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  1. I wish he does have a plan. Didn’t he say since he and Prof Cha were allies they live and die together? Prof Cha is dead, JW still in the game mode even server is shut down, now what? With the writer’s intention on making JW pay for his own life for killing Dr. Cha and the she stressed on the interview that JW is too bad for HJ, I have a bad feeling that JW will die and that the next scenes on the last episode are all about reincarnation as Koreans are big on this. Also the lyrics of the last OST seems about reincarnation even the scene of JW and HJ on the poster on the hill in Granada facing each other as strangers. Could it be JW died and came back to HJ’s life as another person and they met in Slovenia and Turkey? Just my thoughts.
  2. I think that confession JW made Prof. Cha write on that piece of paper which Prof. cha stashed in his pocket or Yura’s confession later will save JW, if he will not die in the story.
  3. I do agree with you. I’m with you. Thank you. Hope not. Until now I still wonder why they bothered to cast Yoona in Confidential Assignment. As Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin ha ha ha. How not to ship them???
  4. Rey well Very well said, my friend. I love the contrasts on their characters, soft and hard. It is Hee Jo’s character that brings beauty and charm in the drama. I couldn’t imagine it to be any other way. She’s a perfect picture of a healer to a wounded Yoo Jin, her gentleness. Is it not? I thought nobody would notice ha ha ha!
  5. Oh my gosh, I’m so with you. Shin Hye’s character is of a gentle spirit as reiterated by her male friend, a far cry from her last character in Doctors and her previous ones. She’d been through a messy mixed roller coaster kind of emotions for the first 6 eps. She went from self pity when JW lashed at her to wonder when she learned he’s a very famous and powerful one that deserves to be respected to awe, gratefulness and growing admiration when he saved her financially to guilt and too much sense of responsibility when she realized his predicament happened after he acquired her dilapidated hostel to pity for his plight and pains and to top it all, to her growing love on him. I think I understand why HJ cried a lot and why her character is kind of low keyed compared to Hyun Bin’s cynical, ruthless CEO kind of character. That makes her more special compared to all the other girls in JW’s life.
  6. My sentiments exactly. Thank you for putting it into words. I’m more on the romance side of the story and I love how their romance is progressing so far. It is not rushed. JW has to survive first before he goes into sorting out his feelings with HJ. That’s the last thing on his agenda considering the difficult situation he’s in at the moment. I’m more inspired with the 7 ep preview. JW, in Korea, now that his life is back to normal (I want to think so) haven’t totally forgotten HJ. They met again.
  7. On the 7ep preview, Hee Joo also went back in Korea and opened up a store (guitar store maybe) named EMMA. So the story continues. .
  8. Poor Jin Woo. Now he’s not sure of himself whether he’s still sane or insane. But that moment of realization when he thought he was about to die in the hands of dr cha, the point when he realized where their thirst for vengeance took them, was really sad. JW, try to let go of your baggage and learn to forgive. Then open up your heart again to another love. Maybe it will make all the difference. Maybe it will snap you out of your situation.
  9. I agree with you saying they need another player for them to come out of the game. You think Emma holds the answer to all these? Only if JW could level up so he could communicate with Emma. Seems like unlike JW who can relate on two different worlds Emma and HJ are two different characters. HJ can shield JW on the real world but she’s not with him on the VR. But how can JW level up on his situation right now? On the preview JW is leaving Granada and HJ going back to Korea. Woukd he get to Korea or he will be trapped in the game while on the train? Where was he during the one year he was gone? In the game or in jail for murder? So unpredictable. One thing is for sure though. HJ/Emma is Jin Woo’s saving grace in reality and in VR. That hug in the rain is so touching. Even the tender looks they gave each other in the hospital are so palpable. I noticed Shin Hye’s ear is so red in one of those intimate hospital scenes. I couldn’t get enough of their chemistry, my only consolation for now. But still, I’m rooting for this drama. It makes me think a lot. Thank you TVN.
  10. It could be HJ was running after JW or for her brother SJ whom she was expecting to come home since the other day. She knew he was boarding the train from Barcelona to Granada. Could be she finally realized through JW that something wrong happened to her brother so she was there to check for him at the station. It’s just my guess. You may be right that JW got trapped in the game and was separated from reality and from HJ temporarily and that he was with HJ’s VR character Emma and they embarked in series of adventure until they came out of the game mode. I think , this is where their romance started as Shin Hye said she’d be playing a different role this time. Could it be JW thought he fell in love with Emma rather than with HJ? I can imagine Emma playing an important role as to JW’s survival in the VR as the OST suggests. If my guess is right, Isn’t he a lucky guy? He got the best of both worlds for in reality later he will realize that HJ is actually his lifeline, to heal him emotionally and to free him from the world of hatred, vengeance and loneliness much destructive than the world of VR he’d been in. Forgive me, it’s just my wild guess. I think their VR adventures took them outside Spain as like in Hungary, etc. as based on Hyun Bin and Shin Hye’s still cuts while filming in Hungary with Hyun Bin wearing the same green outfit he was wearing on the train. I think that gives account to the one year that they were trapped in the game. I believe they got out of the game because they continued filming in Korea. Sorry, I know it’s too early to guess what’s going to happen on the next episodes. Just could not contain my excitement.
  11. I think, the guy who called HJ on the phone was JW programmer in Korea, the last person he was talking to before he had his encounter again with dr cha where he dropped his phone when he was hit. It’s the last scene on ep 4 in his room in hotel Bonita. Maybe, his employee got scared Of what was going on with JW when he sounded upset on the other end so he contacted hotel Bonita for them to check on him as we can see HJ picked up the call, and started to climb the stairs and wondered if JW would still be up at that hour and then he saw him fell from the 6th floor.
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