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  1. @tatusii In my opinion, this is an attempt to kill NS3. They used a truck in the past in order to get rid of NS. So same MO.... I guess
  2. Well, I disagree with this statement. It is not cruel because NM is also a victim. Just because NW's parents got killed doesn't mean that NW is the only victim. NM had to fight against his father since the latter wanted to kill NW and him as well. Secondly, his main target was NM and not NW. He wanted to destroy the bounds between NM and NW's family so that NM would have no longer any weakness. He is actually against the idea that NM could love NW so much. His justification is just hiding his true feelings: YHJ was just jealous. He saw that his son rejected him and was happy with other people. In my opinion, in the long run YHJ might resent even his ex-wife because NM and now HM are seeking her comfort and rejecting him. Notice that the copycat killer has been already observing SJ and her mother. So the list of his future targets is getting longer: NW, the detective who acts like DJ's surrogate father, OH and her daughter SJ. PYH got killed because she misunderstood YHJ's relationship with NM. She has been trying to prove that NM/DJ is just like his father YHJ: a psychopath. For her, the fact that NM injured his father was a proof that NM is like his father. She kept putting pressure on NM so that the latter would snap and do something terrible. With that, she wanted to prove that psychopathie is hereditary. The other clue for her theory was that YHJ has always neglected HM and treated NM differently: he was his son. Since she thought that YHJ recognized some similarities between him and NM, she had the impression that this was the psychopathie tendency. However, the copycat killer proves that she is wrong. She totally misunderstood YHJ's real intention and purpose: the latter is using people in order to force his son to give up, to go crazy and commit something terrible. NM might have hurt his father BUT he never killed him. He had the strength to fight against his father, to show his desdain and true feelings. While the father wanted his son to have no feelings for others, it turned out that he had no feelings for his own father... YHJ is not NM's weakness.
  3. I agree with you. The last episodes were good because the story has moved on. The investigation was more on the focus again. The murder of PYH has changed the game. It becomes even clearer what the father is after: YHJ is definitely jealous and wants to get NM's love and admiration. This would explain why he targeted NW's family too. They had somehow accepted him in their family and YHJ knew about that. Moreover, he resents NW as she has been NM's biggest love. By the way, we were right that HM was not PYH's killer. HM is now determined to protect his adoptive mother and sister which I like. He has found his goal and purpose in life, he is no longer after his father's recognition and approval. He has realized his father's true personality: he has always looked down on him and he will never accept him as his son. But I would like to point out a detail that caught my attention: the detective who got stabbed and betrayed DJ. He took the recording pen from the crime scene. So he knew about the existence of the recording pen and its value. How? Then he is trying to frame HM with LSW. Now, I am thinking that the detective might have had ulterior motives for working with PYH. Maybe he is really trying to destroy DJ and just used PYH in order to turn his life into hell. He might be the one who also helped her with YHJ's file (the injury). He didn't just betray DJ, it also looks like he wants to destroy the entire family. The way I see it, YHJ wants to ensure that NM never gets rest in his life... He acted like a devil, when he insinuated to MW that DJ might hurt NW. In my opinion, he wants him to hurt DJ so thatthe latter can never get NW.
  4. Yes, it looks on the surface that she is giving up everything for NS. But is she in reality? In my opinion, she is not because she knows that NS will become the heir and successor which means through her mariage, she will get a higher status and position than she ever had with her father. By giving up everything for her mariage, the grandfather makes sure that YN won't try to work with her father so that he becomes more powerful, however this doesn't mean that she doesn't enjoy being powerful and rich. Actually, during the scene at the wedding dress shop, she acted like she was entitled and rich. She perceives SB as below her which proves to me that she thinks of herself as if she belonged to a different class. Nevertheless, she is just an employee (sure with a manager position). When she tried to remind her father that he shouldn't be so greedy, she always mentioned her marriage as a point. Through her marriage, he will become the father-in-law of the heir and future CEO which means that his status will increase. Sure, it is less compared if he became the real CEO because he could do anything he wants. As the future wife of the heir, she will get a higher status than she has. Notice that she wasn't on the front page before, until her marriage was mentioned. If we look back at the scene between director Seo and her daughter at the hospital in the beginning: he came worried and acted like a loving father who would do anything for her daughter and she was his priority. Little by little, SB got aware that their loving relationship was just a facade because she witnessed how YN wouldn't trust her father and reverse. Both are keeping things from each other and that's exactly how I perceive YN with NS. She gives the impression that she loves NS (tears, showing worries about NS) but the first thing she did was to make sure to get married. She keeps saying that he is dying but she wants to get married. If she was so worried, how is she able to think about a marriage? She used the situation to her advantage. Then my next point is: is it love, when you don't care about the opinion of your loved one? You mentioned yourself the word "self-obsessed" and I would like to underline that even you, you see obsession in her behaviour. She is not just self-obsessed, getting married to NS is an obsession. That's why I am saying that she doesn't love NS. She is just obsessed with the marriage. In each occasion, she tried to bring up the topic. She definitely sensed that the human NS didn't like her getting too close to him. He always pushed her away and that's how NS3 was supposed to act too. Why did she choose that moment, when she knew that the human NS was the most vulnerable? It is because deep down, she knew that NS would never agree to this marriage. She is just an opportunist, she doesn't realize her own greed. She ist just like her father: cunning, rude and obsessed.While her father tried to use YH's weakness (her sick son), she did the same with NS: he is sick and weak. When NS wakes up from the coma and tells his mother that he doesn't want to get married or even doesn't want to become the next CEO... what will YN do? Since SB mentioned that humans can do scary things, I am expecting that YN will betray NS and NS3, when she realizes that she will never get married to NS. Notice that she still doesn't know that SB worked for her father. At some point, she will discover it and that's how she will realize that her father has been played. Once she reveals the switch to her father, it will only reveal her true personality: she didn't really care for NS, she just wanted to be the wife of a chaebol so that she could enjoy a high status and position. My other prediction is that she will be the one who informs that SB is NS3's weakness so that Seo will go after SB. To conclude, her tears and her behavior as a worried person were just an act. I believe that YN is not even aware of her own superficiality and obsession. She just thinks that she loves NS which is even worse. @triplem @nateko @philosophie @jerboa83
  5. @triplem @jerboa83 What caught my attention is that NGH prefers NS3 over NS because he is quick-witted, determined and can even set traps. I have been wondering how the grandfather would react if he discovered that the new NS is in fact a robot. He is thinking right now that his grandson's new personality is related to the mother: for him, her blood explains why NS3 is so strong. Actually, David is the only one who keeps calling him adeol "my son" and in my opinion, he already considers him as an entity. Since Aurora has been reunited with her son, she doesn't see why she should keep NS3 around. That's why she keeps mentioning about the kill switch and she won't change her mind. But I believe, when NS wakes up, he will have a different opinion. First, NS has never been interested in the company, I don't think, he will agree to marry YN. The mother works for the grandfather, while NS wanted to escape this company and world. For him, it was like a prison. Moreover, I sense that Aurora has been idealizing her relationship with NS. She thinks, once he is awake and they are together, everything will go smoothly because either NS will follow what she says or the other way around. But if NS doesn't want to get married to YN, then what will she do? She can't force her child.... on the other hand, YN will blackmail them. YN's behavior proved me that she doesn't really love NS. Her tears didn't move me. When she yelled at SB for her disrespectful behavior (taking a picture) at the wedding dress shop, she pointed out that since SB had been hanging around a lot with a chaebol, she thought that she could do anything. Her words underlined that she perceives NS as a heir first and not as a human being. Like SB outlined, YN has nothing without her father and NS. YN is in reality interested in power and wealth to a certain extent, unlike SB. YN keeps treating the human NS as a thing, although she keeps calling him oppa, because she made sure to get married to NS before he wakes up. Notice that the date is already settled and I am sure that the wedding is supposed to happen very soon. I can imagine that she would even use NS3 as groom. She never asked for the mother's approval. Besides, she got aware that the mother disliked her father very much, hence she was sure that the mother would never allow such a marriage, especially when Aurora claims that her father tried to kill NS. She disappeared and made sure to saize the opportunity to force the marriage.
  6. @triplem Thanks for the recap!! The way I see it, YN will change her mind about NS and betray him because once the human NS wakes up, I have been thinking, he will refuse to marry YN. So far, she is keeping the secret from her father because she gains something from it: she can marry NS, as the grandson is still in the coma and can not express his own feelings and opinion. NS ran away from his grandfather and PK Motors which means he was never interested in the company nor in YN!!! Striking is that the chairman and grandfather likes the robot NS3, as he has noticed the change of behaviour of NS. Although he thinks that the change of behaviour is due to the return of OR, NS's mother, he has not realized the switch. In my opinion, YN will reveal the secret to her father who could see an advantage in NS the robot because just like YN, he will think that it is just a thing, a machine that can be easily manipulated. Although I am a little disappointed that SB decided to leave NS3, this will force NS3 to think about himself and help him realize that he is in love with SB. As for YH, I sense that he will also help NS3 in the end, as the latter is the only one who pays attention to YH's feelings. NS3 treats him like a human.
  7. Maybe the more SB acts against DH, the older she becomes. Her ugliness is little by little revealed or better said, SB will start seeing more flaws in herself. Somehow, I keep thinking about the step-mother of Snow White who was so obsessed with her beauty that her jealousy was consumming her so that she tried to get rid of Snow White. SB has a similar behaviour. Notice that she was always focused on her appearance, even MC started meddling in DH's life. She dressed like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's... Then she bought may shoes and dresses...
  8. @supergal99 Thanks for the compliment! Yes, it is definitely outside the box... But this could explain why YHJ used the reporter PYH. IT is very clear that YHJ still perceives NM as his favorite child: First, NM doesn't fear his father. Secondly, he was able to betray him, when he called the cops and even fought against him. That was exactly what YHJ wanted from him: no weakness, no problem to hurt others in order to defend whom he loves. HM is different as he has nothing to fight for: getting YHJ's recognition is not worthy in the father's eyes. Notice that YHJ didn't kill his wife Oh, he keeps writing to her.... deep down he seems to be faithful to her. I guess, he admires her strength and spirit. She is able to love anyone, even if they aren't blood related. That's why YHJ could see something in NM that is similar to him. However, due to the murders, NM felt so guilty that he never met NW again. Thanks to PYH, YHJ could know what his son and tha actress were doing. Only through the threads, HJY got in touch with NM. By the way, I don't think that HM killed the reporter... I suspect that the real perpetrator is the "adopted son" who is following HM. HM will never be able to kill someone like that. Notice that the real perpetrator is trying to frame the brother.
  9. It was @Libera who had this theory that MC's time could be related to SB as the latter might try to kill her. I am also inclined to believe this too. SB can become dangerous to MC as she is already using harsh expressions: break, destroy aso which reflects her inner thoughts. She is on a path of destruction. We shouldn't forget that MC started seeing her time, when DH met MC randomly and touched her shoulder... Back then, he was already involved with SB. So it was their destiny to meet and fall in love with each other... so maybe LDH will be able to change MC's time as he stops SB but the latter decides to kill herself.
  10. I had this crazy idea that DH could sacrifice himself (give all his time to MC) so that DH dies before SB marries him! or DH has just a few months left until he dies...
  11. Now he knows!!! And he kissed her... BSB is really possessive and she is acting more and more like a spoiled child. I don't think that she loves DH, she just views him as an object. I guess, she was interested in him because he never fell for her like other men.
  12. This drama was really good till the end, although I have one thing to complain: HJY's father. I wished, the writer would have made the transition more believable. Moreover, we still don't know how CMS got aware of the existence of the pictures.
  13. @supergal99 Thanks for the new preview! The good news is that they keep seeing each other and HJY doesn't even try to deny it. She doesn't see it as a scandal. The father knows how much NM loves NW and he knew how NM would react which makes me wonder. Did the father plan the murder of NW's parents for his son but with a different reason? We shouldn't forget that he knew that his wife had witnessed one of his murders hence he was aware that it was a matter of time, until he would get caught. Maybe he wanted to know how deeply he loved NW and make sure that no matter what they would stick to each other. If he had been caught with her parents alive, the parents would have made sure that NW would never meet NM again. Moreover, he seems to know NW.
  14. "Wait" means in my opinion that you just accept what comes to you in life; you should live without taking rushed actions or having a huge goal in life. Life is given to you and you should just go with the flow. When IBR told her to wait, he means that she should wait until she realizes the impact she has as a judge, not question her value as a judge. She is definitely too impatient, she wants to see huge changes. However, like IBR said, she sees new aspects as she questions customs and norms. Yet she is rushing things and his seniority and maturity can help her to find answers and solution. @MahnoorM I agree with you. If OR received the power from YJ, she would definitely cause some serious damage. She would even go to the length of bankrupting a company that helped an sexual harasser, not realizing that she would also hurt innocent people. I really liked that IBR pointed out her wrong thinking. She is a judge and as such, she needs to be impartial. It was another great episode, especially the ending.
  15. And AOJ has not realized yet that CMS used BSP to get rid of him (AOJ). Somehow, for AOJ BSP seems to be the bigger enemy. In his mind, if BSP hadn't intervened, then he wouldn't have lost the shares from OHJU Group. Yet CMs had planned from the start to use the mayor position in order to weaken AOJ and even cut his arms and legs. In fact, AOJ needs to use BSP in order to get revenge on CMS due to her betrayal. She had no loyalty from the start.
  16. I hope not. Actually, NS3 is getting more and more support so that people will interfere with mother's decision. David really considers him as his son We witness that JYH is confiding to NS3. He was surprised that NS3 wanted to comfort him. JYH even advised our beloved robot not to trust humans. We can sense that he is already conflicted with NS3. All his life, JYH has lived as NS's shadow and he gets aware that NS3 is a similar situation hence he feels sorry for him. KSB: Right now, she still treats him like an object, yet first she confessed that he acted like a real man, when he stopped the haraboji from slapping. Then after kissing him a second time, she got a red face indicating that she was touched, well aware that NS3 is a robot. In my opinion, NS3 is still too attached to his mother. Once he realizes the reason why she created him (a surrogate and replacement for her son), he will be upset and wonder about his place in this world. JYH had already implied that he shouldn't trust too much humans which forced NS3 to wonder in what he should trust and believe. From my point of view, KSB will be there for him, she will give the support he needs to cut ties with his mother (we could consider this like the puberty and growing up phasis) so that he becomes independent and doesn't listen to his mother all the time, even question her orders. NS3 needs to find his own identity and place in this world, not become a replacement for NS. By following his mother's order, imitating the human NS, NS3's skills have improved, he is indeed becoming more and more human: taking his own initiatives, making his own decisions without waiting any order.
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