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  1. 5 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:


    I have the impression that professor Cha might have known about the affair before JW discovered it that's why he had an argument with his son. He called LSJ a richard simmons because professor Cha thinks, SJ had an affair with JW.

    What professor Cha doesn't suspect is: Park. On the other hand, he mentioned the remarriage between SJ and JW as he thought, both were having an affair. However, he made it in the presence of Park... Imagine the irony, Cha wanted to test JW but didn't realize that the real "culprit" was Park. Then he mentioned to Park about the story he heard from YR... thinking it was JW. But Park could have been in fact the one cheating with LSJ. Yet, he discovers from professor Cha that CHS was indeed the father.

    Notice that Park knew that CHS was playing the game, just like JW. He was still in touch with both. Besides, how could Marco and SJ have JW's cellphone number? In my opinion, Lee Soo Jin manipulated JW letting him think that the real villain is professor Cha in order to avoid any suspicion. Moreover, the way director PArk's reacted, when he received a call from HJ in the episode 11, he looked like he expected a different outcome with JW: his death. Now professor Cha's life is linked to JW's life... Moreover, Park is unaware what JW intended to do with the investigation.


    I've always said that the game was a way to get rid JW and CHS. By turning JW into the murderer of CHS, everything is solved. Director Park is now the new CEO. Then LSJ can inherit the shares from her husband. It was Park who told JW that professor Cha intended to take CHS's inheritance. But what if this wasn't true?

    However, this isn't everything... There must be someone else involved in the game... someone who could change the original game into a murder weapon. I might be wrong but KSB is my suspect. The way he tries to describe JW as a bad man doesn't sound right. The fact that he claimed that JW might have killed SJ was a clue for me. Then he followed HJ to Seoul and remained by her side, maybe he was thinking that SJ might call or visit her. 


    JW is still thinking that the game has an error... I hope, he is wrong and realizes that this was much more than a game.


    My theory might be wrong... but who cares, since it is fun to try to figure things out.

    i like this theory.It is very plausible..And i want to add something to this theory


    The three that died( marco,hyeonsuk,secreatary seo) in Granada were not killed by the game.They were killed by Director Park/his minions outside of the game..


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  2. 3 hours ago, Kasmic said:

    I think it mentions something about the quest being interrupted. :blink: 

    Is an "interrupted quest" can be considered as a "failed quest" ? If yes, it will have a significant impact to JW's effort to find Seju ....

    It was mentioned twice in the game( on the train and at the  dungeon's entrance) that the quest is for "one time try" only..





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  3. Okay..I just finished watching the 10th episode..

    - it was very intense that i felt like watching the finale episode...

    - the interaction with Emma was just mehh..too little..I expect more since i've been waiting from Emma since episode 3...So far she is doing nothing..Her character has been oversold and over promoted..Even the pirates have more a significant function..

    - The reappearance of City Hunter in the dungeon pulled at your heartstrings

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  4. 47 minutes ago, nikir said:

    i guess its one of those machines take over humans code kind of thing..the game starts to act on its own and kill its players maybe through cell phone ..emitting some radiation or something weird..but then why didnt anyone die when killed earlier in levels 1 and other levels? why only now ppl are dying!! getting crazier!!

    The lens could be one of the reason... It was hinted in episode 1..


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  5. 55 minutes ago, siddy09 said:

    Since you brought this video again, I watched it once more to analyse ..thanks.:)

    -JinWoo looks down to check that his leg is working fine..it seems he is kind of surprised himself..as if he is not believing that the thing actually work. So what if he asked his programmer to fix his leg, at least in the game and that's why the sudden shock that woah..it worked!


    I think its due to Emma.. It was mentioned before that Emma is a healer

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  6. My comments for ep 7


    - i chuckled a little bit looking at Subway PPL.. 

    - his secretary now can see and help him kill Dr. Cha.He also can hear the Alhambra song before that.

    - Something amiss with Prof. Cha

    - JW is now an alcoholic

    - JW is using a cheat code or a back door to up his level..

    - I wonder why JW and his 2nd wife not yet divorced

    - I hope there will be more interaction/conversation between JW and HJ.. You could feel an emotional pull when HJ lashing out at JW at the end of episode 7

    -Finally, "where is Seju" subject being discussed

    - Is HJ going to join the game ? In the preview, while talking to HJ on the phone, JW saying that he will show that SJ is not yet dead..





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  7. Ep6 is my favorite episode so far for several reasons

    - there is a nice balance between AR action and normal life

    - the romance is finally kicked off...there are more interaction between HJ and JW.This is the first time i could feel their connection..

    - mental anxiety shown by JW.. You could fell his anguish...

    - the plot is moving a little bit after repetitive duels between JW and Dr. Cha in the previous episodes


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    17 hours ago, packmule3 said:

    3. The memories of Granada, or to more concise, HISTORY of Granada is right in front of our eyes.Granada is associated with the two famous Catholic monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand. They are credited for unifying Spain and elevating it to a super-power at the time.

    Isabella was the heiress to the Kingdom of Castile, and it isn’t far-fetch to thing that Isabella will be represented by HeeJoo in this kdrama. After all, Heejoo is the owner of Hostal Bonita. Bonita and bella are Spanish for beautiful.

    On the other hand, Ferdinand was the heir to the Kingdom of Aragon. JinWoo will represent him in this story. If you notice, the knight that approached JinWoo on a horse and died in front of him from arrows, as well as the knights killed by his arch-rival HyungSeo were knights of Aragon.

    Under the reign of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, Granada was reconquered from the Moors by 1492.  We can foresee that, in this kdrama, Heejoo and JinWoo will team up in a game to defeat the warriors of the Nasrid dynasty who ruled the Kingdom of Granada.



    Thanks for your insight about the history of Granada,especially about the similarity between Isabella/Ferdinand and HJ/JW.This is an interesting comparison

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    I just finished watching the first two episodes...I like what I watched although I'm a little bit confused by a few things.This is probably due to the storytelling style. It is very non-linear in term of time,spaces and  places of the events.It is very 3D/4D -ish kind of story.. You cannot make a conclusion by just watching one event/scene..its kinda similar to writer's previous drama,"Nine".. You need to continuously watching the drama to slowly unravel itself..


    BTW,i have one complain about this drama.. For the first two episodes, it was too HB/JW's centric... PSH/HJ was there as just some kind of a (beautiful)accessory only. She has a very little scenes..I hope this will change for the future episodes..







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