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  1. Hahahaha...we have the same sentiment, I really didn't connect with DOTS, and it made me cringe so bad (no offence to the fans, just personal opinion), but I get it now. He bring Vincenzo to life. He is layered, smouldering and dangerous here. IKR. It goes to prove how professional actors are. When the director shout action they become their character and in that world. I could feel the tight bond and friendship the cast and crew developed over the months, applaud to the casting director to find such amazing talents. Most of them want a second season, including KDY even if
  2. Last BTS hiiiks.... I'm not a shipper of actors, but dang these two are so sweet to each other.. I didn't know that SJK is such a warm and affectionate person, no wonder the cast, staff and crew seem to adore and respect him not because he's a Hallyu star. I was not a fan before but, I do now.
  3. Guys... Game caterers x Vincenzo is out with sub now!
  4. Yes.. whether he is a scum, a villain is very open for debate, thats what I like about this drama, it questions our morality and values. As a bystander, seeing what his done murdering people left and right, I would say he is a villain, but if my family member was murdered by big conglomerate/powerful person, and no matter how I try the police and law wont take myside, and they instead threat me and my family, and someone like Vincenzo exist, would I feel glad? Honestly yes. Hell, I'll be rooting for him. SJK himself said Vincenzo is a Villain, he shouldnt be in the society, and its
  5. Mr. Nam is the Unsung hero really... he is the glue that support everyone, from his special effects skills, reading and memorizing Guilotine file, to playing with the switch button during the epic fights at geumga.. lol
  6. Aah yes.. I forget they are rich AF.. lol, but they have to be careful for tax evasion claims.. I'm waiting for the game cateters X Vincenzo to get subbed and also the last BTS.. hiks..
  7. Awww... everyone posts makes me feels so bittersweet, I'm so thankful I got the chance to watch this amazing drama, witness such amazing chemistry not only between the leads but also all the cast member. Sincerity never fails, and we all could feel the sencerity from all the cast and crew of Vincenzo. I am sure after this they will form a friendship of a lifetime. And I get to rant here in these forum with such wonderful people, thank you so much for your opinion, insight, information and rants. They make the viewing experience 1000000x better! Th
  8. I was not comfortable during the torture scenes, and skip them, I agree with you because we have the same value about God be the final judge and executioner. I am not trying to look for justification for V, he is brutal, but God works in mysterious way. He may work trough V's hand to give his judgement on earth, you reap what you sow. This is my question too.. but I think they all got some shares/money from VC, because they didn't seem to be lack for money. (but, I dont know if V told the that the money came from the gold). We didn't get a photoshoot, but at least we got
  9. IKR, they havent seen each other for a year, and they have to part again after just a few hours of reuniting.. but, I believe VC will bring CY to his Island in Malta, and she would stay for months.. Oh boy! Did I see that!? Did I see that... lol I never seen any of SJK work before or at least I didnt remember seing his kissing scene prior, and also JYB. But the both of them are excellent is kissing scene! To waste their talent for only two kissing scene is a sin really.. lol
  10. Me too, I might be the minority too, but I find the ending satisfying, its not perfect but it stay true to the theme. From the begining it was about Vincenzo journey in finding his purposes, that he is not just a killing machine. He was always restless, there is this duality within him, he doesnt bat a eye when killing his enemy, but at somepoint his choices in life, bothers him. Untill he went to Korea, meet the love of his life, the geumga residents, and the evil corporate with deep rooted corruption within society, that he realize he doesnt have to change ways to fin
  11. Yes... HS death was heartbreaking.. and unnecessary... I need time to process this.. But I'm satisfied with the ending, the villains get what they deserve in worst way possible, and Vincha is together, maybe not in a conventional way.. but they sealed their undying love with a breathtaking kiss (YB is such a good kisser!). Yay! my bet was right!! Even if they didnt get to see each other often but he would come visit her whenever he can and she could always stay at his private islands. While both of them still fullfiling their calling in clearin
  12. Thaaat eyeees!! The way he look at her... I'm not the receiving end, but I got butterflies from that stares.. Awwww.. this little smile at the end.. they are so sweet to each other https://twitter.com/jinyounglatte/status/1388691367614877696?s=19 SJK is apparantly the one who ask Na PD to come to the set, so the cast could all come together to have fun and play games together... waaaw he is such a nice guy! He even arranged for the lesser known actors to be seated in the middle, while he sit on the side, cited that he will get a
  13. Game caterers with Vincenzo cast is here! Without sub
  14. This! Do I think his first action was not to attack JW first was stupid? Yes. But, do I think his firts instinct was to save his beloved first understandable? Yes. As you said the incident with his mom, and the whole bloody earings had him shook to the core, you could see his relief face when JW told him CY is (still) alive and well. People forget, Vincenzo Cassano is a human with feelings and fear of losing his loved ones. That is what makes him different than that of a monster that JW is. I think its about the amount of killing, threathening and crimes he did in K
  15. Yes... when he kneels down and ready to take the beating, so that JW wont pull the trigger on CY. I could feel his immense and profound love for CY. When he hold bloody CY in his arms.. oh those eyes are so scary, (but I was surprise that the bullet didnt go trough VC) Puff.. I glad HS didnt get killed tonite.. Anyone betting for a kiss scene tomorrow!?? Cause I do! I'll bet that we will get an epic kiss scene tomorrow! One more ep, guys!! I feel so reluctant to say goodbye to the show and everyone here... this thread has become a habit amd sa
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