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Everything posted by bebebisous33

  1. I would even say that TO has traumatized SW even more... I really hope to witness his downfall because he has never regretted anything and legitimated all his actions (cheating = I love these two women; sleeping with DK = "I needed her father"; "I would have ended it soon"...).
  2. @29bellevie It was shown how SW was an outcast due to the loss of her parents. Hence she heard people badmouthing her that's why she said that she had no home before, until she met TO. Her husband was the one who made her feel having a home and accepted. As an orphan, she must have struggled a lot and worked hard to succeed. She had no friend at all. Her need for "perfection" indicates that she was still under the influence of her own childhood and past: the circumstances of her parents' death, the "reputation" as an orphan... she had to overcompensate her lacking in order to become a valuable person, especially in the higher society. Orphan and coming from the lower society are stigmas in SK. And she achieved her goal but she had to maintain that image: a successful woman and a great doctor. Like I said it before, SW never got aware of the problems in her marriage as she was living in an illusion. Her perfect life was based on lies. Her husband and her friends lied to her. So if her marriage went downhill, it was not because she didn't communicate properly with her husband. It is just that she wasn't aware of the problems. That's why I can not accept the word "overbearing"... she thought, everything was fine. Even her son YJ never really complained. There is a huge difference between YR/JH and SW/TO. The former couple is aware that they have some real issues, while SW was actually manipulated by everyone around her. And yes both couples HS/IK and SW/TO have something in common: both women are strong and don't want to rely on a man, once they realized their shortcomings. Their (IK/TO) egos are bruised... how can their wife/girlfriend keep living well? How can they have even moved on? Their words "their only one love" is actually true: they want their women to see them as "their only one love" but at the same time, they don't feel obligated to treat them as "their only one love".
  3. @29bellevie I am also joining rather late this thread, I never thought that this drama would be so great because of the topic. I haven't watched all the episodes yet like you (episode 6), but after reading your analysis about the couple SW and TO, I couldn't help myself to reply to your long post. Saying that SW is partially responsible for TO's behavior is quite something. Due to his inferiority complex and the need to become a real breadwinner, he embezzled money and cheated on his wife. We have to wonder why he got married to SW in the first place. Was it really love, like he said? Actually, I have the impression that TO knew SW's personality: she was hardworking and was a good doctor. So he could rely on her and the most important thing is that she was without any family. Don't you find it weird about the timing? He only proposed to her, after she got pregnant? But SW wasn't even inclined to accept his proposal, only after she heard his words and song: "my only one love". Deep down, SW wanted to have a family and feel loved. That's why she accepted the proposal... because of love. And since he used the same song with the mistress, we have to question if his words were true back then... I actually doubt it. SW had no parents to oppose her marriage, yet I am inclined to believe that TO had not such a good reputation either. His father had abandoned him and he was raised by his mother. Furthermore look how he was treated at the exhibition. His father's name made not people become pleased or eager to get to know him. He was just a nobody. Then you wrote : Remember that TO was forced that year to join the baseball camp and he had failed the year before. He had forgotten it but his wife knew the importance of the event for her son hence he had no choice to go with his son. Then what we saw from their interactions between the first episode and episode 6, is that SW took care of everything. She was the one who picked YJ up from school, she was the one who had to pick him up from cram school. She paid attention to her son's grads. What did TO do all this time? He always acted as the nice guy. He never acted like a responsible parent, but did fun things with his son that's why the son didn't want to leave his father. The father always took the son's side (getting tutoring in maths...) and let SW be the "bad parent", the one who is serious and strict. In other words, he played the nice guy so that SW was forced into playing the role of the "strict and no so fun mother". The son never saw the actions of the father in the correct light. While they were watching the baseball game, neither TO nor YJ paid attention to SW. Both of them took her actions for granted. Both of them relied on her in reality. This didn't surprise me that YJ would side with the father in the first place. In his son's eyes, TO was fun and YJ would have a great time... but did TO pay attention to YJ's grades? No... did he take care of his son after school? No, but he could have... as he left his office at 5 pm. And I am sure, he could have done it before he started cheating on her. So if TO had won the divorce... he would have left YJ in DK's care. He would have kept his reputation as "fun father", while DK would have hurt YJ with her remarks and focused on her own child. TO would have ignored everything and acted as if he knew nothing. The second remark is: "SW was overbearing". If TO had a problem with her, he could have talked to her but he never did. In the beginning, you see how meticulous she is with the shoes, the apron, how annoyed she gets, when she sees her husband eating. From the way I see it is that her actions revealed how suffocated and overworked she was. If everything is in order, it means less work for her. For me, her behavior in the beginning reveals that her "perfect world" is just a facade. She was already tired but the love and the sex with her husband were like the medicines that kept her going. She did everything for him and their son therefore she could only find her happiness in those things (cooking, picking up the son, taking care of her mother-in-law, preparing a huge party for her husband etc.). The main reason why I am disagreeing with this statement is that SW was never allowed to have fun all this time. TO forced her to become perfect as TO as well YJ relied on her all the time. TO knew about her trauma but he didn't allow her to get treated as she was the breadwinner. TO took care of the child as SW had to work but as soon as she had enough money, he asked to have his own company that's why he stopped taking care of his son. He literally dropped everything on SW and could now enjoy his time with his son by being the nice guy, the one who can have fun with him without taking any responsibility. This is no wonder that SW has never overcome her marriage and divorce as she has found no real reason to live. She needed her son by her side in order to live but this is not enough. She needs to live for herself that's what she needed to learn. She thought, her work and her son would be enough... and she has to realize that she was wrong. Actually, this drama is showing us that marriage should never be a goal in life, a reason to live... because the marriage can end in a divorce.
  4. But the point is: why should the director shoot such a scene if it is not relevant at all? The overlapping of what happened Mon. Corea and Rep. Korea to the same person is a weird coincidence and it happened at the same time... That's why I thought about it.
  5. The fact that Eun Sub could feel the heat from the mug of coffee, although he was holding iced tea, clearly showed that both worlds overlap. Furthermore both persons were doing something similar. That's why I said that it seems that both worlds are merging and I would say that Rep. Korea would be the world to disappear, since the sensation of the heat coming from Mon. Corea was stronger than the coldness from the iced tea. I think, the more LG and LL are going from one world to the other and they are sending people from Rep. Korea to Mon. Corea, the more the influence of one Mon. Corea will increase over Rep. Korea. As for the doppelgängers, I would say that people from Rep. Korea would disappear. But that's just a theory based on these observations.
  6. I have thinking about Lee Lim's financial situation. We saw that Lee Lim from Rep. Korea was not rich, he was even handicapped. But now, Lee Lim in Rep. Korea has a driver and is well dressed. He even has bodyguards. All this is pointing out that Lee Lim was able to get rich. Where does he get his money? In my opinion, it could be related to illegal gambling. Notice that we have two persons involved in gambling: Shin Jae's mother and the victim of a murder. I wrote in an earlier post that I suspected that Shin Jae's true origins were Mon. Corea and his mother and himself had switched places with the ones from Rep. Korea.
  7. Since LL doesn't age, he is almost like an immortal. Notice that he is 70 years old and this has nothing to do with living in the parallel world. Lee Lim said that since he had the flute, he would no longer age. Furthermore, since people from Rep.Korea were sent to Mon.Corea and the reverse, they age like normal people.
  8. I have been thinking about the flute and its powers. We know that Lee Lim and Lee Gon can both have access to the parallel world due to the flute. However, Lee Gon ages unlike his uncle which means only Lee Lim has obtained this power from the flute. Since the flute was cut in two pieces, we have to imagine that each half represent a different power: Lee Lim becomes immortal and Lee Gon must have obtained another power from the flute. And my theory is that Lee Gon can time travel but he is not aware of it. This would explain why the mysterious savior is Lee Gon. At some point, he will discover the second power of that flute. It makes sense why Lee Gon has to go back in time as Lee Lim is an immortal. As for Lee Lim, I am suspecting that he is dedicating himself to a temple as he wants to have his own temple. Since he views himself as a God, it is quite sure that he wants people to worship him as a god. He is now even immortal as he doesn't age.
  9. I believe that both worlds are starting to merge because Lee Lim has sent people from one world to the other world. And this means that at some point only one world would exist and Lee Lim would rule over both worlds. Like I had mentioned before, he has started infiltrating the palace with his supporters. I don't see the Prime Minister in a good light because her hunger for power could bring her to associate herself with Lee Lim, once she gets aware that Lee Gon will never be interested in her. And her mother is helping Lee Lim anyway. As for Shin Jae, I have the impression that he could have come from the other world before but too young to understand his true origins. He is suffering from a trauma as he had nightmares for a long time. Maybe he witnessed his father's death and he was sent with his mother to Rep.Korea. Thus Lee Lim sent the doppelgänger family to Mon.Corea and had the mother worked for him.
  10. @kaqueski I have the impression that it is the other way around. He is killing these people in RepKorea in order to get rid of the "doppelgängers" and create new supporters. The guy was a gambler for example so he helped the woman to get rid of her husband. Once her husband died, she was asked to go to Mon.Corea where she would take the place of her doppelgänger. Just like he helped the woman to grant that wish and punish the three boys who mocked her son. She could be sent to Mon.Corea, where she can replace her "doppelgänger". So once he has managed to infiltrate Mon.Corea with supporters from Rep.Korea, he wants to overthrow Lee Gon and then go back to Rep.Korea, where he can saize the power as he has enough power. Since the people were killed before, they can not exist in Rep.Korea.
  11. I have the impression that LR is creating his supporters in RepKorea by killing people. For example he proposed the mother to grant her wish and since he did what she wanted, she became his follower. By doing so, he can later replace the doppelgänger from the other world. That way he is infiltrating MonCorea again and since the people from RepKorea look the same than in MonCorea, then nobody will notice the difference.
  12. Maybe, I know, she could have been just a friend... but it would be far more interesting if this was not just a delusion from his side at the beginning because that's what he is in JH's mind. It would be much more interesting if his words did contain some truth about SY. An obsession can be developed after a breakup too and we already have one delusional stalker. I would prefer that MSH knew her for real and turned into an obsessed man while watching SY getting close to JH and witnessing how she was different in front of JH. This would reinforce his claim that he was the only one who loved and knew SY so well. Just like TE's father who claims to know JH the best... based on his past relationship with JH. I would prefer if MSH shared some similarities with the professor... who treats JH as his patient and possession, just like MSH claims SY as his girlfriend and loved one.
  13. MY theory is the following: HJ got hurt in an accident and could no longer do ballet. Hence SY felt guilty and in order to make her happy, she decided to find HJ's first love (remember that they exchanged their diary). I guess, HJ had to do some rehab. So SY discovered him and decided to act as HJ for a while until HJ had recovered hence she mentioned things that HJ would like and would say. Maybe SY already had a boyfriend, MSH but due to her friend, she kept meeting JH which made him angry. That's why SY broke up with MSH. Therefore it could be possible that MSH decided to meet HJ and told her what SY had done... seeing her first love. However he didn't tell her what her true intention was. She thought that SY had betrayed her. Not only she was somehow responsible for her injury but she saw that SY had even taken her first love. Thus she betrayed SY and told MSH something important ... and when SY died, HJ felt terrible. She felt really guilty. She thought, she was responsible for her death.
  14. credit to @briseis What caught my attention with this symbol was not just the resemblance to the actual Korean symbol, but also to the endless loop. It is the same line that crosses over and over again. This endless loop could be a clue to the time travel. Lee Gon saved himself in the past, forced Lee Lim to travel to the parallel world. The center, where every path crosses each other could be the assassination of LG's father. While Lee Lim thinks, he is mastering his own destiny, he is actually only following what he is supposed to do. And each line from the petal represents an intervention in the time and in the parallel world, maybe each petal could symbolize a person, like f. ex. Lee Gon, JET, the white rabbit, Lee Lim, maybe Lee Lim's minion and Jo Young. If so, then this means that Lee Lim is actually predestined to lose the fight, while thinking he has become a god and can meddle in people's life. But this is just a theory.
  15. I do think that MSH will escape from the hospital because the security has been quite lax so far. I also wish that HJ keeps her promise to LJH, once she remembers...
  16. I don't think that the issue with the stalker MSH has been resolved. Quite the opposite. Since director Jin failed, then MSH has every reason to go after LJH and HJ. He can not let LJH love another woman, when he lost himself "his woman" SY. Furthermore, HJ will remember meeting MSH, while LJH has no idea that JH saw him. We still don't know the circumstances and in my opinion, they are important. Like I wrote before, I suspect that neither LJH nor HJ know the whole truth about SY. Since Jin was able to meet him so easily and MSH could call LJH so easily as well, I have the feeling that MSH will leave the mental institut/prison. I had always said that Director Jin showed a lot of sign of a stalker (his flat full with pictures of HJ reflected her obsession with her).
  17. The fighting scenes with CYJ were daebak!! Actually, I would love to see a new season. I loved the way she cried too (like f. ex. on the roof in front of KEH who told her that she was his hero) or she had suppressed all her feelings. It really felt so genuine...
  18. Yes, she is not sane but since LS is a psychiatrist, she is supposed to be sane. Then she oozed professionalism, acted well-mannered and kind on the surface hence they never questioned her. That's how I judge her. The more resets she had, the more she lost her humanity and her sound mind. She has definitely developed a god complex, as she was able to keep her daughter by her side. But the more time passed on, the more she reveals her true nature: her schadenfreude and sadism can no longer be hidden. That's why I am expecting that LS ends up dead killed by SH as she is the only one who survived all the resets so far.
  19. But striking is that GH is the one who felt betrayed the most by her actually forgave her. she felt so bad after her death and when she heard what SR's parents said, she realized SR's genuine gestures, not the words. She understood why SR lied in the first place. Her words reflected a certain reality: her parents never cared for her. GH got aware that SR lied but in certain gestures, she was genuine. Sure, she was mentally ill but due to LS's move, SR was triggered to hurt GH. Let us not forget that LS is a psychiatrist. She knew that her illness is linked to her familial situation. Her move showed that she was not interested in improving SR's mental health, quite the opposite. She knew that GH would be hurt, as she had heard from GH before that her best friend and her fiance had betrayed her. I find LS more repulsive in reality, she shows a certain sadism/Schadenfreude. Yes, SR played dirty as she was obsessed with her "boyfriend". But I consider her as a patient who should have received more care and treatment, while LS is considered as sane and sound. I can only speculate why she chose not to reveal the existence of the serial killer. First, JH has always admired SH hence I can imagine that HJ would have never believed her in the first place. It took some time, until GH and HJ got close. But, LS could have played a role in unmasking the existence of a killer, like ask BTJ to follow SH the whole time. Actually, she did the opposite. BTJ spied the future victims which is quite bizarre. She knew the place but never stopped anything at all. She actually played more with the victims than with the perpetrator. Somehow, I am wondering if she has not a god complex.
  20. Sure, SH is not entirely like LS, however they show similarities. She enjoys to torment the resetters. Look at what she did to GH and SR, she knew about SR's illness and GH's affection for SR, yet she used their relationship to torment GH. She somehow forced SR to betray GH. Despite her illness, SR was somehow genuine to GH, even after her death GH realized that. But due to LS's actions, GH's perception of SR was ruined. She could no longer feel the sincerity and could only see the lies. But SR was not that bad, she did care for CMH. I can somehow understand why SR would be so crazy about him. He had a huge trauma and she felt that they shared a similar experience: pain, loneliness, the sense of loss and not belonging... SR's family never really acknowledged her hence she needed to lie in order to feel alive. She was lying to herself this entire time. But the thing is that the reset stops, the moment LS dies and this could happen with the train derailment... this happens before January 11th.
  21. A crazy thought: What if the 2 dead in the train derailment are supposed to be SH and LS? From the start, LS was supposed to die there just like SH but she tried to kill herself before... hence she got the chance to reset her life. However, her actions never led the results that was intended from the start, hence she had to reset each time.
  22. I haven't watched the new episode yet but something caught my attention while reading all these comments. What is the difference between LS and SH? In my opinion, there is no difference any longer. Little by little LS is thinking and acting like SH as this reset is a game for her and it looks entertaining. For SH, killing is like a game as well: a hunt. Then they try to blame others, like it is destiny, it is HJ's mistake, it is SR's wrong choice... It's a game... BTJ was a thug, the son of the politican was a bully... they were selfish... Deep down, LS is actually washing her hands off the crimes but in reality she has become an accomplice, since she knew what would happen. By not preventing it, she is not different from SH. Due to the resetting, she is losing more and more her humanity. Fact is that LS could have told them right away that there was a serial killer and they should work together in order to catch him. They would have believed her, since they joined the reset. Yet she said nothing at all. Let us not forget that during these 5 resets, LS watched them die and did nothing, yet she discovered that there was a serial killer. Striking is that in the 6th reset, SH gets killed. She chose "murder" as a way, which outlines a certain ruthlessness. Then she didn't tell YS or GH to avoid a certain place at a certain time, unlike in the 7th reset, when she sent Serin away. In my opinion, the moment LS noticed that SH was a serial killer, she could have investigated him more as I feel that SH must have shown signs before. This came to my mind: in order to stop the reset, LS needs to die, yet she was never the target of SH. What happens if SH targets her?
  23. @40somethingahjumma @stella77 This is the 7th reset and SH was killed during the 6th reset. In the first 5 resets, she did nothing but watched them die. In the 6th reset, she helped them to survive, that's why SH got killed and HJ couldn't overcome his hyung's death.
  24. Well, he has to take responsibility for the murders, I am not questioning it at all. But JKH and Kwon have their share of responsibility too. Even JKH admitted it in the end, he did witness all the suffering but chose to close his eyes to it which I condemn. I never liked JKH and never will... Even KEH had to remind him to act as a grown-up... and this shows to me that he is still quite passive. He used religion as an excuse all this time. God will help the kids, god will answer their prayers. For me, in order to redeem himself, he should visit the kids who became devils... And I was more referring to the first murder and not the others... Had he not witnessed the stigmata killer all this time, had he not been abused, had he not witnessed how adults would use their power or religion as an excuse for their greed, passivity, madness, had the father not proposed that deal in order to cover up his son's crime and save his own reputation, would BSH have killed someone? But once he did, he got rewarded, furthermore the serial killer never got punished... so in his eyes murder became a normality.
  25. If HJ is in custody, then SH is forced not to kill so that HJ remains a suspect. But since SH is a serial killer, he can't help himself from killing people. Don't forget the book... it is always written, when one dies.
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