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  1. anopinion said:
    Plus, even though I like it that MY will be taking initiative in the relationship, logically I feel that Geon should be the one wooing her instead. I mean, MY has done nothing wrong all this while right? In fact, from his interview, when Jang Hyuk was filming the ending scene for ep12 he clearly felt that Geon was going to do the chasing (I think perhaps it's also partly because he watched the original version before).
    I'm so looking forward to the next episode though. The preview looks awesome and I can watch the snail couple being lovey dovey every single day.
    P.S. Secretary Tak's name translates to pool table. LOL :))

  2. Somehow I want to believe that the proposal will be disrupted before MY can ever answer the question.....After watching the proposal, LG one more time will become a noble idiot...He will walk away from the scene and will leave behind the painting for MY. But in the process of doing so, some noise are made and caught the attention of both MY and Daniel....They went to check the situation only the find out the painting is lying on the floor and catch a glimpse of LG walking away.........
    DAMN...MY imagination is sure running wild

  3. chunnogirl33 said: Because if this I assume she will not chase him when she meets him again unless she finds out why he let her go, and even then, who knows how she will react? I also can't imagine Geon pursuing her, since we have no idea what his situation is and he probably still has a lot of guilt and possibly an illness to deal with I wouldn't want his pursuit to be triggered by jealousy. 

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