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  1. Hahaha, that's not crazy. I am a fully grown 26 years old adult male species with a girlfriend but I am chasing this show like crazy and get wow-ed by just how handsome F4 are in the show. I told my gf to watch this show with me but she refused and here I am with nobody to talk about it too because none of my male friends are like me and I have no one else to discuss this with except all of you lovely people on soompi. #doubtsonmypreference
  2. Hi everybody! It had been a long long time since I had posted in soompi. I don't have the luxury of watching dramas anymore after entering adulthood but I just just just have to come back and watch this FR remake because can you believe it!? They re used the original soundtrack and even got the female signer to re do it for 3 different versions. the other reason I've decided to watch is because it just brings back so much memories!! From secondary school days! its worth watching. With China's budget for showbiz to show that they are Superior ( which I don't mind! 33 million ) it's a treat for the eyes. i simply adore the fashion sense of dms. Air Jordan's and off-white coats. That's like dope af. anyways I've heard from a report that they prepared 3000 different outfits for the entire cast of this show! dms black off white coat is simply gorgeous today when he got a kiss from sc by the river! wow, dms's mom actually didn't get her voice subbed haha. i kinda miss dms's older sister already. She had not appeared at all recently
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