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  1. So far, loving this drama! It has the right amount of comedy, romance and story.. both leads are endearing to watch, and their chemistry is also very good. I'm also loving the parents, love how they are so chill about their eldest son getting an unknown girl pregnant, other drama will have their parents vomit blood or being overly dramatic, and I just love how the father just fake passing out to get away from arguments..lol
  2. @honeytime happy birthday! May you have a happy life just like our XY and CY Anyone knows will there be any episodes today? Whay happen to the extra 6 episodes? ZYC and HYZ should really reunited in another drama, with the success of SP, I'm sure it will happen, perhaps in 2021, after their respective schedule permit.
  3. The epilogue is so sweet with extra brown sugar and maple syrup! Got many question like : 1. How come CY just woke up like that? Whats the trigger? 2. Why did they left their son to XC? but the highlights are : 1. CY "abusing" XY until his waist is sore.. ehem.. ehem.. 2. XC the emperor being happily bullied by his nephew.. lol
  4. Please send me the link to the TSP epilogue - Thank you!!!

  5. @angelflower thank you so much for your hardwork as always! Wow! You guys have amazing inputs and analyzis. Yup, there is a high chance that perhaps XY and CY are characters inside GS story that he told his WW, but WW is alive and well (either she woke up or she was never asleep to begin with). Gosh, we have to wait another week, so its confirmed there will 6 extra episodes (with unknowing length for each) instead of epilogue? My guess is they will have 1 extra epilogue for the ending, and the rest will be extra footage, like cut scenes, BTS, bloopers, etc.
  6. @BreezeC agree ZYC look beautiful when he cries, how can he make tears flow from the center of his eyes so stunningly like that, but then again he is blessed with gorgeous expressive eyes. Agreeing with you all, for me personally open endings are the worst, open ending for me equal to lazy writings then masking it with letting the audience imagination decide. Even sad ending is fine, because some people really love tragedy drama (not my cup of tead tho') And XY attempting suicide by bringing along CY? Cmmon that is so out of character, more so after all XM's sacrifice
  7. @angelflower yup! I also feel there are so many random things that happen between ep. 34 and 35, TY did not really need to die. I mean WHY? to be more dramatic? To display that XM and TY are together in the after life? But, they were never together in real life anyway? And also the thing with NX and NW, it was supposed to be sad, but I feel nothing and just wanna skip, because it was so random.. lol @enzek after you point that out, that coloring is sure is different and the place sure different. They do look dream-like, I hope they do not pull any pranks on us. I wish its them in t
  8. This! I cried... oh Xing Cheng you are a champion in my heart! Your love and the way you love are so precious.. XY nodding and wanting kisses from CY is too cute! I can't even.. I cant believe our great general is becoming a cute husband..
  9. https://youtu.be/hw008OEY5xo Were these scenes cut? Or they will insert it in the epilogue? @WinCee millions thanks! You are doing amazing job as always!
  10. @enzek preech! It obvious that they did that on the last minute, seeing how popular SP got, to milk more money from the audience.. I mean, 15 minutes of flashbacks on the very last episode? It obvious that they cut some scenes, and put it in so called epilogue.
  11. I think because XY was there, this time when she transform she could get hold of herself, and remember who she is and remember XY, maybe because the fact that XY was the only one who could stop CY from dreaming. Her cure. After watching episodes 35, its pretty obvious that they cut a lot of scenes, because they spent about 15-20 minutes on flasback to fill the episodes. I all happy for epilogues or extra episodes, but 6 whole episodes? Will it be a full episodes or shorts ones? I wonder how CY wake ups from her sleep? But, hey, we got to see more CY and XY! And it
  12. There is some unaired clip in sweetgaeja instagram, I don't know if its spoiler for the epilogue or just unused/cut scenes. But they are too sweet there.. seems like they are married and lead a simple life away from the palace. If extended to 6 episodes, then will our couple faced more hardship to fill the episodes? but I'm down for the just the everday marriage life of our leads.
  13. @Gina Madren thanks for the gif, can't imagine anyone more happier than XY to be "bitten" by "tiger"lol @Jessica Vargas Rubio so it will be out on 9th september, thanks for the info Everyone... don't go just yet.. we still have another week for the epilogue..
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