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  1. Hi everybody!

    Who were the hottest stars of the 2nd half of 2016?

    Good Data Corporation released the results of a poll revealing the hottest stars of the 2nd half of 2016 on January 26!

    At the top of the list with 130,005 votes is 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds' actor Park Bo Gum. In 2nd place with 107,596 votes is Gong Yoo of 'Goblin', and in 3rd with 86,569 votes is Lee Jong Suk of 'W'.

    The three actors also topped the drama section in the same order with 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds' actress Kim Yoo Jung coming in at #4, and 'Incarnation of Jealousy' actor Jo Jung Suk at #5. Lee Jun Ki, Jun Ji Hyun, Han Hyo Joo, IU, Gong Hyo Jin, and Kim Go Eun also made the list.

    Who would you have voted for?

    Credits: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/01/who-were-the-hottest-stars-of-the-2nd-half-of-2016

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  2. Is true dear @samzz , many Korean believe than Wookie and Dahae are a couple since Hotel King . I realized of it when I was reading the Pann's publications ... It Existed comments as : "Same Thing real're dating" or " Anyway two really good harmony! If you have good news, I hope" ... 

    Until Pann suspected about your relation .. Here some links , if somebody can translate these articles , It would be helpful ...






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  3. Hi dears :)
    It's been awhile since my last post but I've been following , the latest news from our Wookie .
    I'm happy for the project that is being done for him, and I am willing to participate and support to spread , some good news, is that I have been able to contact more 10 Latin girls via Facebook  who are willing to support  project ..  I hope they really deliver what they have promised me, that's why I'll be behind them trying to support them with their doubts , Also I will be communicating with my unnie @angiemty for than i help with my doubts 
    I'm very excitedly for this project , since it will send many forces and encouragement for this new year , and also for than he  know that not only has fans in Asia , also long around the WORLD!!
    Figthing Girls!  :-*

  4. Hi all, just came out in the news that a new celebrity couple just announced their two-year relationship ... think that thing in common with our Donghae, because as in note Soompi says , that despite this couple denied their relationship last year, the two saw they were wearing jackets of the same brand, and of course, this automatically made it relates to:


    Jackets KENZO they used the same day by our couple ....
    I do not care if the relationship is revealed tomorrow or next year  I just hope to be happy and enjoy one another, but that if I ask you to update us with some things, I'm dying of despair, and that disclosure is brought to light issues when both are ready, because as the agency of the actress said: "It is not easy for an actress to reveal her relationship if the two are not ready to marry."
    Credits : [image] @purplebass (Blog)Note : Soompi - Link : http://www.soompi.com/2015/01/05/baek-jin-hee-and-park-seo-joon-have-been-dating-for-two-years/

  5. @remberta No problem querida , at the beginning I also did not know that, but then you get used hehehe XD
    In my country there is less than 12hrs to be New Year, so to all members i you wish a Happy 2015 , and I hope that will be a very successful year for Wookie - please his new project must be in SBS [-O< !!! I hope many good things for him this year ..
    Happy New Year || Feliz Año Nuevo 

    :o) =D> ;;):)>-  <:-P 

  6. Hello everyone, I hope you have spent a happy holidays.
    @uriuri Thanks for captioning this interview, all of us the appreciated very much, and I also request that if you can translate the episode of Healing Camp, at least the most important parts .. if not too much to ask
    @remberta Hola querida , Hello .. You're not the only one who speaks Spanish in this thread, we are @angiemty and I hehehe .. but one of the Soompi Forum's rule is publish in English, as it is easier for the compression of all members. Like you, do not know much English, but I helped with the translator online, hope to publish more frequently and follow compartando our love Wookie.
    @sassygirl94, the information is official? , Wookie  not will attend any of the awards .. this includes the SBS entertainment awards too? Because the 30th is MBC Drama Awards and SBS Entertainment Awards and simultaneously performed. If Wookie not going to MBC awards may likely go to SBS awards or DWH has said he will not go to any of the awards? ..

  7. Information about the photo shoot held in Dubai (recently just been published in Naver) : http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1110037279Edit : More info in Naver :

    Someone who can translate the article? 

    Edit (again xd) : If my translation is good, all the items speak of the same lol ..... what is important is that talk about his return to Dubai after nine years.

  8. The photos of the session in Dubai ... DAEBAK !! It was what most expected these days, and I must say that Wookie is PERFECT and very HANDSOME on each capture .. I wonder if you have had an interview with the magazine, chances are so be it, I hope to know about their thoughts of the last projects has , because been a long time since your last interview .. also congratulate you on her nomination in KBS! This year our Wookie has been busy that deserves to win an award in KBS or MBC .. also seems that this recording now in RM, because Joon uploaded a selca with Otani and Wookie in her IG.

    godjp아...밖깬 지인쨔 추워요~! 아무리 사내쨔식들 새명이서 이러캐 붇터있어두 춥내요~ 야러분 안전하구 몸따뜯한 불금돼세요~!
    #지오디 #fangod #Sbs
    #sbsRoommate #오타니료헤이 #OtaniRyoHei #이동욱 #LeeDongWook#박준형 #JoonPark #Seoul #Korea #Kpop #FridayNight #ColdWeather 
    WhoooWeee~! BAAAMM!!! It is Freeezing outside everyone!!! Make your weekend a safe and warm one!!!

  9. @human1981 At first I thought also too suspicious, but then discovered with my unnie @angiemty that our Wookie was not just a concert, attended with one of his best friends : Lee Jin Wook .. We  use these masks because they just wanted to go unnoticed within the public and wanted to enjoy the concert as "normal fans." But as well as masks, Wookie was discovered by curious fans that did not last to report via IG :)

  10. Thanks you all for the warm welcome >:D< It will be fun to spend time here!!

    Oh! @sassygirl94 we can dream that Hong sisters together again at DH and DW for a special episode of MG, can be called "My Girl 10 years later - life newlyweds" hehehehehehe :)) , with a chapter just us we would be happy .... by the way, in these days MG meets nine years of being issued in Korea, if I am not mistaken, is the 14th of this month .

    @angiemty Hi unnie!! :-h, Now I come to invade Wookie's thread hehehehehe xd

    Yes @princi_86 like you, I want the next project has as its protagonist a good actress and foremost, a good script to our boy! and on the theme of mbc awards, last year they released their nominees a Thursday, is perhaps likely to later give the list of nominees for this year, as they have announced who will be the presenters of the show. My question is also on the voting ,   only be for Korean or international viewers also? , if so, I'll have to get up very early the 30th to support everything about HK (of course, if is the nominee in any category) .

  11. @Sassygirl94 Thanks dear for the welcome! And all for keeping this thread alive!!
    And according to you @Sassygirl94 and @mon1459  ... I hope it happens soon a collaboration Gong Hyo Jin  - Lee Dong Wook .. Serious much to ask to go with a dash of the Hong sisters? Both in the past have worked with them, and all his dramas have been successful, especially rom-com, is a fantastic idea! Personally, it would be one of the most excited because GHJ is my favorite actress.

    Other actresses with hopefully a future project with Wookie are: Yoon Eun Hye, Song Hye Kyo, Han Ji Min, Han Ye Seul, Moon Chae Won, Shin Min Ah and Ha Ji Won.

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