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  1. @40somethingahjumma aww... Toby Li's voice sounds very lively, much different from the voice from the drama. It looks like the next episodes will be sad ones for our main couple. I can't believe HL drugged XS again? Is it to safe SF? And XS will torture HL... hiks.. but I kindda don't like the fact that she's been indecive and used XS's affection for her advantage a lot.
  2. @40somethingahjumma aaah... thank you so.. so much! You are a live saver in this drought of sub.. hiks..
  3. I really like this drama, mostly for the chemistry of the leads, its sizzling and convicing. As for the stories, I can really be objective because I have only watched them raw with my very very limited mandarin, therefore I'm always confused. Lol. Could you guys please answer my question: 1. Why did SF betray HL? For what reason? 2. Did XY already knew the real identity of SF from the begining? 3. Why did HL pretends to be mentally ill/amnesiac? 4. Why did XY suddenly marries HL when she was (pretending to be) mentally ill? 5. Why did HL poison XY? oh man, why havent any subbing team/production house sub this show already? And I must say all the cast of this show are very good looking! HL is gorgeous!