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  1. I wonder if TVN had plan for season 2 before the series even started. First, the title itself, LUCA: The Beginning. And now into the second half, we see the two leads married and have a baby who's possibly special like Ji Oh. I'm starting to think that JI & GR or one of them will die in the final episode, the kid survives. If they want to do another season, I hope the plot will be different (development from s1) and no repetitive events. Congrats LUCA on hitting 6.118% for yesterday's episode!
  2. There's a few possibilities. - a copycat. The one who killed years ago and the one from the recent cases are two different people. - MJ knew the killer, so probably someone that has been introduced to us? Is it YJY the butcher? Park Jung Je? - Yu Yeon's disappearance. And is she really innocent? - if DS is indeed the killer in the past, I'm really curious how the writer is going to do it. I don't think they will take the DID route.
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