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  1. Latest update of dongwookholic on Instagram

    7월28일 #룸메이트 촬영중 #조세호 조카 가방 선물하는 #이동욱 사인할때 #leedongwook 손가락 잡은 조카의 예쁜모습에 미소가 지어지네요 동욱씨 여동생 내외랑 세호씨 누나 내외가 나오는 #룸메이트 방송 기대해주세요 ^^

    PD: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :), Wookie and baby ... Feels very paternal. 
    Some translation for publication

  2. SeGafanlady


    next cake that they cut will be their WEDDING CAKE....... I bet all my Chanel bags on that....
    my ahjumma chingu in Seoul is also in the same position like us except she already knew and got some inside scoop from other Korean Wookieholics about their relationship... girls... behind the screen... these two are just normal couple that happened to be working together... and it seems that the whole crew and other actors also aware of their romance but they respect them..
    For those who likes visiting Baidu.... those Chinese fans are the most awesome FBI and yes they did left 10 minutes a part... hhhmmm....

  3. samzz


    AQ, thank you for the clarification on Jun Ki's tweet.

    and with their lovey dovey, and real wedding selfie-I'm even thinking, they actually married for real, which is common for some couple who are do it just on their own, without a priest or families. In Heaven Fate, Dahae had similar type of wedding, and I saw i  some Japanese drama too, maybe this is common over there, and it's legal.

    and so it making a BIG news also in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Those who don't know abt this drama or CHAMO, thought it s a real wedding for beautiful couple.

  4. sassygirl94

    said: As for me, I can't wait to know Lee Jun Ki reaction...wondering if he already knew this thing or not..bcoz he knew that these two feeling during MG days, if not why he tweeted about them " Seol Gong Chan Joo Yoo Rin kekeke, cough cough" when Donghae reunited again in Hotel King...and I am very sure he will support both of them..I really want to see MG four leads reunion again 



  5. I arrive too late for the celebration? From the time the photos were coming together where the farewell party so far I'm puking rainbows literally hahaha, my head is thinking only of themselves and not let me concentrate on the other dramas I have to do (did not know that the addiction was so strong Donghae) is the first pair that makes me feel so many emotions without the knew, just want you to be happy forever. This is magical lol xd 
    Now about that rumor Baidu's that "Wookie DaHae not interested," I just want to give a personal opinion giving an example: their social networks 

    1.  The message that Wookie does to Dahae via Weibo. 
    2.  DaHae ago The message on Twitter + wedding photos. 
    3.  Publication DaHae photos and more on Facebook and Weibo Wookie 
    4.  Publication of the FNC (DaHae agency) in your Facebook on photos of her with Wookie (the wedding) 
    Come on! If you are not interested Wookie DaHae not publish THOSE PICTURES IN YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT!!! She is aware that if you upload such photos will attract all kinds of rumors, because they are not the typical poses castmates or friends; these are poses couple of guys who are very much in love (that picture in which it rests Wookie says it all, this picture is worth a thousand words, if you still do not believe in your relationship, then you are blind), and neither publish your agency, as I put in one of my previous posts, did the artists and agencies which have both want to avoid scandals partners? But no, put it freely to all his followers to see and know what kind of situation are actually found .... Now if you do not officially advertised, is the fact that even this recent news of former DaHae and also the false romance of Wookie in RM, as we know that ship has suffered a shipwreck but there are still some survivors, and if Wookie and DaHae decide soon reveal the news of their relationship, all the negative comments actually people who will receive is DaHae, she will be the only injured. Maybe it's some contradiction with the photos posted, but I think it's a way to prepare everyone for the big announcement as both posted it, and yes, I dare say that agencies are already buried her relationship status , which is why the support of these when they publish their photos on social networks, there is no restriction. That is why I think that their relationship will be released in both news when already forgotten and when they are ready for the next step: MARRIAGE (although this that I think you completely ready). 
    And finally, on problems DaHae has maintained during his artistic life, I just stick with this line Wookie I leave her on her Weibo: "Please stay healthy and I'll always be supporting you no matter what!" .... He already said ......... DaHae already suffered a lot and now life is giving the greatest gift of all, bring back the man I truly love, from time, she will be completely happy, the happiness we've seen while filming Hotel King, keep it, Wookie and she will have to fight together for it, but its great advantages in this age are mature, consolidated their careers, support their agencies and clear TRUE LOVE BOTH ARE TAKEN. 
    -This my personal opinion, I believe what I see and feel- Sorry for my english :)
  6. @angelcake293 DAEBAK DAEBAK DAEBAK !!!!!!!!!!!! What beautiful memories we HK when finished, thanks to this drama scenes I've seen in My Girl wanted to see - as the proposed marriage and perhaps now, plus of course those kisses! - What a great combination to put the kiss of My Girl and the proposal fills me with excitement with just viewed. I also posted on my fb profile, thank you very much for creating this beautiful MV!

  7. turquoiseblue


    agggghhh....im watching this Donghae MV again :D so daebak!!! makes my heart flutter :x :x
    동해부부 sweet NG clip [made by Chinese fans]http://tvpot.daum.net/v/v2852fAfQfpOGB6pifOf6vh

    and she made the carrot song MV as well so funny :))

    호텔킹 완네CP MV(BGM당근송)


    credit to owner

    - can someone please upload the vids in youtube? i dont know how to do it thank you so much

  8. turquoiseblue

    said: wow many many thanks to all newbies who are starting to come out and let their voices heard


    i love reading all your posts and analysis. every DongHae follower is welcome in this thread


    We are a bunch of newbies and old timers and everyone has a crazy pervy funny side


    @mariarodihuer1 yes, what you said can also be true coz nobody really knows who initiated the breakup and why it happened. and why they held back for 7 years with the decision to reunite. maybe dahae broke up with him because of her career. maybe it's wookie or both of them mutually decided to just end the relationship at that time because they were too busy with their career and wookie is going to military. but however painful it maybe, they ended up in good terms or like what you said, dahae will not be working with him anymore if he cheated on her. haha! and i believe before this HK happened, both already started to patch things up and maybe had several heart to heart talks. and I also love your quote coz I posted that here before

    "If you love someone, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were"


  9. It is always my pleasure to read all the precious comments you will make my day happy: D; but I confess that whenever I wake up hoping to see another BTS them to dream about it lol, and I am so delusional with this, so I hope that the MBC is not so selfish and be gracious to all shippers and fans of HK . 
    Now, speaking of his break is for the year 2008, I have always had a thought about it and would like to publish it. Maybe not the most appropriate to do so, as I am new to follow, as I explained in my first publication, I started researching both late last year, so it's likely that my thoughts are wrong therefore I apologize in advance . Also I'm young and I have not many experiences about love, but I am a firm believer of destiny and attest that things happen for a reason. 
    Well, back to the topic, nobody is going to remove the head the idea that these two were dating at the stage of 2006-2008, there are so many things that relate also rumors that followed them until this year, I'm faithful to that idea. And as for the break, I think it was DaHae which ended the relationship, because from what I've been reading since the beginning of this thread is that she already had serious problems in that year, and when you love someone you do everything possible for the person next to you that this does not suffer from that, this reminds me of a scene from Hotel King when Jaewan Mone decided to leave by the fact that she did not find out what he did to his father; also keep in mind that they were young and newly emerging careers, their agencies bet I saw the two as gold mines, just wanted to put them in any drama coming out as protagonists. If rupture Whether it was been infidelity, does Wookie would be asked to co-star in the drama? Would be very cheeky of you, if I were you I would send the devil and just by hearing his name put a face to represent everything I'm sorry, but this was not the case, because she agreed to do this project with him which included Seoul go away and be together with for almost 6 months. Now speaking of his former partners, it is normal to be linked to others in order to find the indicated which you will spend the rest of your life because it is the most important decision because this person part of becoming your husband / to be also the father / mother of your children. I think we both already realized who that person for the rest of his life, I think Wookie is the first who realized the fact only call for a drama says it all, as there are so many actresses in Korean industry, but just wished that he would support him in DaHae Hotel King, and this meant spending a lot of time with her, in which feelings can be made stronger and more mature, and of course the rest is history we've all been spectators. Something small that I also want to share their BTS, the images that agency public DaHae, personally I found the strangest thing in the world for did an agency at least you want is that their constituents are involved in news relationship ? That is what many want to avoid because they are not pictures of drama, but where both show a very gentlemanly Wookie looking after the woman he loves; also the fact that both are in the breaks and sobering too, and what I think is that they no longer hide their feelings, both age and age at marriage, mature to make an official announcement. It's just a matter of waiting. 
    I reiterate my apologies if my thoughts are wrong, only commented as excited that their favorite couple apparently is already real loader. I have followed many other couples silently, I have over visited its various threads on Soompi, but I congratulate this thread especially since there are comments as mature and full of wisdom, because there are many people who follow them since 2005, as explained I'm just new; and I can imagine how excited they are with what they see and the future they can have. Oh yeah, sorry if this post was very extensive and the translation, English is not my thing  :( . And finally, I want to put this saying that when I read it that well represents percent to Wookie & DaHae: 
    "If you love something let it go, if it comes back it's yours, if not it never was."

  10. Well, I was checking again the BTS MBC gained his YT account - if these are the episode 23/24 I think, and I noticed something very curious, this mirror I've seen elsewhere .. where it can be ? Oh yeah, it also had DaHae unnie and not in the running, but in a CF-faints-
    Another curious thing that mirror, in the central part has a bear - is seen more clearly in the picture DaHae -. owwww 3 
    I suspect that this mirror is owned by Wookie, since I have seen DaHae use another mirror, and he as good boyfriend would presto - or maybe I take it without permission - These guys no longer want to hide anything.


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