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  1. Episode 26 is summarized only great love scenes! Even if you have not got that sort of bed scene we wished, I think that gave kisses that were more exciting, so much love and passion were transmitting at once ... I do not think this is already Starring .. THIS IS REAL !!!!! I've never seen a Wookie & DaHae give kisses so in apasiaonados other co-stars today have shown us what your CHEMICAL do, and we also send the message that we believe that theirs is REAL! They are moments of drama that are actually themselves, scene on the sofa and the balcony are proof of that, and apparently are no longer afraid to show their feelings to people, because they are now more mature and more confident what they are doing, embrace on behind the scenes, look after each other and they like to touch each other .. this is already a mature love, that with which the person is going to spend the rest of your life! . Just pray that the good news come soon and this thread will be a feast! -now if I have to do my research work xd -

  2. Now with the bed scene! As future marketing specialist, I think a large part of the strategy team MBC make the same players talk about the scene waiting for more viewers certainly are looking to climb the rankings for that episode, but that will be transmitted on Sunday and as I saw the ratings on that day tend to lose on Saturday comparison - well done MBC, but if you put more BTS would be much better, it's just a small recommendation - 
    Well, now speaking as delusional loader! It was what we both wanted, always commented to my friends from college so it would be fantastic to see such scenes in HK for the simple fact that they are now more mature in acting, compared to their days of My Girl, both experencia have already had in those scenes and was the minimum that the director could give us! AND FINALLY YOU WILL SEE THIS SUNDAY! Well, as many of you agree and I just do not want to have my expectations so high, not because they trust the level of acting of both, but for the simple fact that in Korea are usually very reserved with that kind of scene but a plus is that this drama airs at night, when children are in sweet dreams .... except in my country, which at the time is being broadcast live tomorrow and the only thing I do not want is that my mom see me red-handed, because if so, is able to send me to church and pray a thousand Hail Marys and lock me in a convent jajajajajajajajajajajaja lol - is too conservative -  
    And with what was said by DaHae on bed scene, saying that there are some files that can not be suitable for display in Broadcast ..... just want to ask what is it that made little naughty? , It may be that in 9 months we see a beautiful baby Donghae among us jajajajajajajajajajajajajaja-this is very delusional 
    I reiterate my apologies to my poor English ... Donghae Figthing boots!

  3. OMO! It's amazing how quickly this thread has moved! I check in the morning and during my college classes and incredibly'll get to 200 pages. 

    This image had not seen, it's perfect! I just want to ask ... Where do I get a man like that? Protector, caring, friendly, make you laugh, which is always on hard times, who cares about you, you can trust in, besides the physically beautiful it is .. as my mom says is the complete package ! I can only say ... DaHae you is blessed!!!!! BOTH HAVE BEEN BLESSED! I hope to find one when you are at the age to get married   :D;) :x

  4. Hi all, I am new to the forums but I mean I've always been aware of this thread to find new news of my unnie Gong Hyo Jin. I admire much since early last year when I saw her in The Greatest Love, from there I have seen most of his dramas and am now looking forward to the new one almost there for release. I hope by posting frequently here, plus you can share thoughts when the drama is in trasmision (clear in its respective thread). Greetings to all :) 
    Pdst: Sorry for my poor English. 8->

  5. Hello everyone, I'm new to a couple sent via Soompi (I've always made ​​of silencionsa way), but it's time to make presence on this ship. I've been reading all the posts since this thread was started because really admire Wookie & DaHae since I saw in My Girl thanks to a television network in my country. It's amazing to keep that chemistry that I fall in love when I saw this drama recently last year, since then I started to investigate and I found many articles that related to them at the time, of course in addition to follow in other dramas that had made ​​subsequently . and when I saw the news they gathered Hotel King, it was like a dream come true, because when saw Miss Ripley and Scent of a Woman thinking how great it would be a meeting of them, but believed it was impossible for the rumors sucitaron couple who in the time of MG. But the fact is, he is currently starring in a drama, and give us hope where they can become a couple in real life ... ACTIONS ARE WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS!! The way ....... both look ... god convey love! , Plus his background, I also agree with you .. for me they were a couple during the 2006-2008 season, and the confidence that they currently can corroborate their accounts. I only ask that if you really are destined to be a couple, I end up marrying as soon as possible! But if not ... well ... I always emphasize is its beautiful friendship ... so not but one has no contact with his co-star after 8 years! It's just beautiful ... your story will be positive as both are currently single and anything can happen. 
    I think I've written too xd, looking forward to sharing more thoughts and they'll be aware of updates. SHIP DONGHAE figthing

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