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  1. 43 minutes ago, bccem99 said:

    Someone said above that DMS said "I like you" when in Canada but Netflix translated this to "I love you." Is he saying "I like you" or "I love you" in the original language in the more recent episodes like when locked in the room and when in the park? And, can someone explain to us English speakers if the difference between these phrases has the same meaning in Chinese as in English?


    Also, I had to lol when SC said she wouldn't go over at night because what if he thinks she's an "easy" girl. Girl, you have been in a bedroom how many times with this guy now and absolutely nothing beyond a brief kiss has happened many of those times. I think you're in no danger of DMS thinking you're easy given how much he has to do just to kiss his gfriend, lol. 

    DMS said “i really love you” in the bedroom scene. Certainly a level up since his confession in Canada.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, wasted_youth said:


    Kekeke is this a new trend, Junyeora? Gwiyeopta

    I assume he already read the fans messages yesterday because cjes also posted the same caption this morning hehe. The fans are still commenting btw, they just don't stop.

    He looked happy in the fantaken photos (how can he not be? He may not get the girl but he gets all the love)

    Great that he looks bright and chrippy. He must be feeling all of our love... I hope that he doesnt have another love line in his upcoming projects for a while. I can't bear another heartache so soon. 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, suzy0604 said:

     you, me, and like thousand others.. we'r so screwed! what is this virus?  all my thoughts are ryu.. ryu.. any cure? oh no, wait I dont wanna be cured..:wub:

    i so looking forward for the vapp broadcast and taxi interview, still so curios of his true personality..

    how tall is ryu? is he really over 180?

    @suzy0604 Apparently, RJY is 183cm based on online sources. :)

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  4. 8 hours ago, boranoona said:

    I know what they will show...sth like a girl found the abandoned ring on the table and she is the one destined to be with junghwan :vicx: bcz deoksun surely didn't pick it up

    This reminds of a recent Taiwanese drama where the male lead who wanted to propose to his ex-girlfriend but she didn't turn up so he gave it away to a random girl (female lead) who was in the area, crying. Years later, they ended up as a couple. The writer better write us a proper closure then. 

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  5. My thoughts echo many others here. Even if the writer wrote Junghwan as the endgame, she wasted one episode on Taek. If Deoksun dated Taek then broke up, it's just odd that she dated Junghwan's good friend before. Though this happened to my friend in real life, it is just oddddddddd. I don't think i will recover from this. I am not going to watch the next Reply series until the show has completed airing. Urggg my heart. :angry:

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  6. 4 hours ago, kaqueski said:

    Nice! He has his own thread :D I just wanna stop by and say how much RJY surprises me. I did not have any expectation in the beginning but he is so charming, it's hard to resist. One thing I love most about him is his manly/warm voice :) I especially like it when he was like, "ya! ya ya ya ya!":))))) 

    Anyhow, he is around 29-30 now. Does he go the army yet? I hope he already did, then he can be fully active after Reply 1988, I think he's gonna have a lot of activities and drama/cf deals afterwards.

    Hello! I think he has already been to the army. I remember reading it somewhere. :)

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  7. 12 hours ago, kayle01 said:

    Hahaha  those will only be the beginning, when it happened to me in 1994 I was to mad at myself that i believed the trolling and at the writers, that i started to hate everything until i calmed down and saw reason (mind you i still cant bring myself to watch it again)  ah i was so young and stupid back then.  I wouldnt even dare to go to the 'losing' sides shipping tread, the anger will be real, until everything calms down I dont think we should take what shippers say seriously, anger will def blind them.

    On a serious note do you think we should do something nice for RJY, when 1994 ended us CB shippers did a book with quotes, pictures, letters to the actor etc.  ( i dont know if Oppa shippers did something too) I think it would defiantly be a nice gesture for RJY especially since he just became popular in this series, he will see how people form all over the world likes LOVES his acting and that we will follow him through his career & encourage him :) . But this is up to you guys  unfortunately I dont have the time or skills to do something like this but I would love to help where i can.

    @kayle01 Someone should totally do a world map that points out where his fans are. Who knows, we might cover many, many countries. :D

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  8. 55 minutes ago, dienummereins said:

    I'm hereby declare the winner of The Idiocy Award in this series are SUNWOO AND DONGRYONG!!


    I am with you on this. How could their closest friends not notice his true feelings? 


    By the way, eyesonryu just released the English sub version of junghwan's confession --> Youtube

    edit: junghwan never said that he was joking. His friends were the one who brushed it off as a joke.

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