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  1. @caileysmileyyy I never stop shipping and praying for BinKyo then and now regardless of what happened in the past. I believe what's destined to be yours will be yours no matter what happens. Thank you @caileysmileyyy
  2. Why not? So hopeful now that they're single again. Thank you @caileysmileyyy for keeping this thread alive again.
  3. Hi dear, yes she is Ms. Belmakang. Binkyo's friend stylist. She use to be kyo's stylist before and became Bin's stylist until now.
  4. Nice to hear and see good comments here. Everyone who knew me knows that I am a loyal BinKyo supporter then and now. Regardless of what happened in their individual life,still I am forever hopeful. I believe in miracles and if two people were meant to be,in the end they will live happily together. Thank you everyone for your love and loyalty to BinKyo.
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