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  1. At this point of his life, not to mention its near his ideal age of marrying, before 40 yrs.old, I dont think Hb can still be threaten. He is not into mediaplay, he dont use anybody just to be popular. He made a name for himself. He is so harworking and he said before, he is working hard for his future family. He even have collections of baby shoes since 2009(?) when he went to Hawaii. He is not the type which we can easily read what's on his mind moreso he cannot be dictated. A man of few words but when he speak up expect that its the truth and not what we wanted to hear from him. I am a Binkyo supporter then and now and I am not denying it to anyone that'swhy this thread even after ten yrs. were still sailing peacefully. But I know how to respect Binkyo as individual, in short I am an openminded supporter. I already proved this when Kyo got married and Bin have another relationship. It hurts,very painful to describe it further but I need to respect their decision that's how I love them. Their lovestory been tested for many years. I just wish that their supporters also show some respect whatever their decision might be. As I've said before let's be a supporter not a fanatic. Let's give them all the love, support and respect that they needed. We cannot give the happiness that they waited for a long time. If its really Binkyo,then lets give them our love and support or if you're against them just respect will do. If you know how to respect other people, it will show your upbringing, the way you were raise up by your parents. At all times be good to others, it will reflect your characters. There's nothing wrong with shipping, we only need to be a responsible shippers and to have a good attitude towards others. I am just happy to see many were become curious with Binkyo and hoping in time, they will also learn to love them as a couple.
  2. Hb knows what to do. Let's just wait after July 22 or after Bargaining. Kyo knows her rights now, the unbothered queen. I like your attitude now unnie brave and open. The truth will set us free. Let's wait a little more until Hb make an afficial statement. For now, no news are good news for Binkyo.
  3. you're welcome. There were many supporters of Binkyo to thank. I would like to thank @ebullient for helping us and initiates the opening of binkyo thread. Also our longtime loyal Binkyonatics, our kind and very reasonable admin @gyobin82 who became member of soompi ahead of me, our equally loyal binkyo supportets @queenmaria @song4kim @deaborj @susea @esophageal to name few. I hope they can come back too. Thank you everyone for learning to love Binkyo now. I know some of you came from other ship or just a supporter of Bin or Kyo. I hope this time you can all realize and understand why we love this couple then and now. Thank you @caileysmileyfor posting Bk's wedding that initiates us to continue to post again and to @DonnaMae for the private convo. we had that inspite of my absence here to give way and respect kyo's marriage and Bin with other relationship, I realized there were still many hopeful Binkyo out there. Always remember that nothing is impossible with God. What's meant to be will always find each other in the end. my song for them is Love will lead you backSomeday I just know thatLove will lead you back to my armsWhere you belongI'm sure, sure as stars are shiningOne day you will find me again, it won't be longOne of these days our love will lead you back Fighting Binkyo. InGodwetrust.
  4. To show gratitude. Bk is not only their stylist but one of their longtime,loyal binkyo friend.
  5. As if Hb will follow them? I've been observing Hb's character as Mr.Kim and he is not the type of a man that can be bullied or just give in to fans demands especially with regards to his personal life. He even said before that he thinks media doesn't know even 10% of his private life. And he doesn't want to expose his family, house and gf. For him, his privacy is his most precious entity. Even before, during Binkyo days in 2009 up to the present, he still the same Hb with regards to his lovelife. We don't see pics of him dating. That's how he protects his relationship. I read some comments in vast ig, some fans threaten not to support him anymore etc. because maybe Hb were not giving in to their demands. In my opinion, I dont think they are real fans because as a real supporter, we have to support and love them unconditionally. He is not Hb in real life, he is Mr. Kim. And now as day passes by and still no official denial or admission re the rumor, I can see in him ksw. He also endured this kind of experience before when he chosed love over career. He chosed his wife inspite of the threat of his fans before that they will withdraw in supporting him and this happens at the height of his career. Many fans left him at that time because he never gave up the woman he truly loves. But the happiness that his wife and children brought to him because of his firm decision cannot be replaced. Look how happy and contented ksw now. He may not be that popular as before he gets married, so what, everybody will gets older. And when they gets older, what's most important is that they have build a happy family. I always look up at this actor and he gains my respect. Now same scenario might be happening to Hb if the rumor is true. He is now getting bash, maybe some fans might also withdraw their support for him if they didn't get what they wanted. I hope Hb will be a much stronger man and inspite of his popularity now, I wish he will stand up and defend the woman he truly loves. Hb is the same man in all his movies/dramas, he only gets different roles but when he goes home, he is the normal person, Mr. Kim. As I've said in my previous post, do not be swayed when he is in front of the camera, we will all fall for him that's how good actor he is. Don't blame Hb when we support him in his drama or movies, its our voluntary act and should not be taken against him. He is a good actor that'swhy some thinks that his role in a certain project is real. Of course as an actor, he is being paid and in turn, he should portray his role very well. Some gives meaning in every action he made. Do not fall for his dimple, do not fall for his smile, do not fall for his gentle actions, even to fans he sometimes cover their legs with towel (btw Shk always have towel to cover her legs hehehe ). These are all his natural traits. Even shk said he is a gentleman. During promo of Hyde with Hjm, he even help her (hjm) in fixing her clothes ( I think in her shoulder or back ). If we will put meaning into all his actions while promoting/shooting then by this time how many gfs Hb must have? I remember before someone dropsby in this thread during Hyde, she is a shipper of hb/hjm and she asked if Hb and shk were dating privately. She compared how hb behaves in Hyde..wrap up party and in WW. She even said that when the kissing scenes episode of hb and hjm aired, shk posted in her ig, two consecutive childhood pics of her that looks like she is annoyed and embarassed hahaha ( look how fans really obeserved hahaha ) Then I go to to shk ig and I saw the post she is referring to. Btw this fan got a lot of offlimits before in their thread. Let's not be selfish. Let's be part of Hb's longtime wish to build his own family. Let's prove our love to him and to Kyo by showing them our unconditional love,respect and support. Remember we dont own them, we are here to support and not to harrass them. They have real life off cam. Let's respect each other and sail peacefully. InGodwetrust
  6. agree with you chingu. There's nothing to worry as long as they're happy. That's what most important now. Anyway, whatever they'll do, some people will still say hurtful words. The reality is we cannot please everyone no matter what we do. So as long as they're happy, go for it. Anyway, we're here for them thru thick and thin.
  7. hahaha I guess It takes a lot of prayers and deep faith to be a supporter of Binkyo. After all the "storms" that we've encountered sailing this ship and even ww thread, praying that soon we will all see the rainbow. I told you its hard but it will be all worth it in the end. If they are truly meant to be, no amount of storm can tear them apart. With God nothing is impossible. InGodwetrust
  8. @KimSooHanMoo welcome aboard. I hope you'll enjoy backreading and to continue to be an openminded Hb supporter. I also saw that Hb pic in his military uniform in 2017. I feel sad too. Anyway our Bin already surpass that stage that makes him a stronger and much better man. Now, I think all his sacrifices paid off. I read part of his May 2019 interview and if the translation were right, Hb said he is not sure on whether he will remain a public property anymore. Let's just pray that his longtime dream to have his own family will soon come true to the prettiest woman in his eyes.
  9. It's ok. It's free to lurk so we cannot do anything about that. Let them enjoy bashing, mocking and insulting Binkyo and even us anywhere. Anyway it will reflect their true characters not ours. There are still many educated supporters out there. Since the beginning of this thread, we never been after the quantity of the members here but more of the quality and those very loyal to Binkyo whatever the outcome of this rumor will be. Life has to continue whether the admission/denial of Hb will be on our favor or not. We have our own unique style of shipping Binkyo. That is what true supporters should be. Fighting Binkyo. InGodwetrust
  10. agree with you. If they are confident shipping Hb with other actresses and they were saying its real, there's no need to insult Kyo and this Binkyo thread. Rumored reconciliation must not bothered them at all. As I said in my previous post, we are also waiting. But we are enjoying while waiting. This rumor remains rumor until Hb admitted or denied this. No need for hurtful words towards kyo and even with us. Let's just all sail happily and respect each other's choices.
  11. Hyun Bin: “Song Hye Gyo helped my acting improve.” Hyun Bin is a blessed man. He got recognized in his acting and firmly got onto the path of star. South Korea top star Jang Dong Gun treat him like a brother and giving him a lot of advice without any hesitation. By his side, is his most dazzling lover, Song Hye Gyo. To Hyun Bin, Song Hye Gyo is a lover who can discussed about acting just like a friend. For a series of his dramas, ‘Snow Queen‘, ‘The World That They Live In‘ and ‘Friend, Our Legend‘, Hyun Bin has not been acting in a well-dressed role, but this does not affect Hyun Bin’s position in the entertainment industry. Hyun Bin: “Until now, I never regret about the choice I made.” The first question asked was the poor rating of ‘Friend, Our Legend’. Does he really have to take up this Dong Soo role in the drama? This role don’t really matches Hyun Bin image of goodness. Hyun Bin replied: “Ever since I watched the Korean movie ‘Friend’, I wanted to take up the challenge of acting in it. In fact, people surrounding me were opposed about it. But I felt if I missed my dream of acting in the drama, it hard to find it back. So I came under pressure to act in this drama. Of course, I dreamed of playing the Dong Soo role.” Hyun Bin has been a star since 3 years after his debut. He was acting in the Korean TV drama ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’. This drama received 50% ratings of the TV series and he became popular overnight. However, after then Hyun Bin’s dramas rating are not been satifactory and getting hard to achieve two digit ratings. Does he ever regretted about it? Hyun Bin said: “In fact, I have never regret. Even though the ratings were not high, but the artistic work has been affirmed. I felt happy for this. ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’ let me experienced the sweetness of high ratings too early, but at the same time I was no longer obsessed or tangled with the TV ratings easily.” Hyun Bin: “Jang Dong Gun is my spiritual support.” Hyun Bin was really much affected by actor Jang Dong Gun. Currently Hyun Bin was under Jang Dong Gun’s AM agent firm. He also listened to Jang Dong Gun’s suggestion when selecting his performance. Starring in the TV series ‘Friend, Our Legend’ was also recommended by Jang Dong Gun. Jang Dong Gun is like a solid back for Hyun Bin. But on the other hand, it seen like Hyun Bin has been hidden under the light of Jang Dong Gun who cannot emit his own light. Hyun Bin: “Senior Jang Dong Gun is my spiritual support. Of course, some people told me that I would always live in the shadow of Jang Dong Gun, and I felt so sometimes. However, I learned a lot from Jang Dong Gun. The most important thing is I could see the standard thinking and attitude of an actor should have from Jang Dong Gun. If I could catch up with Senior Jang Dong Gun, then I would be half successful.” Hyun Bin: “Work and love, I do not want to favor any one side.” Recently Hyun Bin and Song Hye Gyo announced their relationship to the public. Last year they were both acting in the Korean TV drama ‘The World That They Live In’ and this fate has made them as a real couple. As a lover, Hyun Bin don’t really talked much about Song Hye Gyo. However as a fellow actor, he shared it is very meaningful to be in love with Song Hye Gyo. Hyun Bin: “She is a friend who I can learned a lot from her.” We discussed and talked a lot about performance and acting stuffs. We got closer to each other through this process. My acting ability has a great improvement. Now we also talked about a lot more things on performance.” Reporter: “We really like to know even since you have been with Song Hye Gyo, which part of your acting skills improve the most?” Hyun Bin: “Should be my eye contact’. I think the difference between acting in the TV series ‘Friend, Our Legend’ compare to the movie version is the eye contact. To be able too demonstrated a good eye contact with a strong and painful love. Recently, I’m doing it quite well.” Source From: IsPlus *** old interview So for those of you who giggle because of how hb looks at his co-star, now you know who to thank for. Hb's character is so different from the real man Kim Tae Pyung offcam. Don't be swayed when Hb works, we will all fall for this man when he is shooting. Let's be more of a respectful supporter than a fanatic. Fanatic meaning from Cambridge dictionary a person who is extremely interested in something, to a degree that some people find unreasonable. InGodwetrustforever and we should only trust God alone.
  12. Yes, indeed with God there's nothing impossible. InGodwetrustforever
  13. Squirrel and panda maybe just an animal for some, but it became part of Binkyo's journey. The name of the brown dog is Soul, correct me if I'm wrong the pomeranian's name is Squirrel. They can laugh all they want,its ok. We should respect other's opinion but I pray that the last laugh will be ours.
  14. past, present and future hahaha hb belongs to his future family and if ever binkyo truly reconcile, the more they insult shk, the more Hb will love and protect her. And if ever the rumors were true, in my opinion, this blackout news in Korea,only proves he is protecting Kyo and their relationship.