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  1. Yes, the last episode underlined how different the expectations from the conspirators are. The general Eun had no problem to betray the VIP by siding with OYS, the moment he realized the VIP's plan. In my opinion, he only realized it, after the interrogation by the security guard. He was not the one who leaked the file. Remember that before he didn't know that OYS had been chosen by the VIP as designated survivor. And from my point of view, this is the reason why the terrorists will fail in the end. The VIP has no idea that OYS is a potential dictator therefore he can not be treated like a puppet. OYS sought in the presidential seat the ultimate power so that he can no longer receive any order. They are not really united, their only common point was their hatred for Yang's policy and especially for the Treaty with NK. I have also the impression that Han is not the VIP, rather an accomplice who was so disappointed by Korean citizens that he thought, they no longer need any support and help. Strangely, I have been thinking about the superior of the reporter Woo as VIP. He doesn't care about policies and people, he just wants news. In his position, he is connected to many people from the industry, the prosecution, the police, the Blue House, to politicians... Over the years, he could have gained power. Sure, he doesn't look like someone rich and powerful but this could be a ploy in order to mislead people. Furthermore, he always acts as mentor in front of Woo and we know that the VIP is close to the tailor Kim, a young man. Kim perceives the VIP as mentor as well. Okay, I am not entirely convinced with this idea but who knows?!
  2. I really loved the new episode... I believe that PMJ has realized that the polls don't represent reality because like the movie director said, for the first time, she wants to vote. She even realized her mistake, she had a prejudice against politicians. By passing the bill, PMJ can show that his words are not empty promises. He outlines that polls don't matter to him, he just wants to do his duty. By the way, Han showed his disdain for democracy in this episode. He resents people as he perceives them as the culprit for backstabbing Yang. So his words to Cha gives me the impression that he has not truly perceived OYS's nature. He thinks that OYS is a politician, a really good one, while in verity he is just a potential dictator.
  3. This taking is really telling: CYJ has always considered Han as his closest advisor and even as a mentor, however we can observe how Han has drifted from CYJ. This taking illustrates the gap between them. Han refuses to consider PMJ as a good president candidate and he doesn't want to support him. CYJ is disagreeing with him... Han even mentions Yang as another reason why he can not be supportive. At the end, both go to different directions. Since Han belongs to the conspiracy, this scene underlines his change, he is no longer a democrat what he has been hiding pretty well...
  4. @nrllee And in this moment, PMJ stayed true to his value: honesty. Back then, he acted as if his action with the bottles was an accident but this was not true. During the conference, he chose the reporter Woo to ask the next question, however this had been planned by him. As you can see, PMJ had planned this but on the surface, it looked natural. So PMJ is walking on a very thin line between lies and truth. He does "manipulate" people. He wanted to protect CYJ's reputation and at the FTA negotations the citizens' rights. Koreans should be viewed as partners and not as subordinates of the Americans.
  5. The third is: the assassination attempt, where PMJ was targeted. In the eyes of the citizens, he could have died. He was mad that after such a battle, the generals and the government decided for another status quo. He saw the soldiers' death as a vain sacrifice. SK has still issues with North Korea. @nrllee You wrote this I watched the scene again and the one with JSJ. First, we have to imagine that the incident with the bottles were planned by PMJ. His assistant noticed it. That way, he made sure that the US delegation couldn't do what they wanted, since the pressure from the citizens was supporting the government. However, PMJ didn't expect that despite the citizens' support, Yang would agree with the demands. First, PMJ accepted it, until Yang reminded him of the shoes. He told him that PMJ had become comfortable with these shoes. With this metaphor, he outlined that PMJ had become a real politician, accepting something even if he didn't like it or didn't fit his conviction. And this remark made PMJ realize that he didn't want to become like this hence he tried to argue and wanted to convince the president to change his mind: see the FTA as a real chance for negogation and not use this incident in order to maintain a certain honor and reputation. As you can see, the real trigger for PMJ's firing were Yang's words. Yang realized that PMJ would never agree to anything that hurts his conscience and belief. So you are right: PMJ wasn't supposed to survive first but the conspirators saw this as a minor incident and believed that PMJ was just a cinderella, a pushover.... while in reality, with the bottle incident he proved that he could be creative.
  6. But the intro gives a sort of answer to the presidential election: he is dressed like he was the president and he is standing in front of the desk, while as Acting President, he always remained far away from the desk and preferred to sit to the table. I haven't watched the US version but I have the impression that the drama will end on the day of the PE and at the same time, they will find the mastermind and arrest the persons involved.
  7. Actually, KH needs to leave that company because as long as he works there, ZY will be able to use the influence of the chairman. Even the latter reminded her that CKH had not left her as long as he worked there. As for 321, he just wants a doll as a wife. He didn't listen and even try to understand why WW left him. He tried to manipulate her once more but it no longer worked on her. HY tried to blame CKH and WW for the break up so that he doesn't need to question his own behavior. He refuses to see his own shortcomings. HY is actually stupid, he believed the words from sister Mayzi, while it is quite clear that she is after him. It would be interesting if 321 realizes that he has been a pawn of sister Mayzi and she made the plan without telling him: she wanted him to lose his girlfriend, she wanted to marry him, she made sure that he would follow her plans... Mayzi is just like 321 but this is the female version. Yet 321 is not aware of that.
  8. I interpret the scene from the preview differently. To me, it looks like she is going to support PMJ, once she realizes that KSK will be on OYS's side.
  9. Actually, there are two designated survivors: PMJ and OYS. The latter was supposed to survive the bombing so that he would become a hero. Furthermore he was chosen by the VIP to be the next president for his own interests. Our Acting president PMJ was also supposed to survive... because they thought, he would become a puppetas Acting president. Remember that Han was the one who sent him to the FTA negotiations in order to come to an agreement with the US delegation. In my opinion, they expected PMJ to resign as Han knew that Yang would agree with the demands from the Americans.
  10. The way I see it, OYS used KSK in order to leak the info about CYJ's situation. Remember that in the episode, KSK visited Yun and said to the journalists that it was important to show harmony among the candidates for the elections. So this revealed that KSK wanted to use Yun's popularity for his own campaign and to become her ally so that in case of her victory, she might give him a position. In a way, KSK is well aware that he needs the support from another candidate in order to get rid of his biggest threads. He definitely shows a lust for power. KSK thought first that Yun was a better "ally" until OYS's move (the Gasan island naval base) appeared to be successful. The problem is that KSK has the lowest ratings among the candidates hence he had already anticipated that PMJ would run for the presidential election. By leaking info about CYJ, KSK's goal was first to stop PMJ from running the election and thus to destroy the relationship between CYJ and PMJ. KSK thought that CYJ would try to defend his reputation and his career so that PMJ's move (suspecting CYJ) would have been criticized. On the other hand, PMJ wouldn't have been able to run for presidency due to this effect. However, the problem was that CYJ decided to resign instead of defending his honor so that PMJ had still the possibility to announce his candidacy. Don't forget, the VIP and OYS value honor, career and reputation the most hence they never imagined that CYJ would make such a sacrifice. As conclusion, I have the impression that Yun will become PMJ's ally as she realizes that OYS represents a real danger to democracy. Han revealed his desdain for Yun as he described her as someone whose only goal was to disturb the president and the administration which is quite similar to OYS's atttitude.
  11. @nrllee @triplem @imgreatgal @thistle I have the impression that OYS was mentioning the VIP, when he showed his disdain for the general, member of the NSC. OYS said that someone had told him this: "Authority gives you the power to not take orders from the person you loathe". These words are revealing a lot about the person. It is someone who knows how the administration and authorities work Someone who has been working for a politician because his words showed resent ("person you loathe") Furthermore I noticed another huge difference between PMJ and OYS. While the latter oozes arrogance and trusts his abilities too much (he doesn't rely on anyone), the Acting president is the exact opposite. He doesn't trust himself much hence he prefers relying on facts and data. This is more than just humbleness, PMJ likes to get different opinions and have the full picture of the problem before making a decision. OYS rushed his decisions as he knew what he had to do... he actually just followed the order from the VIP which is quite ironic. You can see the contradiction: on the one hand, he wants to become the president so that he will no longer receive any order but in reality, he is still obeying orders. That's why the confrontation between the VIP and OYS is inevitable as once the latter is president, he will refuse to follow the VIP's orders.
  12. We heard that there is one corrupt officer who caused Jang's death and HJM's demise. But he is not alone as he has someone behind him/her. Remember that in the beginning, the corrupt officer mentioned his sunbae and even wanted to use the same method of torture indicating that the officer came in contact with the thumb killer. DCK added that this corrupt officer has been able during these 15 years to gain power and wealth. So this comes back to our first suspicion about Yeom. But like DCK said, Yeom is definitely not alone. I was even wondering if the coroner is not related to this case as - he definitely knew the connection between HJM and DCK - he tried to persuade HTJ that there is only one perpetrator... the way he cut the thumb. But we saw that from the first case that the bad cop was copying his sunbae hence he learnt it from him. This means that the thumb killer had been raising "a student".
  13. @sadthe1st I doubt that the prosecutor is related to the criminal of the kidnapping, like the convicted killed his daughter. This would be illegal as the prosecutor is supposed to have no ties with the victim and the accused. In my opinion, the prosecutor's hatred for CYH and euthanasia is connected to his own story, like f. ex. one of his relatives decided to go abroad in order to get euthanasia.
  14. The more we see, the bigger is the contrast between prince DW and historian Min. LR was a novelist whose books about romance were supposed to move people's heart. LR did it out of boredom but deep down, his success and popularity made him feel as if he was alive. For GHR, these books lacked deepness. On the other hand, Min chose his profession as historian in order to escape from his father's influence and grip. If he hadn't been a historian, he would have been forced to take his father's side. But he doesn't like his father actions. That's why he sees the work as historian as a neutral and passive person. The historian is just an observant and that's it. That explains why Min never helped GHR directly and right away. In the end, his choice represents his refusal to follow his father's steps. He acts the exact opposite of what his father is doing. GHR made LR realize that his writing was lacking as it was just for entertaining purpose. Nevertheless, she got aware that her critic was harsh as she didn't understand the reason why LR chose to write such novels. It was his way to feel alive and to escape from his cage. Now, it is Min's turn to realize that he is wrong. A historian is not neutral per se and he can choose a side. LR is the better man (despite his innocence and childish behavior) as he always thought about people. This outlines why LR decided to do something for them. His romances were to supposed to be read by commoners and now, his actions are supposed to reach people as well. On the other hand, Min's books will never reach people, the books will be read by officials and other historians.
  15. He wasn't fired. He resigned as he disagreed with PMJ's decision (the executive order).
  16. There is another reason why I am suspecting Han for being the VIP. He made sure that he wasn't there, when the data was sent away but since we know that the other general belongs to the Tailor Group, we can assume that he was the one who took the file. The mistake of HGN is to forget that they are facing an organisation. Han left the Blue House because he believed that PMJ would never become successful, however the opposite happened. He gained popularity. Since PMJ came to him, he agreed to come back because he realized that this was necessary. What is bothering me is that HGN is not putting the NSI chief under surveillance because his words ("one of them") revealed that he was a mole. How did he know that they were many?
  17. Actually, OYS revealed his weakness during this episode. He relies on no one, even the Chief of Defense who belongs to the organization was treated like trash by OYS. He even rejects CYJ as he views him as someone insignificant. He believes that he did great all this time, however his decisions were made based on money. He didn't close the market in order to help a certain group to buy another company. Only the rich people from that organization could benefit from it. Then the expansion of the naval base was only possible because he had the backing of someone rich: the inhabitants from that island were offered a huge compensation. Furthermore, the social media were manipulated. Everything was organized hence he shows no greatness... His successes are just the results of manipulation. Even CYJ noticed the huge contrast between OYS and PMJ: the table vs. the desk. PMJ didn't dare to sit behind the desk. To me, this episode could have been called CYJ because everything evolved around him. I loved the scene where PMJ announces his candidacy while looking at CYJ and the latter is so moved that he is starting crying. As we can see, finally PMJ made up his mind and CYJ was the trigger for his decision: Their mutual respect and closeness and the fact that CYJ kept saying that he was a good man. Striking is the huge difference the way PMJ used the media... someone could say that he manipulated the press conference as he had asked Woo to ask for a question that would divert the attention from CYJ. The members from the Tailor Group bought people in order to write hate comments on the social media... this was also to divert the attention of the citizens. However, there is a huge difference: PMJ remained truthful and didn't try to cause more anxiety and hate among the population. In fact, he wanted the journalists to do their job and write the truth. @nrllee For me, Han seems to be the VIP too. If we look at the scenes with Han and imagine he is the VIP, his words have a different meaning. Besides, notice that he never wears the jacket of his suit. If my theory is true, then it was as if he wanted to say that unlike the others, he doesn't need an uniform as he is the leader. If Han is the VIP, he tried to push away CYJ that's why the news about CYJ's investigation was leaked. Han was convinced that PMJ would never run for the election. He said that PMJ would never dare to dirt his hands... His words illustrate a negative image of PMJ, as if he was a coward.
  18. We can assume that the persons meeting in the basement (special room for military missions) are all belonging to that organization,
  19. I love how PMJ looked at CYJ, when he announced his candidacy. He was directly speaking to him.
  20. Thanks for the compliment. PMJ has a different approach to life, he is much more rational than OYS in reality. Han and OYS talk about pride, shame and honor, which means that emotions are in the center of their belief. The Acting president relies more on data and facts hence he can be perceived as cold and distant. That's why Yun called him boring and his future wife got upset, when he told her that the data wouldn't help her clients in her lawsuit. His "wife" jumped to the conclusion that he had been bribed and he didn't feel any empathy for the workers. Politicians often use emotions in order to get the support of the voters. Yet, unlike the others (Han and OYS), his rationality is compensated by his morality and integrity hence he is much more human and sensitive than OYS, a potential dictator.
  21. @pompyavi OYS's personality and belief are totally different from PMJ's. CYJ saw the goodness in PMJ which he doesn't see in OYS because he is not blinded by the myths surrounding OYS: surviving three times a disaster!
  22. Sure, the VIP could be someone else, like f. ex. Yun's assistant. I have my doubt that the writer will introduce a new person as the VIP. In my opinion, we have already seen the VIP, but we don't know his true identity. Like I said, until the episode 10, I thought that Han was just part of the conspiracy, yet the episode 11 gave me a different vibe. Especially, when you watch his scenes, imagine that he is the VIP. His words and reaction have double meaning.
  23. @liltash85 @nrllee Strangely after this episode, I have the impression that Han is the VIP. Why? In the episode 10 we were shown that Han belongs to the conspiracy due to his agenda. He had noted the name of the file and the time therefore he discovered what PMJ was after. But he remained quiet. So he knew that the Acting president had heard about OYS and the existence of the mole. However, we never saw Han at the tailor shop, while little by little we saw the different clients of the tailor: OYS, the agent TaeIk, the NSI chief etc. Furthermore, the tailor mentioned on the phone to OYS that the VIP had discovered that PMJ was onto them. So the only person shown knowing that PMJ was aware of the existence of the mole and the infiltration was just Han. What caught my attention in this episode is the scene between Han and the protocol administrator Park SK. Han was totally gentle and kind towards PSK. Han showed concern and care for him. PSK should be perceived as a representative of youth. And here, I see some parallels between the tailor and Han. The tailor is also a young man so maybe Han acted the same way with him. The tailor is an absolute supporter of the VIP. Han has charisma and knowledge. He can judge people quite pretty well... like for example the NSI chief or the the general LMG. He knew that the general would never agree with a change of regime. However, I sense that his huge flaw is his arrogance thinking that he is always right with his judgement. He never thought that he could be mistaken about PMJ. His firm conviction that PMJ is not a good president candidate. He denied it twice and we saw in the preview that Han talks to CYJ about OYS. It clearly reveals that Han is convinced that OYS is a good candidate and he wants to persuade CYJ to abandon PMJ and choose OYS. The real purpose of the bombing was to turn OYS into a good presidential candidate and to ensure his election. In the episode 1, Yang and Han talked about history and change. Yang wanted to mark a huge change, in other words change history. And this conversation is really telling. Since Han and Yang were close, we can assume that Han had a similar idea but he wanted to change it differently. Finally, we shouldn't judge Han's reaction, when he heard that the other minister had been shot. The moles are all acting as if they were supporting PMJ. Notice the reaction of the NSI chief, when he heard that OYS gave the order to kill the sniper. He acted surprised and disapproving... yet I am sure that he was agreeing with the decision as he knew that they needed to cover up their tracks. @imgreatgal I have to disagree with you. OYS must have known about the bombing because he needed to know where the shelter was. Furthermore, he needed an alibi hence he had to ask for his comrades' help. He knew what was coming and saw it as a necessary evil. OYS was upset in the last episode because OYS had not been informed. By not being informed, OYS felt that he was treated like a tool. He wasn't shocked and upset because PMJ had been hurt. In my opinion, this episode illustrates the future struggle between the VIP and OYS. OYS considers himself superior, as the captain, but he was warned by the tailor that he was just a pawn and tool. He is ordered "not to cross the line", to remember that he is under the leadership of the VIP.
  24. A good presidential candidate must have a story, charisma and luck which the journalist saw in OYS. However, OYS doesn't have luck because we know for sure that OYS was never targeted in the bombing and in the assassination attempt. Furthermore I am quite sure that his survival in the battle has been glorified. Then the market recovered because it had been manipulated. The VIP ensured that the rich members of his organisation would buy shares so that they would contribute to stabilize the market. In reality, only the rich ones benefited from the crisis, while the average citizens lost a lot. But since on the paper, the market didn't plummet, it looks like the economy is not touched. OYS could react quickly because he had received orders, while PMJ was taken by surprise. We can see a huge contrast between OYS and PMJ. The latter was able to win the support of the administration, while OYS doesn't care about it. Besides, CYJ, as kingmaker, will never support OYS and this is important. CYJ had been courted by Yun and KSK, he rejected both. In the preview, we see Han asking CYJ if he doesn't perceive OYS as the winner. This seems to indicate that Han wants CYJ to support OYS, but CYJ will never agree to it. It is not just about winning, CYJ has also ideals which OYS doesn't represent. Finally, OYS will never ask CYJ to become his political advisor as he is not someone who relies on others. Don't forget that he considers himself as the captain hence he views himself as superior. He doesn't listen to people, he has his own ideas. Striking is that I see some conflict between OYS and the VIP coming due to the tailor's words: "the VIP is not fond of people crossing the line".So far, the VIP is the real leader of the group but OYS sees himself as the captain. At some point, OYS might question the VIP's leadership: Who is the true leader of the organization? It looks like the VIP is the brain and OYS is the face. I do think that OYS could "cross the line" as he has the impression that he has the support of the citizens. But like the reporter Woo said, the ratings are not reflecting how people will vote 40 days later. Nothing is sure. There is one thing that bothered in the last episode: what happened to HM's kid? Was he rescued or not?
  25. That's what I am thinking too. The moment he realizes that the records were falsified and the true record written by a historian disappeared, Min will be so shocked and upset, he will try to discover the story left by the historian.
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