggoneshi is holding her phone. Mumbling to herself. Should I post something. Every year on this day I post. If I post they'll connect me with him. If I don't post it even more weird. Post. Don't post. Post. Don't post. D**n this shipper. They check every details! Lol.
  7. I watch tune in for love but didn't finish it. I was like - watch 10' pause. Do other thing. Tomorrow watch another 5'. Then pause. My mind keep seeing kge and lmh while watching TIFL. Lol! Btw anyone know a YT link or an IG that have a sub for the bts. Try to look again under #tkem but the list are soooo long until I lost already..
  8. I love Kim Tan & Eun Tak. Aren't this two the cutest couple on earth. Yes. Couple. Period. Btw this is the place for deluluness right. No one can take that away from me.. And I miss Ms Sunshine. She should post an IG now.. A beach pic will be ok. I won't ask for more. Pinky promise.
  9. Sorry to cut your post chinggu. Those I highlighted one. I'll like to think that she's busy prepare a surprise party for a certain someone birthday on Monday? Pardon my delulu mind..
  10. Hi everyone.. I'm leaving the thread for almost 48hours and have so much to backread.. about 45pages.. Don't know to start read at which page but I will skip those pages when ppl think they are nothing but just friends. I won't buy it. The ep16 bts ain't do us justice. This ship is sailing. Period. Ok. Let me backread first. See you later.
  11. What swoon what? You still own us the interview. And lmh. What did he just post? He's alone? Didn't you say you're a fast learner. Oops that was Lee Gon. As for lmh - well.. Disappointed. Very disappointed.
  12. End of ep 16. It's a nice ending tho.. What I conclude here is most of the IG post are their personal photo not related at all with tkem - which we already highlight before The messages are : i like you when you play around on set (kge boomerang post) i like you just like I enjoy sunset (lmh post) i like you when you are blur (most blurry post) i like you whether you're a winter, autumn, spring whatsoever... I think of you even when I'm lazy at home (lmh latest post) The list can go on and on and on but I'm too lazy to write.. hahaha PS : and I like both of you more....