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  1. It's been quite a while I made a posting in this thread, but I've always been aware of the latest updates of unnie ... just passing through here to wish him well in this new phase of his professional life, I know she is giving their best for his followers to not only see it as a screen actress, but she can also do a good show with live audience, and is achieving!
    Hyojin unnie you are GREAT!

  2. Hi all, new to the thread. I've been in silent mode from a good time, and always looked to this area without updates of Wookie, it was very unfortunate for a great actor like him. But now I see that this thread is having life again! .. It's great and I'm very happy that increasingly is upgraded with new things. I need to see some projects, but I've noticed enough to have improved his performance from his days at My Girl to Hotel King (need to see me BM) , is very interesting that this turning into one of the most recognized players in the Korean entertainment, and that is certainly the result of his efforts and dedication. While waiting for more news about future projects , and I hope to see during the year-end awards, especially MBC because honestly deserves an award for acting that had as Cha Jae Wan.
    @itybittykitty Just remember that scene my heart accelerates , personally, was one of the sexiest scenes I've seen in a kdrama. No doubt the great chemistry he has with DH is seeable, is product almost nine years who know each other.

  3. Oh does not publishing a while around here, first of all congratulate everyone on reaching 800 pages .. and going for more !!
    I can not forget to mention that comment that had Wookie in the program today at RM .... you maybe a little off topic, but as we speak with my unnie @angiemty, we believe that JackJi is the "young version" of Donghae! .. In the way they are treated, always bothering each other, always fighting .. especially seeing as it reminds me YoungJi as it was Dahae  in the BTS of My Girl! ... delulu mind for a moment, and I suspect that comment that made them Wookie of JackJi  was perhaps some of those comments he and Dahae have heard in the era  recorded My Girl! ... Was perhaps a "deja-vu" and he told Wookie to JackJi so remember that time ... would not be weird if this happened in reality, always remember Dahae always saying she and Wookie fighting XD hehehehe. .. so this may lead us to the conclusion that it could end up married! Wookie , he said it with his own mouth, "if they keep figthing, I will make them to marry" jejejejejeje .. besides, again mentioning  Wookie this magic word "marriage" lol ...
    Now if Wookie enjoy your well deserved vacation, and please feed this ship with little evidence for us will be large and productive !! 

  4. Oh @naryeL your gifs are daebak! , especially the Wookie dancer, which incidentally the boys danced SNSD's Gee . Here a cut of that funny part .

    Wookie dancing since 0:14 to 0:18

    @tinsky73 , if I am not mistaken, he has the mic turned on because talking with Young Ji - the maknae of the house.
    Oh right, that reminds me of the interview Dahae in 2011 ... she also singing Gee! ..

    Dahae singing since 7:09 to 7:25
    One moment, since there is no English translation of this interview can not understand what you mean ... but the word "Gee" appears .. likes this song? ... Is it maybe Seho that goes directly to  Wookie when they sing this song  -delulu-
  5. purplebass

    said: Haha, that MG part where they mention getting married at 32. Da Hae is 30 now, but by Korean age she is 31 since they also count the months the person spent in omma's womb. Next year she will turn 31 but she will be 32 because of this Korean count... AH! This makes my feeling that they would announce their wedding and get married in 2015 be true. 2015 is not only when Da Hae turns "32", it's also ten years since MG and since she and Wookie met. Looks like an important year for them.

  6. Since we do not have much to say, I will share this post I found a few days ago ... it is an entry of a k-blogger gives little comments about our Donghae! . Thanks to @angiemty by translation  . We have tried to make the best possible translation, I hope someone can help with the parts that are not translated.
    Source : http://ruto754.tistory.com/3 -  This publication was made in late August .

    이동욱 이다해 연인 사실?

    루머에 대해서 알아볼께요~

    "Lee Dong Wook Lee Da Hae is true that they are lovers (pair)?" Here you will learn all the rumors
    두사람은 현재 호텔킹에서 주인공으로 연기를 하고있습니다~
    They are currently the stars of Hotel King

    사실 9년전 마이걸 이라는 드라마에서도 같이 호흡을 맞춘적이 있죠~

    그래서 인지 두분이 굉장히 어울리고~연인같이 보인다는~

    The fact that 9 Years ago My Girl in the drama series have been associated with each other in harmony, as I 

    So it is both a very appropriate. And it seems that the Lovers ~ ~ 

    실제로도 엄청 친하다고 하더라구요~

    이동욱 이다해 연인

    Lee Dong Wook Lee Da Hae lovers


    사실 두분은 열애설이 나기도 했습니다~

    6년전부터..루머가 있었죠~

    두분이 사귄다고~

    그런데 정말 잘어울려요~

    In fact, rumor surrounding the two have had and eccentric ~ 6 years ago rumors were ...
    You guys are sagwindago ~ But really look great 

    그럼 이것으로 이동욱 이다해 연인에 대한 포스팅을 마칠께요~
    So with this I'll finish the post for Lovers 

    If anyone can get a better translation would be great. Translators used: Google, Bing and Babylon.
  7. Like many of you, I also suspect it was Da Hae jumper buy these for her and Wookie. I do not think that product is not sponsored because she is the image of the brand in SK, is why the notion that she  buy gift is even stronger. 
    Now where do I could buy? .. Thanks to technology, we can see Kenzo stores worldwide. I think it's time to discard LA since Kenzo has no shops there, only in San Francisco (Which is as close to Los Angeles) and eastern USA .. If the fan has to see what it says Japan Dahae seen is true, then it May be an option, because that country has many shops (have them in Fukuoka, Kanagawa, Osaka, Sendai and Tokyo). And do not forget that SK Also has many shops, and I suspect more in store in Gangnam. But also could you make an online purchase, because Kenzo have that option, but I do not see it as a likely option, Because all the girls love to shop personally and elected the best clothes for her boyfriend.
    Edit: Oh yeah, also remember that the Wookie's jumper is from the Fall / Winter 2014 collection Dahae's jumper is from the pre fall collection. And at the time was in USA Dahae , I think it was summer, it is impossible to decide to sell their clothes Kenzo who are out of season. That's why the strongest options are Japan or SK because in both it is currently fall.
    More info : https://www.kenzo.com/en/stores/

  8. And if my memory serves me, I think another photo wrap up party of MG appeared this year. And dongwookholic Instagram performed a beautiful collage with that image and photos Amone with her child. 
    I hope the pictures of wrap up party of HK not appear after 6 years or more! .
    This image was uploaded to Instagram August 1. And the person who was right next to the photo of Wookie wrap up party of MG is Park Si Yeon, only that was cut lol. I failed to find the original photo

  9. Oh really? Just  because he removed her hair clumsily are already a couple ? Oh no no no [-X
    She's very beautiful , but from what little I've seen RM, which are not too close to each other . Also , I just checked the FB profile of this person , and is a fan of the program and Wookie (not HK or Dahae), maybe it has always sent to that person with Wookie and saw an "act of love" (according to he or she), began writing this baseless rumor. And if so, does Wookie would behave that way with Dahae if I had a girlfriend? And Dahae would do not respect? Of course not, because they do not owe anyone anything and they would not do harm to a third person.

  10. ShayneyC

    said: Hi im kinda dnt like jessica linking to wookie. Actually i saw their pics when they went to a party before. And i dnt like it coz it seems that they're dating. I shared donghae with my cousin and guess what she was thinking that jessica is the real girlfriend of wookie. She has no evidence about it and also not a shipper of them but she just had this gut feel about them. I felt sad but im still believing that our donghae is real no matter what the other people say.. fighting donghae!!!

  11. Hi all, so much has happened since that last comment thanks for keeping this place so active, for me as a haven of rest when I read all your posts after leaving school. Thank you all  :)>- <:-P
    I just want to give my views on the press conference, and not a shipper Donghae, if not as a student of Marketing .

    All sensational headlines have only one intention: PUBLICITY.For us, everything that can be sold is a product hence a television (a k-drama in this case) is also a product, because thanks to this can generate various sales with OSTs (digital sales) future merchandising and most importantly, selling chapters abroad (which personally, I think that's what all production desired), KBS is well aware of its direct competence in that time slot at the local level, two new dramas My Lovely Girl & My  Spring Days (SBS and MBC respectively) has a strong demand in the international market ... MSD is starring Sooyoung, she is the most beloved member of SNSD in Japan (I bet this country pay much to convey the chapters of your drama) and MLG, I read chapters already sold to China and is considered as the drama with the sale of more expensive chapters in the history of Korea! While IM, Wookie can have many fans locally and internationally, but unfortunately SSK no, it is frowned upon in these two spaces for his performance, that's why I think the media (using KBS) have brought these exaggerated headlines to draw the attention of both (domestic and international), as that which Wookie & SSK have an explosive chemistry, it is clear that the public will read this very curious how that "explosive chemistry" is putting the press and vera drama to confirm whether it is true or not, so I'm reading the story has great potential because it is something new in history k-dramas (you are risking, but sometimes that's good), the other advantage is that the drama of Lee Jun Ki (its predecessor) is located on the top of your time, but the big disadvantage is SSK, is also perhaps that Wookie tries to do it well with the public, so that the drama and she be well received ... KBS knows this very well, they have to sell the drama to at least recoup the investment ..
    Also, the issue Wookie likes SSK's voice, I personally do not see anything wrong, always in the press conference for a new drama will have to talk about some quality that caught the attention of his fellow actors, but as said Wookie I had not done much with engraved just say the voice to make a compliment.

    And last but not least, do not think we should be concerned, actions speak louder than words, the attitude toward SSK had Wookie was very noticeable, they looked like castmates clumsy lol XD and I bet Dahae understand this, both belong to the medium and know how these things "sold" and are necessary in a press conference for the drama to a good start ... plus it's not as if they just met, and will be 9 years since met plus were a couple for almost 2 years, and trust is present  ;)
    Sorry by my English and the long message :)

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