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  1. Hi @leek hope u could notice my pm hehe. TIA. :)

  2. Kyyyyaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Can't contain my happiness right now! I know it's still too early to celebrate. But I wanna shout out my love for #BinKyo!!! After all the things that happened. You guys are so great!!! #BinKyoLove #BinKyoFighting #LoveConquersAll
  3. Does that mean if they finally come out, some of you guys will spill the beans to the newbie supporters? Hehehe. I am happy that there's a group like this showing support for the lovely couple. Knowing more about those bigger things related to them is really like a happy pill. Though reading your insights posted here is really helpful to get to know more about them as a person not just an actor. As their fan, but I like Kyo more hehe, I'll be contented with what I can have for now. Thanks to all the loyal members who keep sharing here I'm learning a lot here.
  4. I hope pro binkyo newbies like me can relate. Hehehe. But no matter how long the wait till the biggest bomb will explode, I will support both of them all the way. As long as they're happy I'm also happy.
  5. She looks contented and having a good time. I've been reading this thread and feeling happy for some connections they may have. I will continue to support Bin and Kyo regardless together or separately. Though my first post was last July before the denial was released, I was just a silent reader and just reacting to some posts here. I enjoy reading here. Hope I'm still welcome. Have a nice day everyone. :)
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